The Rumors are True by Hollis Wynn

Hollis Wynn has revealed the
cover for The Rumors are True!

Releasing January 26, 2022

Ford Mackenzie.
Jameson Parks.

As different as night and day. Yet these two men stole my heart in
college, and the three of us forged an unbreakable bond. One that grew
stronger year after year.

Our love was a living breathing thing, until two pink lines sent me running.

I never gave much thought who her biological father was, until Ford
and Jameson charged back into my life. And introduced a whole new
level of stress.

Now I had to do the unthinkable…
Choose who would be my forever.

Cover Designer: Stephanie at Alt 19 Creative 

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Meet Hollis Wynn

Hollis Wynn is a thirty-something gypsy who lives for adventure and calls home anywhere that she lays her head. 

On her wandering she can't live without three things… music, books and her yorkiepoo Boston.

Hollis has been writing stories for years and after successfully running the White Hot Reads blog, she finally gave in to her passion and took the publishing leap! 

When she's penning stories where life and love collide, you'll find her desk covered in empty wine glasses, gluten free cupcake crumbs and multiple drafts of her latest WIP covered in ink (pink of course)!
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