Release Date: January 27 

Pro snowboarder Roz Andrews-Smith suffers a staggering blow the day he loses his best friend and teammate in a fatal accident, hurtling him off course indefinitely.  

Blinded by grief, he abandons his dream, returning to his sleepy hometown in Upstate New York where he intends to drift the rest of his way through life.

While Roz may have sworn off boarding, that doesn’t stop him from carving into someone else’s line—a local skater who threatens to change everything. Again.


Gia D’Amico only has one plan—to fall in love with everything at least once. Everything, but not everyone.

Sounds simple.

It is simple.

Until the town’s most jaded resident puts himself in Gia’s way, challenging that plan. 

Familiar with loss herself though, Gia recognizes Roz’s pain as easily as if it were her own and decides to help restore his appreciation for life. On her terms…and her timeline. 

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Meet A. Marie

A. Marie likes to paint her characters’ voices onto the blank canvas of a page using her own blend of quick wit and playfulness. 

She strives to bring readers entertaining yet powerful stories they’ll fall for time and time again. 

Born and raised in Washington State, she now resides in upstate New York with her husband and three kids.

To learn more about A. Marie and her books, visit here!

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