Lick of Fire by Clara Elroy

Clara Elroy has revealed the cover for Lick of Fire!

Releasing February 25, 2022

You can't escape fate, no matter how fast you run. That was a lesson hard learned for me.

I spent years trying to bury my past, but my future held skeletons bleaker than the ones I'd left behind.

Darkness follows me everywhere I go, hanging over my shoulders like a scythe. A byproduct of my bad karma.

For so long, I refused to even look at my hometown on a postcard.

That is until trouble comes knocking at my door, and I'm forced to move to the one place I've been avoiding like the plague.

Ares Alsford, my deepest regret, and most painful memory is the one I need to stay away from at all costs.

But I'd be naive to think old wounds stay closed when you scratch them, and I fear my presence back in the city he ran me out of is going to cause more shock waves than I can handle.

One thing's for sure, though…

I might be broken, but I refuse to bend, regardless of how hard he tries to hurt me.

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Meet Clara Elroy

Clara Elroy is an Amazon Top 100 best selling author of romance novels that make your heart clench. Her love for reading began when she was a young girl, and would lose sleep because she wanted to read "just one more page."

Clara lives for reading and writing about flawed and relatable characters. She loves making sparks fly between stubborn men and the badass women that make them kneel.

When Clara's not typing away at her computer, you can find her with her nose buried in a book or writing biographies in the third person.

Yeah, she's cool like that.
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