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Shielding Sierra by Susan Stoker

Shielding Sierra by Susan Stoker is now live!

Some connections are more intense than others. How far are they willing to go to keep that bond alive?

As a civilian contractor, Sierra Clarkson thought she’d found the perfect way to serve her country, short of joining the military…until she was kidnapped from a base in Afghanistan. Turns out terrorists don’t care if you’re a soldier or not; everyone bleeds the same. Even worse, no one knows she’s been taken. Her missing belongings point to desertion–which means no one is looking for her, either.

But someone is.

Fred “Grover” Groves never forgot the redheaded spitfire working the chow line on a base in the Afghani desert. He’d felt an instant attraction to the petite woman, a connection deep in his bones…which Sierra herself clearly didn’t feel, since she’d promised to keep in touch after his mission ended, only to ghost him–and seemingly her job.

But she didn’t.

When several contractors go missing from the base, it looks more and more like Sierra didn’t abandon her post. Then a long-lost letter proves she’d followed through on her promise to stay in touch with Grover–and suddenly, all bets are off. He bucks every protocol he’s ever known after returning to Afghanistan. If Sierra’s still alive, he’ll find her. Or die trying.

But Sierra is hardly a damsel in distress. Grover witnesses her strength and bravery firsthand in a dark desert cave. And at home, against a common enemy, he’ll witness her sheer nerve, her deep love, as they both fight for the life they’re trying to build together.


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Narrated by: Virginia Rose





Meet Susan

New York Times, USA Today, #1 Amazon Bestseller, and #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Susan Stoker has a heart as big as the state of Tennessee where she lives, but this all American girl has also spent the last eighteen years living in Missouri, California, Colorado, Indiana, and Texas. She’s married to a retired Army man (and current firefighter/EMT) who now gets to follow her around the country.

She debuted her first series in 2014 and quickly followed that up with the SEAL of Protection Series, which solidified her love of writing and creating stories readers can get lost in.

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New Release

Ram “Trigger Pull MC,”

NOW LIVE: Ram “Trigger Pull MC”

Get it here:

Author: Addy Archer
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Release Days: January 4, 2022

Caught in a web of lies, Eisley doesn’t have any other option but to seek help from the one person she once considered her best friend.

Ram doesn’t care the woman he claimed as his old lady is a US Marshal. As an outlaw biker he turns out to be just the man she needs in her life to make sense of the havoc when justice takes a turn and corrupt agents are threatening her life.

Fighting the system to get justice is going to take more than the law to uphold. Especially when it starts to rain bullets and the body count flies through the roof.

The moment you pull the trigger, there’s no stopping the bullet; all you can do is brace for impact. Collide with the world of Trigger Pull MC, where an encounter with a rugged biker will inevitably change your life.

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The Scent of a Man Series

Half Vampire/ Half-Man

The Scent of a Man Book 1

by Veralyn Keach

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Ariel Landford realized she was about to enter a whole new life when Damian Vanburg suddenly appeared. Half Vampire/Half Man.

Will Ariel lose one man to the scent of another or will she lose everything, including her life?

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Wolves & Vamps

The Scent of a Man Book 2

Two vampires mates were out on a rampage and had gotten the fever to kill humans whenever a new Half Vampire/Half Man was born. Their plan was to wipe all half breeds out of existence. Especially, on the hunt for Damian and Ariel’s child, Gabriel.

How many battles would it take to stop these vampires? Would Gabriel survive the attacks?

Gabriel had imprinted with Ruth but would he grow to marry and have a child of his own? If he was to survive the attacks and fill Ruth’s womb with a baby, would she survive the birth or would their child take their lives?

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Newborn Army

The Scent of a Man Book 3

Damian saw the vampire in charge right away but he was completely surrounded by newborns which were clearly out of control while looking for blood and their next victim.

We will have to wait for a moment that he’s alone and it’ll only be for a split second.” Said Damian. “Whoever sees it first, go in for the kill.

Hours had passed and the newborns still made it impossible.

Damian was about to call it a night when he heard a roar and something flew past him. It was Ash. “Ash No!” Yelled Damian.

The newborns were all over Ash. He couldn’t fight them all off. He was covered in bites, whimpering and barely conscious.

Will Ash survive the Newborn Army?

What will be left of Damian’s covenant after the attack of the Newborn Army?

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The Covenant

The Scent of a Man Book 4

Damian shared Alyssa’s visions out loud.

“Apparently, the vampire that we killed was from the Bodescu covenant. It turns out that they want revenge and to wipe my covenant out of existence. There is no telling how many are in their covenant.”

Ariel was the first to speak. “Is there no one in control over the covenants? Someone who is the judge and jury? Someone who can stop this nonsense?”

The Morachis” said Damian.“I have spoken to Head Count Elijah and he has summoned both covenants to stand before him within three days from today or there will be consequences.”

Alyssa asked, “What will they do if the other covenant doesn’t show? Or if they go against the Morachis? Their covenant said they would take us out regardless.”

Damian replied, “They will take the covenant out of existence.”

But whose covenant will suffer the consequences?

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Half Breed

The Scent of a Man Book 5

Well that was fast.” Said Damian.

Paul responded, “It didn’t take much tracking. An easy find for me and my pack. There are five male vampires and they’re down by coconut creek. Approximately six miles north from your place. They have set up a little camping area. What do you want to do? Set up a surprise attack?”

Damian responded, “We definitely have the element of surprise for an attack.

Let’s go take them out.” Said Paul.

The kill seems too easy.” Said A leery Damian.

Alyssa took in a quick breath of fear. She walked over to Damian and placed her hand upon his face and said, “It’s deceitful. They’re the size of an army. There were only four there at the time of Paul’s observation but that’s not all of them.”

Just then the phone rang. It was Elijah. “Damian, don’t go. It’s a trap.

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The Change

The Scent of a Man Book 6

Damian headed for the birthing room with Ariel.

Right away Damian knew something wasn’t right. Mary’s character was like that of his covenants birthing mothers that have been impregnated by a vampire.

Damian laid his hand on Mary’s belly. He could feel the hard kicking. This poor girl was beaten and bruised up and apparently had no blood in her diet. She must have been suffering and going through this alone.

He looked up at Ariel and she nodded. Letting him know she was reading his mind.

Just as Damian was getting ready to remove his hand he heard a voice. What’s this? He thought. A gifted childlike Alyssa but more. They can be read by the touch of a hand.

That sound had jolted him so he placed his hand back on her belly and listened. The voice returned. “She was raped by a vampire and left for dead. She suffered through all this alone while living on the streets. By the way, I’m a boy.”

Ariel venom?” Damian asked.

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The Morachis

The Scent of a Man Book 7

Suddenly there came from outside a lot of loud shouting, hooting and hollering.

Damian looked out the window and the Tucci covenant was up in the field and Elijah was right. There were approximately forty of them.

Alright ….” Said Damian. “Jane, Ariel, John, Michael, Jack, Gabriel and Ash let’s go. Paul, lets hold a perimeter until The Morachis arrive.”

They all went outside and the pack shape shifted.

Damian led them to the edge of the field and formed a line with the pack.

Billy shouted. “Vanburg I’ve no beef with you. This is between me and The Morachis.”

Did someone speak my name?” Said Elijah.

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Also by Veralyn Keach:

Then Came You

by Veralyn Keach

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Goodreads * Amazon

Veralyn Keach is the writer and author of the new Fiction/Fantasy/Romance Paranormal Vampire series, “The Scent Of A Man.” As well as the Romance Novella “Then Came You.” She resides in Port St Lucie, Florida, and when she’s not writing she is glued to Netflix or Hulu!

This has been an exciting time for her to write this series about vampires, werewolves, and romance because she grew up reading and watching fiction/fantasy/paranormal/young adult books and movies, which is the category for which her series falls under. If this is you too, you are the perfect reader for this series.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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New Release

The Eternal Underboss

OUT NOW: The Eternal Underboss
From USA Today bestselling author, Esther E. Schmidt, comes an all new, standalone, vampire/mafia romance. Get it here:

Genre: Paranormal, vampire/mafia romance
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Golden Czermak
Cover Model: Chase Ketron Photographer: Golden Czermak, Release Day: January 4, 2022

Some consider me the epitome of serenity, others know utter havoc flows through my blood. Immortality keeps my heart beating and the blood flowing; mostly through my veins and those of my enemies dripping from my hands.

Fairies for instance are vicious creatures, staying amongst their own to prevent wars among other supernaturals. Until they attend a gathering where arranged marriages are forged. As it happens, the daughter of the Fairy king turns out to be my eternal mate.

An ancient curse prevents fairies and vampires to mix, and yet there’s no way for any supernatural to withstand the bond between eternal mates. While she has the potential to be my downfall, I however will be the last one standing.

For I am the Eternal Underboss.

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From Salt to Skye by Adriane Leigh

Title: From Salt to Skye
A Legends and Lovers Series Standalone
Author: Adriane Leigh
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Maria Kusel, Steamy Reads
Release Date: January 25, 2022


From USA Today bestselling author Adriane Leigh comes a novel woven with madness, revenge, tragedy, and the everlasting spirit of love.

Fable Prescott believes two lies. The first, that she was chosen at random for the summer study abroad program at her university, and the second, that she came to the wind-whipped Isle of Skye to research her family’s mysterious Scottish ancestry. She never expected to find herself embroiled in a cold case that has kept a tiny seaside village on edge for years.

When another woman vanishes into thin air, Fable begins to wonder if there is more to the dark legends that cling to the island like a cold ocean mist. And if her brooding, devastatingly handsome new neighbor, Alder, is the only one that holds the key to her family’s tragic past.

LEGENDS AND LOVERS is a collection of dark legends and star-crossed love stories from twenty bestselling authors. Woven with mystery and magic, love and lore, romance and suspense, this multi-author collaboration promises to make your heart pound and keep you reading late into the night. Discover all the books in the series at





Her skin sparkles under the rare Scottish sunshine. Goose bumps pebble her otherwise unmarred creamy flesh as her chest rises and sinks in shallow breaths.
“I’ve got you,” I hum as I run my thumb along her wrist again to reassure myself that she is real—her pulsing energy vibrating loud and clear.
I wipe the chilly waters of Dunvegan off her forehead and then push my heavy woolen shirt over my shoulders and tuck it around her form. She breathes steadily, eyelids fluttering as she seems to dream feverishly.
Maybe she’s in shock. Maybe I should run up to Leith Hall and tell Keats to call the first responders.
I frown when I realize her left palm, the one nearest to me, is clutching something tightly. I try to ease her fingers off the object, but doing so must be just enough stimulus to jolt her out of her unresponsive state.
“Get away!” She holds the clenched fist with the object at her chest, eyes wild as she takes me in for the first time.
I probably look crazy to her, bent over like I’m ready to feast on her.
“Does that mean thanks for saving my life in America?”
Her eyes widen as I offer her a hand up. “I’m Alder Maclean. I live on the south shore of Dunvegan.”
Her warm golden eyes graze my two-day stubbled jaw, down the wide expanse of my shoulders, and out to my callused palm. She shakes her head once and then brushes her free hand on her wet thigh and pushes herself up from the damp shore.
“It’s just me and Keats on this end of the loch.”
“And me—at least for the summer anyway.”
“’S that so?” The way her front teeth indent her full bottom lip when she speaks causes heat to rise inside me. I blink away the vision of her; even wet and cold, she’s breathtaking. Can she tell the effect she has on me? Or does she think I’m just her creepy neighbor down the shore who was in the right place at the right time to save her?
More like she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again.
“It’s been raining for days, and the shore is always slick this time of year. What brought you down t’tha loch this time of the day?”
“I didn’t sleep well last night. And I thought I saw something.”
“’S that so?”
She keeps pace with me as I stalk back down the shore path. “Fear and adrenaline can do crazy things to your body and mind,” I say, wanting to steer us back to solid ground.
The one I just ran up to save her life. We pass a stray sheep, and it doesn’t even raise its head to look as we go by. “My family is from Kylemore. That’s why I’m staying at Leith Hall for the summer.”
“Bearin’ any relation ta the folks up at Leith Hall isn’t somethin’ that’s widely esteemed ’round here. Best keep those details to yourself.” I pause where the path turns rocky and forked. “An’ haven’t ya heard ’bout the woods of Kylemore? Dangers lurk in the dark all ’round this loch. All of Skye, actually.”
“Dangers like what?”
I cast a glance over my shoulder to catch her eye. “Dangers of the usual sort.”
She cuts her gaze away from mine. “Oh, is that all?”
“No, it’s not. But it’s a start. Wouldn’t want ta scare ye off Skye so soon. No buses up ta Kylemore on weekends anyway.”
“No buses?”
“Not a one.”
The chalk-white stones of my cottage come into view then. Moss climbs along every available space on the black thatched roof. My little corner of the loch rarely sees sunlight and everything is in need of a new coat of paint, but I like it here as much as anywhere else I’ve lived.
“Everything looks so much…brighter from up at Leith.”
“Usually does.” I think of Keats rambling around with those two old dogs and wonder if his surly presence put her off when she arrived. He puts me off constantly. I can hardly spend time with him, so much empty space that needs filling between us. His words have been sparse for as long as I’ve known him, and that invariably leaves me filling in all the dead silence left in the conversation.
“What’s that way?”
I stop at the threshold of my cottage and turn to look at her. She points past the stand of junipers to a path in the grass that meanders away from the loch and along the tree line.
“Fairies, pixies, fae, kelpie, forest children. Pick your legend.”
She rolls her eyes, folding her arms and then walking the final few steps to me. “Very funny. Everyone fancies themselves a Rabbie Burns around here, aye?”
A crooked grin that I can’t control splits my lips. “Aye, lass. Now you’re learnin’ somethin’.”
Her eyes narrow, but the twitch of a grin yanks at the corner of her lips.
“Are ya one of those Americans who spits out Scottish tea—” my grin deepens “—or do ye swallow?”
She tips her chin in the air, the double meaning in my words not lost on her. My grin finally cracks wide when she purses her lips once and flutters her pinkie finger in the air like she’s well acquainted with drinking tea with the Queen of England herself. “Bottoms up, darling.”
“Well then, hardly fit for the Duchess of Cambridge, but it’s good to see Keats hasn’t rubbed off on you yet. A Scot who doesn’t drink tea is nary a Scot.” I wave her into my cottage, and she follows.
I duck under the low doorway and beeline for the old cooktop, gesturing for her to have a seat at the tiny two-top table with mismatched wooden chairs. My place is small by my standards, but even she looks out of place with her knees pressed up under the seam of the old dining table.
“Lived here long?” she asks.
“Too long,” I reply, catching the teapot right before it whistles and pouring two teacups full. “But not as long as Keats. He’s been up at Leith for as far back as I can remember. Old before his time, that one. He’s the younger of the two of us, but you wouldn’t know it by the sight of him.”
“So, you’re from Kylemore, then? Both of you were raised on Skye?”
“Hebrides is in my blood,” I confirm. “Keats’s too.”
“What’s it like growing up on a small island?”
“Hell, mostly.”
“Mostly?” she presses boldly.
I arch an eyebrow. “Until now.”
I nod, already sick of this line of questioning. “I’ve seen a lot of tragedies come to pass up at Leith and along the shores of Dunvegan. Mostly tourists trying to get the perfect photo, sometimes lonely souls with nowhere else to turn.”
“You mean…” Dark swirls in her warm irises. “The ones who fall?” I nod. “How did you know I wasn’t sinking under the water…intentionally, then?”
“The whirlpools kick up quickly at this end of the loch.” I lean closer to her, examining her eyes. “And you don’t know loneliness like the others. I can tell.”
“The…others? This place must be packed with paranormal activity.” Her eyes search the corners of my cottage, as if she might spy a ghost around any turn.
“Skye is soaked in the supernatural.”
“And just soaked,” she comments, eyes lingering on the fat raindrops now starting to land on the double-paned windows. “That person I saw… It seemed less like a person and more—” she works her lips back and forth as she thinks “—a shadow or a mist with hard edges.”
“Legend goes, the plague doctor haunts the cemetery up at your hall. The local kids like to do séances up in the graveyard come Halloween—”
“Did you just say a plague doctor haunts the graveyard at Leith?”
“Story says he wears the whole medieval getup, cloak and mask that looks like a big bird beak just for dramatic effect. I think it’s Keats messin’ with the high schoolers, myself.”
She watches me carefully before she speaks her next words. “Maybe he’s looking for more patients to help. Trauma leaves an impact that can be felt across time. Energy doesn’t just cease to exist, it’s transferred—a matter of physics.” She stops herself then. “Sorry, I shouldn’t bore you with that stuff. I dated a quantum physics major last year, and the conversations were interesting, to say the least.”
I bring the tea to my lips, my gaze never leaving hers before I finally swallow. “All of Scotland, and Skye especially, is active with the blood of our forefathers.”
She considers my words for a moment. “Do you mind if I quote you on that? I’m taking tons of notes this summer for my thesis on evolutionary biology within a historical context. I have to show proof of my research if this study abroad semester is going to count for my degree. I also have to meet with the town historian, but I can’t seem to get ahold of anyone—”
“The town historian?” I scoff. “Well, you’ve already found him.”
“You?” she asks.
“Hardly. Keats is the man you’re looking for. Old as dirt and never spent more than a few days away from this town in all the miserable years of his life.”
“Keats?” She scrunches her nose with surprise. “How do you know so much about him if you can’t stand him anyway?”
I kick back in my chair as I bring my teacup to my lips. “I should know a thing or two. He is my brother after all.”


Adriane Leigh is an Amazon Top 25 and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary and erotic romance. Raised in a snowbank in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, she was born with a book in her hand and won her first Young Authors award before the age of ten. She finished her first romance novel at 14, and hasn’t stopped playing with words since. She earned a literature degree, co-founded and organized international book conventions with RARE: Romance Author & Reader Events, and has written more than 45 independent titles under various pen names.

Married to her own Prince Charming, she now lives among the sand dunes of Lake Michigan, and plays mama to two sweet baby girls. She’s a romantic rebel and word junkie that believes wanderlust is life, is part of the #goodvibetribe, and wishes she had more time to read and knit scarves to keep her cozy during the arctic Michigan winters. Yoga pants, puppies, and mac and cheese also help. Never miss a release! Get an alert at:

Praise for Adriane’s work

“Sizzling chemistry, a glamorous world, plot twists…a perfect combination held together with Adriane Leigh’s addictive writing. I dove into this world, and didn’t want to come up for air. I can’t wait for more!” – Alessandra Torre, Hollywood Dirt

“Adriane Leigh never disappoints with equal amounts of heat and heart with all the sex, suspense and scandal…Leigh’s newest mysterious hero will have you anxiously flipping pages well into the night trying to uncover his secrets.” – Jay Crownover, Marked Men


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Unholy Yearning by Lynn Burke

Title: Unholy Yearning
Series: Sinful Natures #2
Author: Lynn Burke
Genre: MM Forbidden Romance
Release Date: January 4, 2022


As a Christian counselor, I strive for integrity in helping guide others in God’s will for their lives.

Until a young man walks into my office for premarital counseling—the stranger who ensnared my soul eight months earlier with his bewitching green eyes.

Levi Townson.

The one whose addictive, luscious mouth I can’t cleanse from my memory.

My hunger for another taste of him should assure me of my need for a savior, not shepherd me down the rabbit hole toward depravity.

Levi’s yearnings mirror mine, the kind that dominates my will. Incinerates and leaves me powerless against my sinful nature.

But if we fall from grace, neither of us will escape unscathed.




Every inch of my skin stretched tight as I strolled across my small office, in no rush to greet Lily and her fiancé Levi.
Grasping the door knob, I paused.
God help me. Give me the strength to deal with this little vixen.
I pulled the door inward, and the scent of vanilla swept over me, turning on my drool factory along with the rest of my body.
Dark, flashing eyes, a sexy smirk—
“Hi,” she purred, popping her jean-clad hip out and toying with the ends of her long, dirty-blonde locks falling over her shoulder.
I cleared my throat and stepped back, motioning her in even though I wished I could yank her into my arms and devour her mouth instead. “Good afternoon, Lily.”
She moved into my office on a cloud of sweet-scented temptation, holding my gaze. “Zeke, this is Levi my fiancé,” she said, her husky voice making my semi twitch. “Levi, Zeke.”
I’d forgotten all about the damn man coming along with her.
Forcing a pleasant smile, I tore my focus off her for the man approaching in my periphery to fill the doorway.
Pale green eyes stared at me as though caught in a goddamn spotlight, snagging my breath like a kick to the groin.
My stranger from Nashville.
A rush of blood pounded in my head, drowning out the curses ringing between my ears. I fought to exhale, to make it sound steady lest my staggered insides’ reaction rose across my face for Lily to see.
Levi stood unmoved in front of me at almost eye level, frozen, his face void of expression.
Stunned as fuck just like me.
Every inch of me buzzed like a live wire ready to explode—the exact same energy that had zapped between us as real as the sooty lashes around his gorgeous eyes. My fingers stretched at my sides, tingling to reach out to grab hold of his wide shoulders and yank him against me, but I didn’t move.
Should I admit to knowing him or pretend we’d never met?
Did Lily know how he’d kissed a stranger eight months earlier? Had Levi—the man who flooded my entire body with a deep yearning to sin—admitted to his fiancé his lust for the same sex?
Even if he had, she couldn’t have known I’d been the one since he and I hadn’t exchanged a single word let alone names on that night.
Levi blinked first, dropping his focus to the floor in such an act of submission I wanted to tip his clean-shaven chin up, and…I didn’t know. Kiss him? Fucking devour his luscious mouth, his beautiful fiancée be damned?
With no answers to my dilemma brightening above my head like a cartoon light bulb, I did the only thing I could in the situation.
“Come on in,” I rasped out and forced myself to take my focus off his clean-shaven jaw to shut the door. My hands shook, and every breath I drew remained shallow as fuck.
The sound of feet shuffling on carpet met my ears, and I quickly closed my eyes, shooting off a silent prayer along with a half-dozen more curses before turning to face the affianced couple I was to counsel before they married.

© Lynn Burke 2022




Releasing March 1



Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of hot romance books. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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Scarred by Emily McIntire

Title: Scarred
Series: Never After #2
Author: Emily McIntire
Genre: Dark Royal Romance
Release Date: January 4, 2022


Once Upon A Time,
there was a king who passed.
He left behind two sons,
one beloved and one outcast.
The older of the two was set to take the throne.
But before he could, he had to find a queen to call his own.
The younger one was known to be unruly and unhinged.
The chosen queen was warned to keep far away from him.
Beautiful and cunning, in the light is where she stayed.
But late at night it was the shadowed lands in which she played.
Mistakes were made and secrets forged; forgetting duty and her sense.
And while the new king had her hand,
her heart belonged to the scarred prince.


$3.99 for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


He reaches up and cups my chin, his thumb brushing over my lips. “Such a smart mouth. Pity my brother won’t know how to tame it.”

Fire blazes through my veins so fast my stomach cramps. “I don’t need to be tamed.”

“No?” He smirks.

“I stand on my own.”

“Yet you’ll come here every Sunday, pledging your life to a man in the sky.”

I crane my neck to maintain eye contact as he presses against me, his breath hot as it coasts across my mouth, making tension twist down my spine.

“If you want a god to worship, ma petite menteuse, no need to look so far.”

Scoffing, I reach up to push him away even as arousal floods through my center and pools between my legs. “You’re disgusting.”

He grabs my wrists, pulling me flush to his body until I can feel every hard inch of him straining against the fabric of his clothes. “I’d teach you to love begging at my feet.”

My core contracts when his words hit my lips, and I suck them in as if his breath is my air. My fingers clench his shirt, but instead of pushing him away, I drag him closer.

“I’m tired of you playing games with me,” I hiss.

“Is that what I’m doing?” he questions.

“Stop.” Anger snaps at my nerves. “Nothing will get in my way of being Michael’s bride. Not even you.”

He leans back, his eyes flaring as his grip tightens around my wrists. And it’s only then that I realize what I’ve said.

Stupid girl.

“I see.” One of his hands drops from my arm and rises along my side, goose bumps sprouting in every place his fingers touch.

“You thirst for power?” he rasps, his palm ghosting across my collarbone before wrapping around my throat. “I can fill you with it until you scream.”



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Emily McIntire is an Amazon Top 20 best selling author of painful, messy, beautiful romance. She doesn’t like to box herself into one subgenre, but at the core of all her stories is soul deep love.
A long time songwriter and an avid reader, Emily has always had a passion for the written word, and when she’s not writing you can find her waiting on her long lost Hogwarts letter, chasing her crazy toddler, or lost between the pages of a good book.


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Beyond the Play by Kaylee Ryan

Title: Beyond the Play
Series: Out of Reach #3
Author: Kaylee Ryan
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 4, 2022



Of all the hot guys in the club, of course I find myself tangled up with a baseball player. Our chemistry is out of the park, igniting as his athletic body moves next to mine.

I know exactly who he is, but the infamous Holden Bailey has no idea who I am, or my connection to the team. I prefer it that way. I give in to one dance with Holden and send him home alone.

He can have any woman he wants, but for some reason, he wants me. His pursuit is relentless. He wrote the playbook on being a player, though. Giving in could cost me my heart.


I thought getting traded to the Blaze was life changing, but it’s nothing compared to meeting Parker Monroe. From the moment she bumps into me on the crowded dance floor, I can’t tear my eyes away.

She’s gorgeous, intelligent, and definitely not interested. At least not in the player the media portrays me to be. I need to convince her that with her, I’m authentic, and what we have is the real thing. Game on.

When the truth gets twisted, it looks like I’m playing her. But she has it all wrong. The way I feel about Parker is beyond the play. She’s my end game.



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99c for a limited time!


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Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing March 8


Only available at the following
retailers for a limited time


New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Kaylee Ryan has been crowned the Queen of Swoon by her readers. With nearly fifty romance books under her belt, she’s known for penning happily ever afters with heart. When she’s not writing, you can find her with a book in her hand or hanging out with her family where she resides in her home state of Ohio.


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The Girl in the Mist by Kristen Ashley

The Girl in the Mist, an all-new novel from New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley filled with white-hot chemistry and page turning suspense is available now!

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley comes an all new thrilling romantic suspense guaranteed to have pulses rise, and readers begging for more.

Renowned author Delphine Larue needs a haven. A crazed fan has gone over the deep end, and she’s not safe. Her security team has suggested a house by a lake. Secluded. Private. Far away. In a beautiful area of the Northwest close to the sleepy town of Misted Pines. It’s perfect. So perfect, Delphine has just moved in, and she’s thinking she’ll stay there forever.

Until she sees the girl in the mist.

After that, everything changes.

Delphine quickly learns that Misted Pines isn’t so sleepy. A little girl has gone missing, and the town is in the grips of terror and tragedy. The local sheriff isn’t up for the job. The citizens are up in arms. And as the case unfolds, the seedy underbelly of a quiet community is exposed, layer by layer.

But most importantly, girls are dying.

There seems to be only one man they trust to find out what’s happening.

The mysterious Cade Bohannan.

Get hooked now!
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About Kristen Ashley
Kristen Ashley is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty romance novels including the Rock Chick, Colorado Mountain, Dream Man, Chaos, Unfinished Hero, The ’Burg, Magdalene, Fantasyland, The Three, Ghost and Reincarnation, Moonlight and Motor Oil and Honey series along with several standalone novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold over three million books.
Kristen’s novel, Law Man, won the RT Book Reviews Reviewers Choice Award for best Romantic Suspense. Her independently published title Hold On was nominated for RT Book Reviews best Independent Contemporary Romance and her traditionally published title Breathe was nominated for best Contemporary Romance. Kristen’s titles Motorcycle Man, The Will, Ride Steady (which won the Reader’s Choice award from Romance Reviews) and The Hookup all made the final rounds for Goodreads Choice Awards in the Romance category.

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