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Tia’s Redemption by Imogene Nix.


Tia’s Redemption

By Imogene Nix

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When you need a job done, you need a woman.

Tia—codename Cat—knows all about loss. Orphaned at a young age, she’s made it through a series of foster homes, with one single aim in sight. Joining the Australian army. Now an accomplished sniper with the Alathea Rangers—an all-woman team, begun in Greece and now based in America—covert operations team, she’s found where she belongs. Or has she?

When she’s sent to retrieve the child of an Australian diplomat, she drops into Zabuti—an unstable African country — with no illusions about her importance in the greater scheme of things.

When Cal sees Cat’s landing, he’s unsure about the man. His misgivings are even more grave when he realises Cat’s female. Can this slight woman do the job? He’s supposed to be her in-country guide, but though he packs a gun and is a CIA operative, he can’t keep them safe.

The stakes are raised on the wild race across Zabuti, and nothing can prepare him for what’s to come, including the passion that rises between them.

In the end, nothing is certain, including their survival.


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