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Unholy Yearning by Lynn Burke

Title: Unholy Yearning
Series: Sinful Natures #2
Author: Lynn Burke
Genre: MM Forbidden Romance
Release Date: January 4, 2022


As a Christian counselor, I strive for integrity in helping guide others in God’s will for their lives.

Until a young man walks into my office for premarital counseling—the stranger who ensnared my soul eight months earlier with his bewitching green eyes.

Levi Townson.

The one whose addictive, luscious mouth I can’t cleanse from my memory.

My hunger for another taste of him should assure me of my need for a savior, not shepherd me down the rabbit hole toward depravity.

Levi’s yearnings mirror mine, the kind that dominates my will. Incinerates and leaves me powerless against my sinful nature.

But if we fall from grace, neither of us will escape unscathed.




Every inch of my skin stretched tight as I strolled across my small office, in no rush to greet Lily and her fiancé Levi.
Grasping the door knob, I paused.
God help me. Give me the strength to deal with this little vixen.
I pulled the door inward, and the scent of vanilla swept over me, turning on my drool factory along with the rest of my body.
Dark, flashing eyes, a sexy smirk—
“Hi,” she purred, popping her jean-clad hip out and toying with the ends of her long, dirty-blonde locks falling over her shoulder.
I cleared my throat and stepped back, motioning her in even though I wished I could yank her into my arms and devour her mouth instead. “Good afternoon, Lily.”
She moved into my office on a cloud of sweet-scented temptation, holding my gaze. “Zeke, this is Levi my fiancé,” she said, her husky voice making my semi twitch. “Levi, Zeke.”
I’d forgotten all about the damn man coming along with her.
Forcing a pleasant smile, I tore my focus off her for the man approaching in my periphery to fill the doorway.
Pale green eyes stared at me as though caught in a goddamn spotlight, snagging my breath like a kick to the groin.
My stranger from Nashville.
A rush of blood pounded in my head, drowning out the curses ringing between my ears. I fought to exhale, to make it sound steady lest my staggered insides’ reaction rose across my face for Lily to see.
Levi stood unmoved in front of me at almost eye level, frozen, his face void of expression.
Stunned as fuck just like me.
Every inch of me buzzed like a live wire ready to explode—the exact same energy that had zapped between us as real as the sooty lashes around his gorgeous eyes. My fingers stretched at my sides, tingling to reach out to grab hold of his wide shoulders and yank him against me, but I didn’t move.
Should I admit to knowing him or pretend we’d never met?
Did Lily know how he’d kissed a stranger eight months earlier? Had Levi—the man who flooded my entire body with a deep yearning to sin—admitted to his fiancé his lust for the same sex?
Even if he had, she couldn’t have known I’d been the one since he and I hadn’t exchanged a single word let alone names on that night.
Levi blinked first, dropping his focus to the floor in such an act of submission I wanted to tip his clean-shaven chin up, and…I didn’t know. Kiss him? Fucking devour his luscious mouth, his beautiful fiancée be damned?
With no answers to my dilemma brightening above my head like a cartoon light bulb, I did the only thing I could in the situation.
“Come on in,” I rasped out and forced myself to take my focus off his clean-shaven jaw to shut the door. My hands shook, and every breath I drew remained shallow as fuck.
The sound of feet shuffling on carpet met my ears, and I quickly closed my eyes, shooting off a silent prayer along with a half-dozen more curses before turning to face the affianced couple I was to counsel before they married.

© Lynn Burke 2022




Releasing March 1



Lynn Burke is a full time mother, voracious gardener, and scribbler of hot romance books. A country bumpkin turned Bay Stater, she enjoys her chowdah and Dunkin Donuts when not trying to escape the reality of city life.

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