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The Pirate Princess (The Royal Pirate Book 1)

Almost two decades ago a horrific casualty befell Renevia when their young princess, the sole heiress of the kingdom disappeared into thin air, never to be heard of again. Then, one fateful day, tragedy strikes their peaceful shores as pirates invade their land. But as soon as the feet of a certain pirate touched the land, a wave of familiarity and terror washed over the kingdom.

With a sword attached to her belt and her ginger hair glowing under her hat, Captain Charlie stepped foot in Renevia. The feared pirate came to plunge and pile, like she had done countless times before but little did she know that this time her heart would be at stake, stolen and torn by the unlikeliest men and the most surprising individuals.

However, as Charlie and her crew overstay their unwelcome, a weird sense of recognition starts to tingle in certain members of the royal family. A question whispers in the wind despite the horrible acknowledgment of the unexplainable fact.

Could Captain Charlie, the ruthless yet beguiling pirate be the lost Princess Charlotte?

Packed with unforgettable characters, an exciting storyline, maps to guide your way, and a dictionary to help you dive into the world of pirates, The Pirate Princess is a great book to sail towards the horizon with as your sails fly in the wind.

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