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Date Published: December 25, 2021

Award-winning author Michele Packard delivers again in her most intense thriller yet.

A virus.

A pandemic.

Big Tech.

Corrupt governments.

Matti Baker and her team are once again called to navigate through the depravity of hostile intelligence services, who are determined to control and mislead the public. Overnight a malicious virus is released, changing how the world operates.

Matti must get to the bottom and determine…what if it wasn’t “them”, but “us”?

Praise for Counterintelligence

All American badass Matti Baker is back for another thrilling installment of this action-packed series! – Damien Larkin, Writer and Co- founder of Bard of the Isles.

Get your wine cask or whiskey flask and stand-by for greatness.” – Tripp Ainsworth, Author of the Smokepit Fairytales series

About the Author

Award-winning author, Michele Packard, comes from a military family and worked tirelessly as a cable tv executive before staying at home to raise her three children. She has written in both the fiction and non-fiction genres, utilizing her experiences and sharp wit to share stories with others. When not writing, she is a frequent traveler with her husband and is the primary caretaker of the family’s beloved labs.

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The Scandalous Vixen


The Duchess Society Series, Book Two

Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Steamy Romance

Date Published: January 6, 2022

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

In this enemies-to-lovers Regency romance by award-winning author Tracy Sumner, a bold lady and a ruthless duke realize they need to agree to an ardent alliance to get what they want.

He knew at first sight.

She knew at first kiss.

Helena Astley, Lady Hell to the ton, has plans. To control her father’s shipping business, to live her way, by her rules. Her plan is going remarkably well until one ill-advised kiss invites the duke she doesn’t want but cannot resist into her life.

Hardnosed Roan Darlington, Duke of Leighton, cares little for society or finding a duchess. The only person ever to challenge him is the incorrigible, infuriating Helena Astley. The one woman he’s never been able to forget. When they’re caught in a ruinous situation, Roan offers her an alternative. A sham engagement she can break off after Christmas.

As they discover a world of forbidden pleasure, Helena must decide if she can relinquish a heart she vowed to withhold from the only man powerful enough to seize it.

And Roan must decide if falling madly, passionately in love is worth the risk.

Other Books in The Duchess Society Series:

The Ice Duchess

Prequel to the Duchess Society Series

Release Date: July 22, 2021

A scandalous countess plays matchmaker…for a man she once longed to take for herself.

Georgiana Whitcomb, Countess Winterbourne, is known as the Ice Countess for her rebellious ways and refusal to marry again. But a scandalous Christmas wager fashioned by Georgiana’s childhood obsession changes everything.

The demanding duke needs a bride…

Dexter Munro, mere days from becoming the Duke of Markham, made a promise to his dying father to find a wife by the Twelfth Night. Except the only woman he’s ever desired has vowed never to marry again. Not even to become his duchess.

Georgiana and Dex share a sizzling attraction and a wicked past…but is their scorching passion enough to melt the Ice Countess’ heart?

If you adore sexy Dukes, feisty Duchesses, and a steamy second-chance romance set in the magnificent Regency era, The Ice Duchess is the romance novel for you!

The Brazen Bluestocking

The Duchess Society Series, Book One

Release Date: September 30, 2021

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

In this Regency romance by award-winning author Tracy Sumner, a willful bluestocking matches wits with a devilish scoundrel she never expected to desire with every beat of her heart.

A defiant society outcast.

A forbidding rogue who doesn’t believe in love.

And a passionate wager.

Daughter of an earl, Lady Hildegard Templeton hasn’t conformed to what society expects from a woman of her station. Industrious and unique, she’s created an emboldened organization for women on the cusp of marriage, The Duchess Society. Called a bluestocking to her face and worse behind closed salon doors, she vows to marry for love. And nothing but. Although the emotion has never shown itself to her. Until she meets him.

Bastard son of a viscount and king of London’s sordid streets, Tobias Streeter has spent a lifetime building his empire, and he needs the Duchess Society to find a suitable wife. An asset to expand his worth in society’s eyes. But he vows his search will have nothing to do with love and everything to do with vengeance. Until he meets her.

Soon, Tobias and Hildy’s plans are in turmoil as they choose between expectation, passion, and love.

The Wicked Wall Flower

The Duchess Society Series, Book Three

Publisher: WOLF Publishing

Coming Soon


About the Author

Award-winning author Tracy Sumner’s storytelling career began when she picked up a historical romance on a college beach trip, and she fondly blames LaVyrle Spencer for her obsession with the genre. She’s a recipient of the National Reader’s Choice, and her novels have been translated into Dutch, German, Portuguese and Spanish. She lived in New York, Paris and Taipei before finding her way back to the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

When not writing sizzling love stories about feisty heroines and their temperamental-but-entirely-lovable heroes, Tracy enjoys reading, snowboarding, college football (Go Tigers!), yoga, and travel. She loves to hear from romance readers!

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Title: Dad Bod Billionaire 

Series: Dad Bod Series – Men Built for Comfort #6

Author: Matilda Martel

Genre: Billionaire Romance 

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I never planned to fall head over heels for a man twice my age. I never set my sights on my father’s right-hand man and confidante. But I know my own mind, and my heart won’t settle for anyone but Hunter King.
My best friends think it’s a phase. It’s not. Phases don’t last seven years.
My mother thinks I’ll get over it when he turns me down. She doesn’t know Hunter wants me as much as I want him. If only he’d stop pushing me away and let me love him.
It’s my mission. I was born to love that man. All of him. And one day soon, every single inch of his righteous dad bod will belong to me.
He got away once. I won’t let it happen again.

You don’t chase your best friend’s daughter. You don’t ogle, flirt, fantasize, and plan to pillage her luscious curves for the next forty years when her father trusts you to keep his one and only princess safe.
No, you don’t. But I did.
I want Macy Ramos more than I want food, water, or air. But she’s out of my league and beyond my reach. She deserves to frolic with men her own age who have the time and energy to love her the way she needs to be loved.
For more than a year, I’ve kept her at arm’s length, but with every passing day, my strength weakens, and my resolve withers. When she shows up at my office looking for a job, looking for me, I fold like a cheap suit.

I can find another best friend. I’ll never find another Macy.

Dad Bods made a big impression in 2021 – and they’re not going anywhere!
This January, some of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a sexy selection of brawny, hot Dad Bods and the women who love their men with a little something extra to hold on to.
These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts.



Matilda is a Texas girl in love with a Philly boy who loves to write dirty books about two people who trip into love and fumble their way into a Filthy, Funny, Happily Ever After.

I live in Austin, with my husband, two crazy Chihuahuas and an even crazier cat. And I spend most of my day writing dirty romance books about older men who fall in love with younger women and make fools of themselves trying to win their hearts.

If you love Dark Romance, you’ve come to the wrong place. I don’t like dark heroes.

I like my hero to be successful, sweet, suave, sophisticated and kind— and then I want him to lose all his composure and game when he meets the heroine. I want him to turn into a bumbling idiot when he spots the girl of his dreams and revert to a teenage boy in a man’s body trying to win her.

I like my heroines to be witty, intelligent, and unshakeable—who could do just as well without a man—until the hero convinces her otherwise.

I write A LOT OF AGE GAP–because I LOVE AGE GAP ROMANCE. I’ve got no other excuse for it.

No matter what kind of story it is, my ladies are ADORED, and my endings are always Happily EVER AFTER, not HFN.

Want a free Ebook? Join my mailing list to get my monthly newsletter!


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Title: Dad Bod Detective
Series: Dad Bod Series – Men Built for Comfort #7
Author: Layne Daniels
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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When an attorney bar complaint was made claiming that I blackmailed the judge in a case, I knew I’d be investigated. What I didn’t know was they’d send Detective Cyrus James, the sexiest cop in town, even with the limp he’s had ever since being shot during a drug bust and being forced into desk duty.

A lot of people around town blamed me when he was injured. It was my client who shot Detective James, and it was me who’d gotten him off on a previous case. I’ve wondered whether Detective James blamed me, like everyone else. Judging by the way he watches me anytime he’s in my presence, he does. No other reason makes sense, right?

To be a public defender means zealously defending even the worst criminals around. I was only doing my job when my client shot Cyrus. Now I’m in hot water again for doing my job. No one can know what Judge Franks was meeting with me for, even if that confidentiality costs me my law license.

But if it costs me a chance to make amends for my role in what happened to Detective James, or worse, to explore whatever this feeling building between us is? I don’t know if my oath is that strong.

This January, some of your favorite contemporary romance authors are bringing you a sexy selection of brawny, hot Dad Bods and the women who love their men with a little something extra to hold on to.
These men may be built for comfort but don’t be fooled – they will stop at nothing to protect the women who’ve claimed their hearts. So what are you waiting for? Grab your kindle and your favorite snacks and snuggle up with these steamy short stories for only 99 cents or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.



Layne is a USA Today Bestselling Author, a long time reader of steamy romance, and began writing her own stories in December of 2020. Her favorite books to read are about Daddy Doms, strong alpha men who fall in love with fierce women, and sex positive living. When she’s not writing, she’s wrangling her family of jocks into some semblance of chill, running a business, getting ALL the tattoos, and living her love-at-first-sight fairytale with Mr. Mine.


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French Kiss

Title: French Kiss 

Series: Midnight Kisses

Author: Fern Fraser

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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♥ Can a little NYE magic and a shared hotel room be the start of forever for an heiress and her bodyguard? ♥


When a mining tycoon needs a chaperone for his heiress daughter, he hires me. I’m ex Special Ops, not a babysitter and definitely not Charlie Warne’s real life boyfriend.

The only way to keep the beautiful young woman safe, is to follow her everywhere…including her hotel room. I expect the social media influencer to be a brat, but her sassy nature conceals a sweet kitten who brings out all my protective instincts.

My duty to her soon goes deeper than a well-paid job. She’s in danger, and when I eliminate the threat, nothing will stop me from making her mine.

I won’t give her up, no matter what.


The world’s premier fashion house in Paris hired me to model for them. I’ve worked so hard for this break, yet my overprotective father only sees me as a child. Why else would he hire a bodyguard to follow me around?

What’s worse? The hunky ex Special Ops soldier insists on being my fake boyfriend and won’t let me out of his sight.

I expect Ryder to be cold and tough, but he makes me feel cared for in a way I never have before. And I’m beginning to like it.

Safe, short, steamy instalove holiday romance with no cliffhanger, no other man or woman drama, HEA guaranteed.

This year, make the ultimate resolution to fall in love with the sexiest book boyfriends around. Midnight kisses, parties in the city, cozy cabins, and all the taboo sexiness you can handle. Strap on your slippers, and get cozy, because these men are coming to you.



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KBWorlds Release Day Promo

banner_kbwcollectiveEH 01062022

The latest set of books in the Everyday Heroes World are live!

Inspired by K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes standalones, each author wrote their own story to fit in the world. We hope you’ll fall in love with their new stories and characters while revisiting the Malone brothers from mine.

KBW - Now Live - 01062022

All the books releasing today are FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

On the Line by Eileen Troemel:

Eileen Troemel’s On the Line is a mature, contemporary romance written in K Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World and filled with emergencies and emotional connections.

Sunnyville offered Allison a return to a happy time in her life after leaving her cheating husband. After the drama of a car accident and the failure of her marriage, she wants nothing but peace and quiet. With the help of her daughters, she’s settled in her new home. She wants to do her job as a 911 operator and live a quiet life.

When his father fell off a ladder and his mother called 911, Chandler didn’t realize how much it would impact his life. One look at Allison and he knew he had to convince her to meet his family. But her ex-husband believes she’s still his. Is Chandler stepping over a line when he uses his computer skills to learn more about her ex?

Everyday Heroes World

Check out the books that inspired the authors! K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes series are FREE in Kindle Unlimited right now:





KBWORLDS More KB Worlds books are coming your way every month. Stay up to date on all the releases here:

✶ Amazon:

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Perfect Hate by Fabiola Francisco

Perfect Hate by Fabiola Francisco is now LIVE!
Series: Mason Creek, Book 13 – Standalone
Genre: Small Town Romance
Trope: Enemies To Lovers, Second Chance

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Start the series on Kindle Unlimited and pre-order the upcoming titles:

My world comes tumbling down when I walk into my bakery one morning to find every inch of the floor covered in water. Water I didn’t put there. Thank you, burst pipe. Taking over my grandmother’s bakery has always been my dream, and I can’t allow this disaster to let it all fall apart. 

The only problem? My insurance won’t cover the cost, and I don’t have enough money to pay for the damages.

Now, I need to rely on the one man I hate more than small-town gossip, Brayden Bradford, CEO of Bradford Bank, and my only hope. Except the hatred is mutual, and he will do anything to make me miserable. 

The more time I spend with him, though, it’s harder to push away my growing feelings. Feelings I had for him years ago.

One gentle touch. A secret confession in a dark corner.

I can’t ignore that Brayden may not be the villain I painted him out to be.

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Shut Up and Kiss Me by Kat Baxter

Title: Shut Up and Kiss Me
A Best Friend’s Brother/Curvy Girl Romance
A Midnight Kisses Series Standalone
Author: Kat Baxter
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 6, 2022


This soccer star has one night to win it all…or risk losing everything.

Ben Prescott

By most people’s standards, I’ve got it pretty good. I have a lucrative job playing my favorite game in the world: soccer. I get to live in my favorite city: Austin, Texas. I basically have it all. Except the woman I love. Why, you ask? Because she’s my baby sister’s best friend.

But when Stella and I both end up at my family’s lakeside cabin for New Year’s Eve, some secrets just can’t be kept forever. Especially when she shares some of her own. I won’t allow this curvy goddess to believe she’s undesirable when I all I ever want to do is pull her close.

One kiss turns into a heated night, but when my sister discovers us tangled in the sheets the following morning, I’ll have to prove that some promises are worth breaking.


99c for a limited time!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Kat Baxter writes fast-paced, sweet & STEAMY romantic comedies. Readers have dubbed her books “laugh-out-loud funny,” “hot enough to melt your kindle,” and “The Queen of Adorkable.” She lives in Texas with her family and a menagerie of animals. Kat is the pseudonym for a bestselling historical romance author.

Connect with Kat online.