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 Release Date: January 7

 Cruel. Savage. Heartless. A few of many words that are whispered behind palms as I pass. A long, long time ago I stopped caring what other people thought of me and started embracing their fear. Fear is power. Fear is motivation.

At least it is for everyone but the snarky little blonde that’s been caught in my snare.

She’s nothing but collateral. Nothing but a nuisance. I’ve broken more wills than this Tinkerbell wanna be could ever even count and she will be no exception. I’ll either get what I want or she’ll disappear like the rest.

There’s no Pan in this story that can save her. She’s only got me and unfortunately for her, there’s no room for her in my obsidian heart.
This book contains themes that some readers may find triggering—details will be listed at the beginning of the book. Please read at your own discretion.
This Book Is Part Of The Twisted Tales Collection
***Twisted Tales Collection***
A collection of deliciously dark standalone retellings written by thirteen twisted authors.
These aren’t the fairytales your mother read you before bed, there are no knights in shining armor or fairy godmothers.

But there just might be some whips, blood, and sexual deviants with dark enough pasts to haunt your nightmares and wet your panties.

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Meet AJ Wolf

AJ Wolf is a self-proclaimed coffee and wine enthusiast, who loves reverse harem books and is addicted to adopting animals. 

She digs crows, spooky things, does morning tarot reads and strongly believes in the energies around us. 

She lives on a small farm with her husband, three children, four dogs, and numerous other critters and livestock.

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