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Release Date: March 16

Emma’s adventures continue as she solves crimes and mysteries in book three of The Notebook Mysteries series.

Chicago, 1885 Emma Evans is surprised when she is contacted about the reading of a will involving a prior client.  She must determine if the inheritance is a good thing or not, it remains to be seen. Papers and business review requires Emma to go to New York City.  A trip is quickly organized, during which Jeremy and Emma draw closer to each other and their relationship deepens. As they return home, they realize that they do not want to be apart. How can they do this? What are their choices available in 1885 for a young couple?

The will comes with responsibilities and complicated tasks that also allow her to continue to expand their team’s reach and bring old friends closer.

A new case will involve hidden plots, murder, drugs, kidnapping, new and old friends from the first two books in this series.  Secrets about Jeremy and Emma’s personal life are exposed during that dramatic case that will keep you guessing. Emma will have to use all of her skills to save those in danger.

Emma adds to her adventures by meeting Tony in Paris. He needs help and Jeremy has an ulterior motive when he convinces Emma to go alone to Paris to help a friend. How can she say no?

Review: “This tale will draw you in and will delight those who are a bit of an amateur sleuth themselves.” Don’t miss book 3 of this engaging series!  

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Meet Kimberly Mullins

I am Kimberly Mullins, the author of a soon to be published mystery novel set in 1881 Chicago.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Biology and an MBA in Business. I have been working as a certified Process Safety Engineer at a large chemical company. I have also been a contributing author in a technical book in my field. I have also written several technical papers.


I live in South Texas with my son, husband, and three cats. We do live close to the coast, so hurricanes are a normal part of life here. In 2008 we lost our house in Hurricane Ike and found out I had breast cancer in the same two-week period. 2009 was a struggle to rebuild and beat cancer- we did both successfully! 


I find that that challenge made everything else seem easier. So, when I decided to try writing, I didn’t let myself think I couldn’t do it; I just did it. I took a year to figure out how to write a book and used many resources to help me. I have friends and family that were willing to read early drafts and read later versions over and over. I have since written three more in the series since that time. I am hoping to continue past book 10.


I love my books, and I hope so will you.

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