Excerpt Reveal

Something About You by K.B. Barrett

Something About You by K.B. Barrett is releasing on January 21st, but today, we are revealing an EXCERPT from the book! Check it out below.

They reach up and consume all that you love.

Danny has watched his brothers find happiness and peace with their women. They have the kind of love a person spends their life searching for, the kind Danny believes he will never have. But Fate has other ideas, and Jill Is strong enough to battle the past with him.

Jill has her own demons, though, ones set on destroying the little oasis of peace she has fought so hard for. The problem is, there are some things not even the Mancini Family will be able to help her with.

When the monsters of their pasts claw up out of hell, Danny and Jill must fight their way through love to not only save each other, but the whole family.

The problem is, who are the demons after?

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“Sorry that took so long!” Christine said cheerfully, and all the men’s eyes turned to them. 

Danny’s mouth parted in shock as his body stiffened. His hands clenching where they were wrapped around the back of a chair. 

“You look nice, Jill,” Rick said politely, still slightly frowning. He wasn’t happy about her going either. 

“Thank you,” she said politely, hoping that she could get out of here sooner rather than later. Just being around Danny was almost more than she could take. 

“Where’s Jamie?” Danny asked, his voice sounding deeper, his eyes tight. 

“He’s with a sitter,” she responded, not meeting his eyes, fidgeting with some imaginary item in her purse.  

“Where are you girls going?” Jill glanced out of the corner of her eye, watching as Danny stood, crossing his arms across his chest, his body still. 

Too still. 

They aren’t going anywhere. Jill has a date,” Rick butted in before she could say something. 

“What the fuck!” Danny exploded, and she jerked. 

Even Christine went still. 

“You are not going on a date!” 

“Umm… Danny, what…” She tried to get herself to talk, to say something, anything, but in all her time knowing the Mancini family, Danny had never shouted around her like that. 


“No. Not just no, but fuck no!” he snarled and her back went up. 

“Excuse me?” she whispered. 

Who the heck did he think she was? A dog?

“No,” he said again and stomped toward her, coming right up till she was almost leaning back to get away from him. 

“Who the fuck is he?” She was too stunned to say anything, so she could only stand there and stare at him. 

Who was this man? 

Because this was not Danny? 

“It’s the bartender. The one from the bar we were at last week,” Christine said slowly. 

“Connor? Oh, hell no!” Danny snarled again as Rick stepped forward, looking like he was going to say something, but Danny held his hand out, stopping Rick in his tracks. 

“Stay the fuck out of it,” he muttered to Rick, his dark glittering eyes never leaving hers. “He’s a manwhore, Jill, really? That’s what you want?” Danny sneered, and it snapped her out of her daze. 

“What, like you? I don’t care how many women he’s slept with. Maybe for one night I’m not looking for long term. At least he was ballsy enough to ask me out!” Danny’s eyes narrowed, his body tightening even more, and she braced for his outburst. She had never spoken to him like this before.

“Danny!” Rick snapped, and Danny’s head swung to him. 

“Chill, man.” 

“Are you really okay with this?” Danny shouted and Rick paused, his eyes roving over Danny’s twisted face. 

Then, slowly, he smiled. “You know, I wasn’t. But now, I am.”

“Fuck this,” Danny muttered…


K.B Barrett lives in western Michigan with her wonderful husband and three kids. Her love of books started early, due to her grandmother who was an avid reader and encouraged her to love books. Eventually she had too many ideas and so she started writing her own books. She loves camping with her husband, traveling to new destinations, and enjoying coffee in one of her many colorful mugs.

WEBSITE: https://www.authorkbbarrett.com
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AMAZON: https://amzn.to/3b5BFEi
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