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DEAR HEART, I HATE YOU by Eliah Greenwood

Release Date: February 11

It all started with an ad.

“House sitter needed for the summer, room and board provided.”

Guess I missed the part about the cocky basketball player sleeping down the hall…

Finn Richards is hot, cruel, broken beyond repair. Oh, and did I mention hell-bent on making me quit?

Whatever. It’s not like his charms work on me. I’m immune to his deep hazel eyes, and I’m not even a little bit curious about what happened that night…

It’s just two months.

I can definitely go two months without ripping his head off.

Only problem is,

I’m not sure the same goes for his clothes.

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Meet Eliah Greenwood

Eliah Greenwood is a Canadian author, proud Wattpad Star, Fiction Awards 2018 Winner, coffee addict and cliché with a twist lover!

She started her writing journey on a website called Wattpad at the age of fifteen. She wrote the majority of her first book Unwritten Rules on the bus on her way home from school. When her debut gathered 31,000,000 reads on the platform, she decided to self-publish the trilogy that set so many hearts, including hers, on fire. 

When she’s not writing and screaming at her computer screen, you can find her binge watching her favourite TV shows on repeat or reading in a warm blanket. 

She is currently working on her fifth book. It is expected to come out in 2021.

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Willow by Connie Lafortune

Title: Willow
Series: The Sinful Seven #3
Author: Connie Lafortune
Genre: Contemporary Rockstar Romance
Release Date: January 21, 2022


On stage, I come alive.
I know I’m an essential part of The Sinful Seven and revel in the roar of the crowd.
As the music thumps, I find my place under the spotlights.
For a few short hours, I can just be me.
Not the murderer’s daughter.

Caleb wants to break down my defenses. He thinks he can save me from myself. Little does he know, others have tried. All have failed.

I have a secret I carry with me every moment of every day. One that caused me to build walls around my scarred heart, with strict rules set to protect myself.

No huge age gap.
No kids.
Never let him get too close.

Being with him would break every single rule. But, whether I’m ready to admit it or not, he just might be worth the risk. Still, I pray I’m not making a mistake. If my heart breaks again, there will be no putting the pieces back together.

Lose yourself in the gritty, rock and roll world of Willow. In this third book in The Sinful Seven series, age is just a number and all is fair in love and rock.



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My phone vibrates with an incoming text and I roll over to see Caleb’s number. I’m hesitant to answer. I also know if I don’t he’ll worry and pace. Best to just rip off the Band-Aid right here and now.
Caleb: How are you feeling?
Me: Like I’ve been hit by a train. But I’ll be fine.
Caleb: Try to get some rest. I’ll drop your car off after work.
Me: Caleb—
Caleb: What do you need, love?
You. Only you. How do you thank someone for saving you from the roller coaster called life? With all of its highs and lows. Swallowing the lump in my throat, I push on.
Me: Thank you for saving me when I never knew I needed rescuing. Sorry, I said and did all those nasty—
My phone rings and I know this is too deep for him to text. “Hey, Boss Man.”
“I didn’t save you, Willow. I was just the catalyst that guided you through. You did it all on your own, love. You don’t ever have to apologize for lashing out at me. I’d gladly absorb all of your grief if I knew you were pain-free. Now, get some rest and I’ll see you later.”
“Have I told you lately how bossy you are?” Caleb makes me smile, even with his dry sense of humor.
“Every time you call me Boss Man, so I’d say that’s a yes. I’ll grab us takeout so we can eat dinner together. Sound good?”
“I think you might be falling for me, Boss Man. Be careful, I’m a handful. See you later, and make sure it’s Thai.” Ending the call, I lie back down and realize that I’m the one who’s falling for him. Not the other way around. Caleb doesn’t need my crazy, but it sure would be nice to have someone who gets me.


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Releasing May 26



Connie Lafortune is a rebel, coffee addict and incurable romantic. She pens steamy contemporary romance about enemies-to-lovers, second chances, and broken heroes with plenty of angst. If she’s not in her office writing her next novel, you can bet she’s curled up in a comfy chair with her nose buried in a book. On the lookout for her next book boyfriend!


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Our Forbidden Love

Title: Our Forbidden Love
Series: Forbidden Series #1
Author: Taylor Jade
Genre: Clean Romance

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A wise woman once told me that we always want what we can’t have, and when we get it, the appeal wears off.

Just think back to being a child and yearning with every fiber of your being for that shiny new toy. Remember that feeling?

Now, remember the excitement coursing through you when you finally got it, when you finally held it in your hand. And now, suddenly it isn’t something you can’t have any more.

He was my shiny new toy.

A taken man.

My forbidden secret.


⭐Clean Romance
⭐Breast Cancer
⭐Minor elements of domestic violence



Taylor Jade is the queen of hopeless romantics. You can find her in front of her computer, creating a new, beautiful world for her readers to get lost in, or with her nose stuck in a romance book. 

At 14, she published her very first novel: My Military Hero. Years later, she’s once again found her love of writing, and she’s delivering the kinds of books that destroy your soul and warm your heart all at once.

Living in Florida since the day she was born, Taylor hates the intense heat but loves chilly Florida winters.

Work, college, jet skiing, and water skiing are other hobbies that take up her busy schedule, amongst the writing. 


You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok! She loves interacting with her readers so follow her and send a message! 


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Title: Valor
Author: Casey L. Bond
Genre: YA Epic Fantasy
Editor: Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Cover Designer: Story Wrappers
Publication Date: Feb. 25th, 2022
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Dragon. Warrior. Woman. 


To honor her brother’s dying plea, Vayl Halifex carries a message that might prevent war with the elves: the location of their captive princess. Fortune and circumstance align in her favor and Vayl’s life is forever changed when an opportunity arises that only she can seize. With the help of a matchmaker, she becomes the emperor’s newest concubine. The new role affords her unfettered access to the gilded mountain stronghold, where the princess is rumored to be hidden away. 


But she won’t take this risk alone. Her brother’s best friend, dragon warrior Estin, calls on the small army of elven assassins he leads to use their magic and might to flank her for the fight to come. The band of dragons takes Vayl into their fold and trains her as best they can before she’s whisked away to the palace.


Unbeknownst to the warriors, a dreadful magic simmers in the gilded fortress. With those fiercely protective of the emperor closing in, and the dragon assassins disappearing one by one, Vayl’s chance at escape narrows to a sliver, along with her hope of finding the princess or fighting her way out of the palace. With her heart entwined with that of the dragon warrior she was never supposed to love, she begins to fear the price of her treachery will be her life… or his.


Mulan meets The Hundredth Queen in this romantic epic fantasy, perfect for fans of the Throne of Glass series and These Hollow Vows.


“Riveting until the very last page.” – A. Lonergan, award-winning author of the Crimson Pack Trilogy. 

Casey Bond lives on a rural farm in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. She writes phoenixes – gloriously flawed and morally gray characters that fiercely rise from the ashes of their circumstances. World building is one of her favorite hobbies, along with stamping metal jewelry, swimming, and enjoying the beauty of nature. She thinks thunderstorms are better than coffee and that watching a meteor shower is the closest thing to magic you might ever see. She’s a firm believer that every amazing book needs a world you want to wrap yourself in, a character you want to win, and a love you would fight for.


Casey is the award-winning author of When Wishes Bleed, Gravebriar, and House of Eclipses.

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Bella and Her Beast by ML Preston


Bella and Her Beast by ML Preston is now LIVE!


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About Bella and Her Beast

One Man. One Woman. One Curse.

The clock is ticking for Greyson Devereaux and life as he knows it will soon come to an end. A man by day and owned by the moon at night.

There is only one option — find his one true mate or be bound to the beast for eternity. For years he searched, hoped to find her but his efforts have come up short…until now.

With only three months remaining, how can he convince Bella that she’s the one and how can she tame the beast within?

BAHAB Teaser 1-2BAHAB Teaser 2


Meet ML Preston

Author Bio:

ML Preston is a USA Today Bestselling Author who writes Contemporary, Multicultural Romance. Encouraged to nurture her active imagination, she quickly found a passion for storytelling. She spins sagas of passion and romance where the lines between race and creed, physical perfection and social norms disappear in the face of love. Novels of real love; erotic connections with a heart and soul that everyone can relate. She makes a home in Texas with her husband, three children, two fur-babies, and one grandchild to rule them all.

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Camp Nerd by Bella Jewel

Camp Nerd by Bella Jewel is now live!

Firstly, let me make this clear, I didn’t come here for drama.
I came here to escape, to unwind, to relax in paradise.
This place is meant to be everything epic the world can offer.
A ranch, run by hot tattooed mountain men, that has been made into a retreat.
An escape from the world, from all the stresses of daily life.
Not only do you get to interact with said gorgeous men, but you get to be involved in the every day running of the ranch, that is when you’re not hiking, fishing, riding horses and relaxing.
We’re the first group to camp hot stuff, and for what seems like the shortest time, it’s bliss.
Hot, cowboy bliss.
Horses and mountains, rivers and campfires. It’s exactly what I need.
Don’t get me started on the man who seems scarily into me, even though I’m about as fun as a stone on the ground.
I’m also as ugly as one.
Okay, that’s a bit over the top.
I’m not ugly. I am, however, nerdy.
Men like him don’t look at girls like me…right?
I have curves and glasses and my hair isn’t Sunkissed blond.
Still, everything is going beautifully…until a body shows up.
As if we’re in some sort of bad romantic comedy.
One of my people…mine…is dead.
And now my little vacation has turned into a god damned murder mystery.
With hot men, a camp full of nerds and a whole lot of unanswered questions.
This should be fun.
A bloody good time, if you will…

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Meet Bella Jewel

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over twenty-five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland with her fiancé and four beautiful kids. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. In 2016 she signed a three book deal with St Martin’s Press, and another three just a year later. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

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Title: Soulless
Author: Shyla Colt
Genre: Motorcycle Romance
Cover Designer: Cosmic Letterz
Publication Date: Jan. 21st, 2022
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Life taught me not to trust. Family betrayal cuts the deepest of all, and my kin’s given me plenty of reasons to go by my road name “Warped.” A Nomad, I make a point of not getting too attached. Then I become a godfather, and my wall begins to crumble. Against all odds, their godmother, Jess, would infiltrate my defenses with a fiery kiss that shows me I can have everything I’m not worthy of. A better man would let her go, but she’s become a light in the impending darkness encircling me as my past rises from its grave and refuses to let go.





I spent my life chasing after my dreams and defying the small-minded views of my tiny southern town. When I saw a chance at a life in California, I took it. I never imagined a tattooed biker with dark eyes full of malice would play a starring role in my fantasies. I knew he was off-limits, but too much to drink has me crossing lines and set things into motion I never thought possible. The connection we share is something I’ll risk everything for.


Is this a new beginning or the breaking point?

USA Today Bestselling author Shyla Colt is a chaos wrangler, chronic crafter, and imaginary friend collector. The mom of two and a wife road trips with her weird brood when she’s not taking on a new hobby or bingeing on spooky podcasts and documentaries. She writes strong women with sass, plenty of nerdy tendencies, and the intriguing intense males who love them.

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Caging Grace by Carsen Lane

Title: Caging Grace
Series: Grace #1
Author: Carsen Lane
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Cover Design: Dark Unicorn Designs
Release Date: May 19, 2022


With a sick, illegal immigrant mother, a dead father, and a younger sister to provide for, struggle has become second nature to Grace. What she doesn’t know how to do, is hope or dream. Those are two things you don’t have the luxury of doing when you work three jobs to support your family.

However, when fate sends her a lucky hand, will she be able to let go of the past long enough to get out of the underground fighting ring and make it in the UFC? Or will she allow her past to haunt her, and her guilt to bury her right along with her dreams?

This isn’t your average love story. Sometimes, the princess saves the prince. And sometimes, the best person to choose to love, is yourself.




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Carsen is a quirky author who loves to discover themself in the written word, drink copious amounts of coffee and be in nature as much as possible.


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“Spence: Broken Deeds MC NJ Chapter.

COVER REVEAL: Spence: Broken Deeds MC NJ Chapter

Preorder links:

Genre: Standalone, Biker Romance
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Model: Maverick Willett
Photographer: Golden Czermak,
Release Day: May 10, 2022

Spence – Going undercover is what my Broken Deeds MC chapter is all about. A contract with the government allows me to legally do anything within my power to let justice prevail. When a mafia boss demands an arranged marriage as part of a deal, I have no other choice but to accept. I need to bide my time working undercover to rip his family to shreds.

Penelope – My life was shattered when I was fourteen. From that day forward I’ve learned to make myself invisible, until my father hands me over to marry the President of a motorcycle club. Confronted with my past, I’m finally given a chance to rise above and bloom. Though, life never entails roses and sunshine and history has a way to repeat itself.

The good can only out balance the bad if both rise to the occasion. Finding love in unusual situations seems impossible as is saving lives.