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NOTES ON LOVE by Naaz Spencer


Release Date: January 22

Six months away, nursing heartbreak, and my father plucks a ray of sunshine from the sky and puts her in the office opposite mine. 
Kiran Jafri is the one thing I hate – happy. 
She’s an explosion of colour in one gorgeous package and I should stay away. 
But Kiran’s warmth is all I’ve ever craved and avoiding her isn’t an option. 
The more I learn about her, the more complicated it gets.
I’ll figure out a way to prove this is worth it.

Moving to London is a fresh start.
New office. A personal assistant. And a stunning boss who is missing a heart in his chest.
Seth Sinclair is the office grump and fate seems to throw us together. 
No matter how hard I try, I can’t stay away.
He’s something I want when I definitely shouldn’t.
It’s too complicated and I can’t trust myself not to mess up. 
But Seth’s reminding me of one thing I thought I lost – hope.
Is it really possible for me to have it all?

This book contains topics that some may find triggering. These include discussion of  loss, grief, suicide, infertility, mature language and sexually explicit scenes.

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Meet Naaz Spencer.

Naaz Spencer is the pen name of Zavi James.

Naaz Spencer spends most of her time rushing around a laboratory and trying to make people believe she has her life in order. After a near death experience, she decided to flex her fingers and take a stab at writing as that had always been her childhood dream. Now, she splits her time between experiments and fictional worlds and enjoys getting people to swoon and cry over her creations.

When she’s not writing and working, she can be found traveling across the world in a bid to find inspiration and unleashing her chaos on social media.

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