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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Better Together Universe BoxSet BY BL Maxwell

Better Together Universe BoxSet

BL Maxwell

It’s out NOW on #amazon and #KindleUnlimited

Caden and Rio met when they were both seventeen and neither were in a good situation at home. Caden had been thrown from his home by cruel parents, and Rio had been left to raise his younger siblings after his parents were deported. But after they meet their lives change, and they become the family each of them needs.

Follow their journey from teenagers trying to figure out how to run a household to husbands expecting their first child. Through it all their love for each other and their family shines through, as they prove they really are Better Together. #friendstolovers #gayromance #truelove #babymakesthree #hurtcomfort #newadult

Book One: Better Together

Book Two: Chains Required

Book Three: The First Twelve

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