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#BRVL AUTHOR PROMO — Hendrick: The Kingmaker’s Sons BY H.M Wolfe


Hendrick By H.M Wolfe

Book 2 of The Kingmaker’s Sons

Coming Feb 14th

After being sentenced to a life sealed away in the dark recesses of the family mansion at a young age, one brother pays for his death, another for his survival. Twin brothers clinging to one other to overcome their own dark past become the salvation of his body, mind, and heart.

Hendrik Iversen has been alone and outcast from his own family, longing for the end to come. But when his twin captors turn into his caretakers, Hendrik wants nothing more than to begin the future the three have envisioned and planned together. Those hopes and dreams are endangered by an evil, vindictive woman, whose devious plots and intrigues threaten to rip the three young men apart and throw their lives into utter disarray.

More secrets are revealed, adding to the confusion Hendrik must face. Will the love of his caretakers be enough for him to face the dark past and built a bright future?




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