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The Fashion Orphans by Randy Susan Meyers & M.J. Rose

“Simply captivating!”
–Jennifer Probst, New York Times Bestselling Author

The Fashion Orphans, an all new stylish and beautiful novel from New York Times bestselling author M.J. Rose and bestselling author Randy Susan Meyers, is out now!

Two estranged sisters find that forgiveness never goes out of style when they inherit their mother’s vintage jackets, purses . . . and pearls of wisdom

Estranged half-sisters Gabrielle Winslow and Lulu Quattro have only two things in common: mounds of debt and coils of unresolved enmity toward Bette Bradford, their controlling and imperious recently deceased mother.

Gabrielle, the firstborn, was raised in relative luxury on Manhattan’s rarefied Upper East Side. Now, at fifty-five, her life as a Broadway costume designer married to a heralded Broadway producer has exploded in divorce.

Lulu, who spent half her childhood under the tutelage of her working-class Brooklyn grandparents, is a grieving widow at forty-eight. With her two sons grown, her life feels reduced to her work at the Ditmas Park bakery owned by her late husband’s family.

The two sisters arrive for the reading of their mother’s will, expecting to divide a sizable inheritance, pay off their debts, and then again turn their backs on each other.

But to their shock, what they have been left is their mother’s secret walk-in closet jammed with high-end current and vintage designer clothes and accessories— most from Chanel.

Contemplating the scale of their mother’s self-indulgence, the sisters can’t help but wonder if Lauren Weisberger had it wrong: because it seems, in fact, that the devil wore Chanel. But as they being to explore their mother’s collection, meet and fall in love with her group of warm, wonderful friends, and magically find inspiring messages tucked away in her treasures — it seems as though their mother is advising Lulu and Gabrielle from the beyond — helping them rediscover themselves and restore their relationship with each other.

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About M.J. Rose
M.J. Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother’s favorite books before she was allowed. She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice… Books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and remind us to look for it and revel in it.
Rose is a the Co-President and founding member of International Thriller Writers and the founder of the first marketing company for authors: AuthorBuzz. She runs the blog, Museum of Mysteries.

In 1998, her first novel Lip Service was the first e-book and the first self-published novel chosen by the LiteraryGuild/Doubleday Book Club as well as the first e-book to go on to be published by a mainstream New York publishing house.
Rose has been profiled in Time magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, Business 2.0, Working Woman, Newsweek, and New York Magazine.

She has appeared on The Today Show, Fox News, The Jim Lehrer NewsHour, and features on her have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and abroad, including USAToday, Stern, L’Official, Poets and Writers, and Publishers Weekly.

Rose graduated from Syracuse University and spent the ’80s in advertising. She was the Creative Director of Rosenfeld Sirowitz and Lawson and she has a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

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About Randy Susan Meyers
The drama of Randy Susan Meyers’ novels is informed by her years spent bartending, her ten years working with violent offenders, and too many years enamored with bad boys. Two of her three novels (The Murderer’s Daughters and Accidents of Marriage) were finalists for the Mass Book Awards (2010 & 2015) and included as a “Must Read Book” by the Massachusetts Council of the Book. Her next novel, The Widow of Wall Street releases April 11, 2017.

Raised in Brooklyn New York, Randy now in Boston with her husband and is the mother of two grown daughters. She teaches writing seminars at Boston’s Grub Street Writers’ Center.

Randy Susan Meyers’ worked with violent offenders and families in crisis for over two decades.. Two of her novels (The Murderer’s Daughters and Accidents of Marriage) were finalists for the Massachusetts Book Awards.

She teaches at Boston’s Grub Street Writers’ Center.

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The “I Do” Do-Over

Title: The “I Do” Do-Over 

Series: After I Do #1

Author: Poppy Parkes

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Can an accident push the pink-haired tattoo artist and the big-hearted mountain man to find something to salvage from their marriage mistake?

It was just supposed to be a fun weekend in Vegas celebrating their shared twenty-first birthdays.

They never meant to get married.

But when lifelong best friends Taryn and Boone wake up the morning after with wedding rings, a marriage certificate, and killer hangovers to match, it fractures their friendship.

Seven years later, Taryn’s opening her own tattoo shop and needs a divorce to protect her investment.

She travels to the mountains of Montana to have Boone sign the papers.
Then snowy disaster strikes.

Taryn came here to fix the errors of her past, but suddenly her future is at risk too — unless Boone finds her in time.

The “I Do” Do-Over is a feel-good, over-the-top, steamy second chance romance that will get your blood pumping in all the right ways. HEA guaranteed!

This coming February, you’re officially invited to attend a month-long celebration of love! Twenty-eight of your favorite short, steamy romance authors have teamed up to bring you stories that will make you swoon, laugh, and set your e-readers on fire! Whether they’ve stumbled into love, fallen for their worst enemy, corralled their bestie or are fighting to rekindle a lost love… Tag along and find out what happens “After I Do.”



Poppy Parkes is the author of sweet and hot love stories including the Love at First Sight series and the Once Upon a H.E.A. series. Poppy writes, hikes, and dreams in the mountains, where she raises her two boys. She is in love with luscious color, moon-gazing, and dancing wild. And coffee. And wine. And chocolate. You know how it is.


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Snowed In With the Mafia Boss by Monica Corwin

Title: Snowed In With the Mafia Boss
Series: Snowed In #1
Author: Monica Corwin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 25, 2022


Cuddle up with her father’s enemy… or die.

Harley Tucker made a deal with her best friend. In exchange for being Ellie’s plus one at her father’s next party, Harley will cover Talya’s shift, managing her family’s luxury wilderness cabin rental for one weekend. Ellie thinks she got the sweet end of the deal considering there is only one booking, a solo lodger, the entire time.

Dario Albano only wants some peace and quiet. One week away from the endless fighting between him and the local politician set to stop his spread of power. What Dario doesn’t count on is an avalanche leaving him stranded in the luxury cabin… it wouldn’t be so bad if his attendant didn’t also happen to be the beautiful, and very innocent, daughter of his enemy.

Fans of Alexa Riley and Beck & Hallman who like their men dark, their heroine’s innocent, and enough sexual tension to melt their ereader will love the new Snowed in Series by Monica Corwin.

One click now to find your next book boyfriend.




Monica Corwin is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author. She is an outspoken writer attempting to make romance accessible to everyone, no matter their preferences. As a Northern Ohioian, Monica enjoys snow drifts, three seasons of weather, and a dislike of Michigan football. Monica owns more books about King Arthur than should be strictly necessary. Also typewriters…lots and lots of typewriters.



Nico by Eva Winners

Title: Nico
Series: Belles & Mobsters #2
Author: Eva Winners
Genre: Steamy Mafia Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2022


Nico Morrelli
My blackmailer.
A Liar.

I stole from him.

And when he came to collect, the money was gone. I used it to try and save someone I loved, but it still wasn’t enough.

Now Nico Morrelli is blackmailing me for the money I took. He’s ruthless and unyielding.

The Wolf in an Armani suit.

The man makes my body crave submission. Yet he can cost me and my girls everything. When he forced me into the underworld, he destroyed the sacrifices my family made to keep me safe.

I can’t become a tool for his revenge. Because my stakes are much higher. As my secrets unfold, I’m no longer sure who to trust.

If only my heart didn’t want him so much.



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Releasing March 1


Releasing May 25



Eva Winners released her first novel Second Chance At Love in 2020 and has been writing feverishly ever since. She writes about everlasting romance for every century focusing on characters emotional development and always guarantees an HEA.

She loves yoga, wine and her kiddos. In her spare time, she seeks adventures either hiking through trails or exploring the beaches.

Writing books has always been her passion and she brings real life to the forefront in everything she writes about.

Deeply passionate characters and stories will draw you in and you’ll never want to leave.

Follow her on social media to stay up to date with all her new releases!


To Have and to Bind by Alexandria Raven

Title: To Have and to Bind
Author: Alexandria Raven
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 25, 2022
Cover Design: Cormar Covers

No one stands between a wolf and his mate….

Rosalind Pierce was promised to me by her parents as payment to be delivered on her eighteenth birthday.
That day has come and gone, leaving me no closer to claiming what’s mine: Her life.

She’s everything that is good with the world.
Her innocences calls me closer like a moth to the flame with each passing moment.
But I remain in the shadows,
Watching. Waiting. Wanting.

I am darkness incarnate, the exact opposite of her in every way
But none of that matters.
She is my mate and I have to make her understand.
She will obey me.
She will be mine.

Alexandria Raven is a dark and paranormal romance author who writes age gap romances about growly men and the barely legal ladies who can’t live without them. She’s been published for years, but has finally stopped fighting her fate and decided different isn’t always a bad thing.

Alexandria is a purveyor of filth who believes in fate, that women really do hold all the power, and that dancing in the rain is the cure for all life’s ailments.


Finding You by Amanda Siegrist

Title: Finding You
Series: A McCord Family Novel #5
Author: Amanda Siegrist
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2022


What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. One wild mishap could be the best thing that ever happened to him.

Being shy makes it hard for Gabe McCord to talk to women, but throw in a fun, wild night of drinking and it’s not so hard. Until he learns he didn’t just wake up next to a gorgeous woman—he married her. Nine months later and he’s still trying to find her…when she accidentally finds him.

Olivia Brenson is the new arson investigator in town trying to find the person responsible for multiple fires, the latest one which almost took a life. When she learns they’re married—because neither remembered their nuptials—Gabe finds himself on another fun adventure. She wants to stay married for a short time to keep her overprotective, demanding father off her back. He doesn’t protest as it gives him a chance to prove he isn’t always the shy guy. But if he’s not careful, he might lose more than just his reserved tendencies. He’ll lose his heart along the way. Because he’s finding Olivia is the woman he never knew he needed in his life.


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“Can I join you?”
He looked up, startled.
For one terrifying heartbeat, she thought she made a mistake.
Then a slow, heart-melting grin appeared on his handsome face.
“Of course.”
Not a mistake.
Even though she couldn’t remember much of that crazy night, she didn’t think what happened between them was a mistake either. Any woman would be lucky to be in bed with this man. With his cute dimples that framed his lips to his gorgeous baby-blue eyes that seemed to stare straight into her soul.
A waitress stopped at the table before they could strike up a conversation. She ordered—thankfully—a club sandwich and a beer. The beer was delivered quickly and the sandwich would join her soon, the waitress informed her.
Silence filled the air the entire time. Slightly awkward, yet comfortable. She couldn’t explain it. He made her feel comfortable, as if it was okay to be herself and not put on a show as she did so often. Not that she had shown her real self yet, but he made her want to.
“Thanks for letting me join you.”
Ugh. She wanted to roll her eyes at her own idiotic words.
That same heart-stopping grin appeared as before.
“Well, we are married.”
Beer spewed across the table.
She had to have misheard him.
Married? To him? She couldn’t have been that drunk.
She jerked when she saw him wiping up the beer she had spit out with a lone napkin. Her hand landed on his. She could feel the tension radiating in the small touch and knew without a doubt he hadn’t been joking with her.
They were married.
Her hand drifted away from him.
“I’m sorry.”
He didn’t look at her as he shrugged. “I don’t remember it either.”
Not what she meant, but it was nice to know she wasn’t the only one.
“I was talking about spitting my beer.”
His eyes darted to hers, the embarrassment flaming like a bright, blazing fire. “So, you remember?”
She shook her head. God, she was mucking this up. “No, I don’t remember. I meant I was sorry about spitting my beer. If you don’t remember and I don’t remember, then how can we be married?”
“But you remember me, right?”
She hesitated, knowing that whatever she said mattered to him—a lot.

(Copyright © 2022 Amanda Siegrist)


Protecting You (Book 1) is
FREE on all platforms!



Releasing August 30



I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author that loves to write sweet contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, although I am partial to romantic suspense. Honestly, I love anything that has to do with romance. As long as there’s a happy ending, I’m a happy camper. And insta-love…yes, please! I love baseball (Go Twins!) and creating awesome crafts. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, working in that field for several years before I became a stay-at-home mom. I have a few more amazing stories in the works. If you would like to connect with me or see important news, head to my website at Thanks for reading!


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His Affliction by C.A. Rene

Title: His Affliction: A Desecrated Conclusion
Series: Desecrated Series
Author: C.A. Rene
Genre: Age-Gap, Forbidden Love, Serial Killer, Dark Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2022 
Cover Model: Dante Dellamore
Cover Photographer: Golden Czermak/FuriousFotog

I heard he was crazy, that his feelings were all dead.
I heard the bad things he did was because of the monster in his head.
He likes to deal out pain, reveling in his victims’ screams.
He likes breaking hearts, ripping them apart at the seams.
Everything became better, because he went away.
But none of that mattered, since a part of him stayed.
Now he’s back, looking for what he left behind.
They all whisper the same things, about his affliction of the mind.
People say he’s broken, this man Brody Landry.
But I think he’s beautiful, a perfect Prince for me.

First off, Call me Chrissy!
In my books you will find complete inclusivity and I refuse to be kept in any specific box. I write across all genres and dabble in just about everything.
To keep up with all new releases and teasers for all my upcoming books, you can follow me on any social media platform!
Lover of all things dark. I love to read it, write it, own it, eat it, whatever it. My addictions include Coffee, books, and WINE, in that order.

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A Naughty Lesson by Mika Lane

Title: A Naughty Lesson
Series: Study Hard #1
Author: Mika Lane
Genre: Contemporary Reverse Harem Romance
Release Date: February 1, 2022


The sexy professors who make my life hell are about to teach me a naughty lesson.
Write an English essay about being a virgin, I thought.
Seemed like a great idea at the time.
Now, not so much.
My professor, who always looked at me with hungry eyes, is now looking at me with something else in his gaze.
He’s intent on teaching me…a lesson.
Only, he won’t do it alone.
His friends want to help him ensure I’m handled…properly.
That they fill all my…needs.
That I become an expert in deep…thinking.
I’m always learning things the hard…way,
And that includes the A I’m sure to get in lovemaking.
Sophomore year just took a very sexy twist.

#1 in the Study Hard Romance Series



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Releasing March 1


Releasing April 1



Please join my Insider Group and be the first to hear about giveaways, sales, pre-orders, ARCs, and most importantly, a free sexy short story:

Writing has been a passion of mine since, well, forever (my first book was “The Day I Ate the Milkyway,” a true fourth-grade masterpiece). These days, steamy romance, both dark and funny, gives purpose to my days and nights as I create worlds and characters who defy the imagination. I live in magical Northern California with my own handsome alpha dude, sometimes known as Mr. Mika Lane, and an evil cat named Bill. These two males also defy my imagination from time to time.

A lover of shiny things, I’ve been known to try to new recipes on unsuspecting friends, find hiding places so I can read undisturbed, and spend my last dollar on a plane ticket somewhere.

I have several books for you to choose from including perennially favorite Billionaire and Reverse Harem romances. And have you see my Player Series about male escorts who make the ladies of Hollywood curl their toes and forget their names? Hottttt…. And my Anti-hero/Mafia books are now out in audio.

Check out my latest series, The Men at Work Collection, about hot men and the professions that make them successful masters of the universe… and the women they love.

I’ll always promise you a hot, sexy romp with kick-ass but imperfect heroines, and some version of a modern-day happily ever after.

I LOVE to hear from readers when I’m not dreaming up naughty tales to share. Join my Insider Group so we can get to know each other better, or contact me here:


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Cynic’s Stance by Karen Renee

Title: Cynic’s Stance
Series: Riot MC Biloxi Series
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2022
Cover Design: FuriousFotog
Cover Model: Danta Dellamore

Cynic believes in a good time, not a long time; it’s understandable since his wife cheated after twelve years of marriage. Now that he’s single, variety is the spice of life, and he keeps his life spicy. He avoids women looking for commitment.

As the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Riot MC, when he’s ordered to protect Fiona Brinkley from her ex-fiancé Cynic battles an almighty attraction. A battle he loses.

Fiona thinks Cynic is off-limits. The last time she saw him, he was married to his high school sweetheart. However, that was years ago, and things have changed. When Cynic suggests a good time with him, she jumps at the chance. It’s the best chance she’s ever taken. She falls for Cynic, but he’s the wrong man.

He doesn’t want the things she does: commitment and building a family.

Can Fiona shift Cynic’s stance, so he’ll take a chance on a long time that promises to be a good time?

Karen Renee is the author of the Riot Motorcycle Club, Beta, and O-Town series of books. She once crunched Nielsen ratings data but these days she brings her imagination to life by writing books. She has wanted to be a writer since she was very young, but it’s taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life. Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.