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Title: Mediocre

Series: After I Do #14 

Author: BF Queen 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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★She’s never had the big O,
and he has no clue. ★

Owaib mistakenly comes across a sex quiz his wife Aleena has filled out in a magazine. He is shocked to discover that his sex game falls way short of her expectations, and that he hasn’t managed to satisfy his wife in five years.

With a busted ego and a shredded heart…

Could this be the breaking point for the couple with the perfect couple persona?
Or can Owaib up his game and learn to rock Aleena’s world?

♥Mediocre is a feel-good, all the feels steamy second chance romance that will make you fall in love with love this romance season. HEA guaranteed!♥

This coming February, you’re officially invited to attend a month-long celebration of love! Twenty-eight of your favorite short, steamy romance authors have teamed up to bring you stories that will make you swoon, laugh, and set your e-readers on fire! Whether they’ve stumbled into love, fallen for their worst enemy, corralled their bestie or are fighting to rekindle a lost love… Tag along and find out what happens “After I Do.”


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BF Queen’s first love will always be romance novels. Because they inspire her to be more, do more, and spread the love wherever she goes. A creative non-fiction writer turned fiction author BF Queen hopes you will find your swoon-worthy book boyfriend in her stories.


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Cracks In The Windshield

Title: Cracks In The Windshield

Series: After I Do #13

Author: Bree Weeks

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Deb and I were happy for a long time. And then, we weren’t. Together since high school, three kids, two cars, and a mortgage have kept us busy. I’m just going through the motions until she catches me off guard. Divorce papers. Worse than a punch to the gut. I’m not willing to let her go and will do anything to get her back. Can I convince her to give me, to give us, one more chance?


I’m convinced that if everyone else had stayed out of our marriage, we could have made it work. My sister, his cousin, our three kids, they all influenced us one way or another. I admit, it was a low blow to serve the divorce papers on him out of the blue like that, but we have to make a clean break. And that was the only way I could do it without completely backing down. He’s pulling out all the stops to change my mind, and I wish I could believe him. I’m dying inside just imagining my life without him. Can we let go of all the static long enough to truly see each other again? Is it too late for us?

This coming February, you’re officially invited to attend a month-long celebration of love! Twenty-seven of your favorite short, steamy romance authors have teamed up to bring you stories that will make you swoon, laugh and set your e-readers on fire! Whether they’ve stumbled into love, fallen for their worst enemy, corralled their bestie, or are fighting to rekindle a lost love…Tag along and find out what happens “
After I Do“!



Bree Weeks writes steamy short reads that may just make you blush.

She believes in love at first sight, the power of a good story, and that college football is the greatest thing ever.





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Stolen Kiss by V.T. Do

TITLE – Stolen Kiss
GENRE- Contemporary Romance
 RELEASE DATE – March 15th, 2022


“She sealed her fate the night she stole a kiss from me. She will be mine.”


Once upon a time, a ballerina stole a kiss from a stranger on the rooftop of a London bar.

Emilia Adler is the girl I can’t get out of my mind.

The girl I can’t have.

She doesn’t belong to me. She can’t.

But I have something that belongs to her. To me. To us.

And this time, I’m not letting her go.


Once upon a time, a ballerina fell for a Wall Street God.

But I can’t have him.

One look at him, and I knew.

I knew he would be the kind of man to ruin me so good, there’d be nothing left of me when he was done.

So I took nothing but a stolen kiss.

A stolen kiss that I haven’t stopped thinking about, no matter how many years have passed between us.

In my fantasy, he is safe.

It’s the reality of Jensen Pierce that I can’t handle.

But he has something of mine. Of his.

And he’s asking me to take a chance on him.

What am I supposed to do with a man like that?



Author Bio

V.T. Do grew up in beautiful Colorado with words on her mind and dreams in her eyes. Writing has always been the best way for her to express herself, and she has been doing that for as long as she can remember. When she’s not writing, you can find her talking to herself, daydreaming, hunting magical creatures, and reading. She is the author of The Young and the Sinner, book 1 of the Entangled Past Series, Dirty Professor, book 1 of the Dirty series, and The Mess You Left Behind, an enemies-to-lovers romance, now available on Amazon’s Kindle.

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Becca Seymour’s NO MORE SECRETS

Book: No More Secrets
Release Date: March 16th, 2022
Series: Zone Defense #2
Genre: MM Romance
Cover Designer: Booksmith Design
Some things you can’t just blurt out… right?

When you’ve shared a kiss with your best friend and it blows your mind—and other parts of your body—it’s inevitable that everything changes.

That’s the way it now is with me and Jayden Moore, my best friend who thought he could rock my world with no consequences, all while throwing me his signature grin.

But this is Jayden we’re talking about. He gets himself into unexpected trouble no matter what, and when visiting Australia, I’m compelled to make sure he doesn’t get eaten by a croc or try to steal a kangaroo. Like the glutton for punishment I am, I follow him.

And that’s all great until my desperation and big mouth send our worlds spiraling. Apparently, we’re now officially a couple. And because of course it goes one step further, I’ve now got my very own fake fiancé.

Being in the media is one thing, but being inspiration for others creates a whole new set of guilt and problems. But we’ll tackle it together and find our way back to how things were.

And if that’s not possible, just maybe Jayden and I can find ourselves with a brand-new label. One that’s real, and one I don’t run from. That’s the thing with Jayden: he has a way to extract my secrets. Whether he’s prepared for them or not.
Swoon-worthy low-angst contemporary MM romance
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A Blessed Darkness by Elexis Bell 

A Blessed Darkness
Elexis Bell
Publication date: February 22nd 2022
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

A dark connection. A deadly responsibility.

Sparks fly when Elairie, a mixed-blood elf living on the edge of society and serving as a night guard, meets her latest prisoner. Strange auras surround them, and a magical gravity draws her to him, despite what her associates might say about his race. But the connection they share comes with a dark side.

When Beluroan learns that he and his guard are Blessed Ones, hand-crafted by the Gods to stop a madman from recreating the Blood Magic of old, his veins run cold. Threatened with a return to the magical slavery such magic commands, fear grips him, and memories of his childhood Master fill his mind.

But together, their potential power frightens even the Gods. Can they overcome the prejudices marring their land and master their new magic in time to stop the man trying to enslave their country? Or will they succumb to their own power?

Filled with grit and magic, this literary romantic fantasy will take you on a ride.

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The vision whisks us away from the cottage, and our spirits fly to a tiny camp deep in the forest. We stand with hands joined, staring at four Elves gathered around a campfire.

Fortune magic whispers through my mind, telling me these are the Elves who took my mother. My blood boils, and I grit my teeth.

One of them, a young woman with a shaved head, has the faraway look of someone in the grip of a vision. The others wait, staring into the flames.

When her eyes focus on the world before her, she hisses, “Fetch her.”

A form beside her separates from the shadows. A malicious smile spreads over his features, but darkness hides sunken eyes. He disappears into a tent only to return, dragging my mother along behind him.

My heart twists in my chest.

Dirty ropes bind her hands. A gash on the side of her face sucks in the light, and dried blood coats her skin.

“Mother!” I scream, voice breaking.

But she doesn’t hear me.

The woman with the shaved head steps closer to her. “What do you know and who did you tell?”

“All I know is that Gourmaht wants to renew the Blood Magic, and he’s somewhere in the Cargam Mountains. That’s it.”

The bald woman looms over my mother, leaning close. “Who did you tell?”

“No one.”

The woman steps back and motions to the shadowy man. His hand flies out, slamming into my mother’s face.

She stumbles backward, nearly toppling into the flames, and I gasp. Cold horror sweeps through me.

But my mother doesn’t make a sound.

She squares her shoulders, lifts her chin. A single tear trickles over her cheek, and blood flows from the gash on her face, now weeping once more, cascading to her tattered shirt.

The bald woman shouts, “Who did you tell?”

Mother’s words come out a whisper, “No one. I told no one. I couldn’t bear to speak of it.”

Finally, this satisfies them. The bald woman enters another vision. But fortune magic tells me it isn’t by choice. Waergou triggered it. The same man who traced Mother’s location.

When she snaps out of it, she says, “Gourmaht believes that she told no one. She has no one, after all, so who would she tell? Such a pitiful, lonely existence.”

Turning to the remaining two figures, she says, “Make it look like an animal attack. Provoke one if you can.”

Then, she vanishes into the tent behind her.

The shadow man shoves Mother to the ground, and my mouth falls open. Beluroan’s grip on my hand tightens.

Don’t let them do this.

The remaining Elves, two faceless figures, drag her to the edge of the firelight. Shadow wraps around them, hiding their faces.

I reach for a stick, anything to use as a weapon, but my hand passes through. Only my spirit stands here.

The Elves pull knives from within their cloaks and slash my mother’s arms, her stomach, her legs. A terrible scream erupts from me, but they hear nothing.

Mother bites her lip, silent and still. Blood trickles from her mouth where teeth pierce flesh.

I tug at Beluroan’s arm, desperate to go to her, to save her, but he pulls me into his arms.

“Elairie, we can’t do anything,” he gasps, voice cracking as he tucks my head against his chest.

They drag her past us, leaving a trail of blood glistening on leaves and broken twigs.

Author Bio:

I’m a nerd with a lot of hobbies and enough sarcasm and swear words to make a sailor blush, though, you’ll never hear a word of it if I’m not comfortable around you. I’ve been an introvert since birth. When I’m writing, though, words come easily.

At the end of the day, I just want to write stories that make people feel something.

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The Devil Tainted Us by Shanjida Nusrath Ali

Title: The Devil Tainted Us
Author: Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Genre: Gothic Age Gap Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2022


Mery Heights has been known for its myth of being cursed by God because of the uncountable sins the island carried. But sin is like a shadow inked with the darkness in Magdalene asylum.

When an innocent soul like Agatha is brought to this living hell, she is pushed into the fire of torture, guilt and shame. But she is determined to find her door to freedom and the key was one of the priests of the Magdalene who is no less than a sinner.

The longer Agatha is held captive the more she is drowning into the darkness of the island. But even in the depths she feels an undeniable connection and attraction to Eryx, who can’t resist the beautiful and alluring angel.

But soon secrets are revealed, pasts dig their way out of the graves, endangering their lives. A journey of betrayal, guilt, love and passion with an angel and a sinner fighting for what they yearn before they are tainted by the devil.

Warning: The book contains intense sex scenes, drug abuse, physical abuse, suicidal scenes, sexual abuse, violence, religious references and explicit language. Readers discretion is advised.



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I open my mouth to scream for help but that chance is taken away by those same pair of hands as it clasps over my lips. I thrash against his hold when suddenly another man comes in and holds my legs, helping my captor.
The man in front of me wears a black coverall with his face being hidden by the white vendetta mask. We reach the dock side, where a boat behind the ship catches my sight. Another man in the same attire is already waiting as the men throw me to him. He catches me and I take that chance to scream at the top of my lungs for help. It is ear-piercing even to me and I almost plan to jump out of the boat to swim away.
“Help! Help me! Someone!” I scream.
The boat trembles when the one who held my arms jumps on it and grasps my jaw. Pulling out a huge, shiny knife he points the tip right at my throat.
My body turns still like a statue with fear clawing my nerves. His face is also hidden with the mask but yet I can feel his warmth close to my face.
“Done with screaming?” his muffled, gruff voice asks.
I remain silent.
He tilts his head sideways, digging the knife a bit more against my racing pulse. “One more word from that pretty little mouth and I’ll stab the blade right through your throat.”
The coldness and emptiness in his voice sent chills down my spine. It feels like it doesn’t matter if I live or die before wherever he is taking me. He let go of my jaw before presenting his hand to the other man who passed him an injection.
The tears I have been holding back, leak from my eyes as the memories of being injected several times flash in front of me.
“Shedding tears won’t save you, little girl,” he mutters, bringing the needle close to my arms. My body starts to shiver from the cold and fear. Adrenaline rushing through my spine like never before.
He leans closer when I feel the light prickle of the needle against my skin as he presses the syringe. “The least you fight, the easier it will be for you. Trust me.”
Trust him? Trust a man who is holding my life like a loose thread?
Never. And yet, something about those last two words of his holds a promise.
A promise that I’m unaware of and still wanted to believe deep down. Soon that same feeling of my numbing nerves return. My eyes start to become drowsy and I know I’m going to hit my head on the boat’s plank as I will fall sideways, but I no longer have control over my body.


Shanjida Nusrath Ali is a 20 year old English major student by day and an aspiring independent author by night. Known for her mafia romance book, Cross My Heart, she loves to write about characters going through a dark and heartbreaking path to love with consequences at every turn and coming out stronger in time.


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Hard Limit by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera

Title: Hard Limit
Series: St. Louis Mavericks #2
Authors: Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera
Genre: Hockey Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2022


St. Louis Mavericks star defender Lars Jansson is dead set against relationships. A new love makes him wonder if maybe he can change, but first, he must confront the truth about who he is.


On the ice, I’m unstoppable. If anyone is in my way, it’s simple—I move them. Hockey is my life, and I don’t have the patience for relationships spanning more than one night. But when I meet a woman so bold and intriguing I can’t help wanting more, I’m blindsided by the revelation that no matter what I do, I may never be enough for her.


One night. That’s all it was supposed to be. But Lars Jansson is larger than life in every way—how could one night be enough? It’s risky for me to see him again, and to let myself fall for the stoic hockey player who is charming in his own way. He thinks it’s his truth that could undo us, but he couldn’t be more wrong about that—it’s mine.




Mavericks group text
Wes: Boys, this is your captain speaking. I want every member of the team to join me in congratulating Nash and Lars, who are selling their bodies to raise money for charity. Nash brought in 7k for a night with a cougar, and Lars brought in 10k from a supermodel. Enjoy those dates, guys – and update all of us here.
Boone: I hated to miss that auction but I had to. How much of a cougar are we talking? Is Nash’s date at a nursing home?
Nash: No dude, maybe like 50 and she’s hot.
Beau: Dude, cringe. My mom is 50.
Nash: Is she hot? Can I get her number?
Beau: FU
Drew: Lars is going out with an actual supermodel?
Wes: Yep, Sheridan Lee …
Ross: Holy shit! She paid 10 large to go out with Lars??
Lars: What is a supermodel?
Nash: It’s a generous person who spends an evening with a total dipshit to benefit charity.
Lars: I just Googled her. She’s more famous than me.
Ross: Dude, she’s way way more famous than you. More famous than any of us. She has a clothing line or something and she makes the lists of wealthiest women in the world.
Lars: She could have paid more than $10,000 then.
Nash: You’re lucky she paid anything at all for you. Put some duct tape over your mouth and the date will go great.
Lars: You’re just jealous.
Nash: Nah, cuz I know you’ll blow it. You’ll make some stupid comment and then wonder why she doesn’t like you.
Wes: Check in here after the dates, both of you. Let’s see who ends up with a second date.
Lars: Okay.
Nash: Deal.

Nash was right. I didn’t have the best track record with relationships. But I didn’t care, because I wasn’t looking for one.
Eat. Sleep. Hockey. Occasionally get laid. That was all I needed.
I’d dated a woman who occasionally spent the night after we slept together when I was in the minors, and she always complained when my alarm went off at 5:30 for my workout. She’d wanted to stay in my apartment while I worked out, but there was no way I was going for that. She’d bitched the entire way out the door the last time we’d been together, and I’d decided then and there—no more women staying the night. My 5:30 workouts were non-negotiable.
It wasn’t just that, though. I’d seen what my friends and teammates had to go through with their wives and girlfriends. If they asked where they wanted to go for dinner, it was always, “Oh, I don’t know,” but if the guy suggested something, it was, “No, I hate that place”.
My teammate Drew got stuck watching stupid shit like Big Brother and Real Housewives, because that was what his wife Nina wanted to watch. He spent forever in the grocery store trying to find the exact brands of ingredients she put on the grocery list, and he went to Fashion Week and Broadway shows just to make her happy.
Fuck that. If I went to New York City, I’d be watching baseball and hockey games. My teammates in relationships just didn’t seem to get it—you could have all the sex you wanted without the bullshit.




Brenda Rothert is an Illinois native who was a print journalist for nine years. She made the jump from fact to fiction in 2013 and never looked back. From new adult to steamy contemporary romance, Brenda creates fresh characters in every story she tells. She’s a lover of Diet Coke, lazy weekends and happily ever afters.


USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Kat Mizera is a South Florida native. Born in Miami Beach with a healthy dose of wanderlust, she’s called Los Angeles, Long Island, upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Atlanta home. She’s never been able to pick which locale is her favorite, but if pressed, she’d probably choose the west coast.

A typical PTA mom with a wonderful and supportive husband (Kevin) and two amazing boys (Nick and Max), Kat can usually be found scrapbooking or indulging in her second love (after writing) – traveling. Greece is one of her favorite places in the world. She loves that Athens is a big city with a small-town feel. The food, beaches and culture keep her going back as often as possible.

Kat’s been a working freelance writer for nearly thirty years. She sold her first article–a review of a rock concert–for $10 in 1985. Since then she’s been an entertainment journalist, waitress, bartender, legal assistant, food critic, magazine editor, substitute teacher, and sports writer. She also spent some time working at A & M Records in Los Angeles.

As you can guess from her Las Vegas Sidewinders and Alaska Blizzard series, Kat loves hockey and occasionally writes articles about her favorite team, the Florida Panthers. The rest of the time, she writes novels: sexy, romantic fiction that she hopes makes you as happy as it makes her. There’s something enticing about hockey players and romance…

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Of Blood & Water by Ellouise Liston

Title: Of Blood & Water
Series: Siren War Trilogy #1
Author: Ellouise Liston
Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance
Release Date: February 15, 2022
Cover Design: Franziska Stern at Cover Dungeon

The Prisoner
Braelyn was a princess who was sheltered in the undersea kingdom of Kymora, dreaming and training for a day that she would finally face the monsters who killed her mother, the humans. Humans have been at war for years after Braelyn’s mother fell in love with a human who then left the kingdom and the safety which eventually led to her death. Now Braelyn wants to even the score, but what would happen if they get her before she gets them?

The soldier
Bex has spent his life with the king, serving him and doing questionable things but no one knew the truth. He has spent his life hating the king, dreaming of a way that would finally end this war and the king’s tyranny. Now, the answer has been captured and held in the castle in the form of a siren princess named Braelyn. Working together they must find a way to survive, get out and destroy the king no matter what starts to form between them.

A lost princess
Luna was always the quiet sister, whereas Braelyn was the strong and outspoken sister. It was never expected that Luna would run for the human lands to rescue her sister Brealyn, but there was a lot that was unexpected. Luna didn’t expect to enlist the help of a band of rebel humans all facing against the king like her and she certainly didn’t expect to fall for one. But she must do what she needs to do, even if that means saying goodbye.

Can they survive this war or will it destroy them?

Ellouise Liston is a self-published author of debut romance novel Hooking Up with Mr Wrong. She writes romances of all kinds, from contemporary to fantasy. Don’t worry, every book she writes has a romance in it!

But she wasn’t always a writer, she was a movie buff and avid book reader. After being raised on movies like Breakfast Club and Friday the 13th and loving books like Harry Potter, it only made sense for her to write her own stories.

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, Ellouise lives out her days writing, reading, making videos on Youtube about her author journey and teaching young minds as a High School Teacher. When she is not wearing her many hats, you can find her enjoying a movie night with her fiance or playing with her dog, Shep.

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Uncovered by Noja Lina

Word Count: 32,008 Book Length: SHORT NOVEL Pages: 123



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Book Description

People keep themselves covered in many ways. But, sometimes, it’s not possible—and someone’s looking. Jake postpones buying curtains for his new apartment. At one point, he notices that a man from the building across keeps watching him every morning. Jake then confronts the guy, whom he considers a stalker. Thomas is not actually a stalker and is put off by Jake’s aggressive tendencies. Even so, they continue interacting and a bond starts forming. Jake develops romantic interest in Thomas but refuses to admit it and struggles with getting them to be closer. Along the way, he discovers that Thomas hates aggression because he had dealt with domestic violence in his past. They both need to overcome their respective fears and change. Will they succeed—or fail and fall apart? Reader advisory: This book contains discussion of stalking, mention of suicide, descriptions of physical, emotional and metal abuse, and discussion of a main character’s history of abuse.


Jake liked the new place he had rented at the start of his first year in the master’s program. It was a small, one-room apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom on the fourth floor of an old building on the eastern side of Thornburg. The neighborhood was packed with tall buildings, narrow streets and large supermarkets, but Jake was among the lucky residents whose view included a yard with a couple of trees among all the other concrete structures. His new place was only five bus stops away from Thornburg’s center, where Jake would get off and walk an extra ten minutes to get to his college. Buses ran frequently in his new neighborhood and, even when Thornburg experienced the levels of traffic it was renowned for, it still wouldn’t take more than twenty minutes for Jake to get to the city center. Thornburg was also famous for its high rent and housing prices, but Jake had managed to score a living space with a lower-than-average rent for the type of place it was. So, with his current budget and needs, the newly rented lodging was ideal for him. Since he had lived in the student dorms up until that point, he didn’t have many things. Cleaning supplies and utensils, dishes, some appliances and other such things had been shared with his previous roommates in the dorm. As such, they were currently missing from his apartment. He really needed to go shopping. Jake also didn’t have curtains, so he needed to add those to his shopping list, too. But, since buying all the stuff at once would leave him starving until his next paycheck and there wasn’t really any certainty when that would be, he prioritized buying only the things he really needed and only when he really needed them. And so, one month after his university year had started, Jake still did not have curtains. The building opposite from his was fifty meters away, separated by the yard where people walked their dogs and kids played hide and go seek. That building was positioned in such a way that Jake could easily see inside the homes on the third, fourth and fifth floors. Of course, the reverse was also true, and someone from the opposite building could see inside Jake’s apartment, especially with him not having any drapes or curtains. This didn’t bother Jake, and he changed clothes in his room with complete disregard to the fact that someone might see him during this daily activity. Whenever the thought entered his mind, he immediately dismissed it, thinking that most people had better things to do than watch a random guy changing and doing stuff inside his own place. That was, until one morning when he was proven wrong. Jake had just taken off the T-shirt he had slept in and gone over to the windowsill to get the camera he had left there. Looking out through the window, he saw a guy around his age, sitting on the threshold of his balcony on the fourth floor of the opposite building, smoking a cigarette and looking directly at Jake as he was doing so. Jake challenged the other guy with his gaze, but the latter seemed completely unaffected as he continued to look at Jake, barely even blinking. If the other guy had shown some kind of aggravating reaction—or even any reaction at all—Jake was ready to shout, show the middle finger or do something else that would aggravate the other guy in return. But, as there was no reaction, Jake had nothing concrete to go on. For all he knew, the man could just be staring into space and it only seemed like he was looking at Jake. So, Jake stepped away from the window to finish his business, forgetting the incident had ever happened by the time he reached the bus stop. The next morning, he remembered it and, out of curiosity, looked toward the opposite building to see if the guy who had been potentially staring at him was still doing it. He was. Again, he was sitting on the threshold, smoking a cigarette and looking straight at Jake. Again, Jake itched to do something to make him back off, but he was running late, so he postponed doing anything about the matter. On the third morning, the guy wasn’t there, and Jake thought he may have jumped to conclusions too soon. So, he made a mental note to better control his aggressive reactions until he was sure he had good reasons for having them. The fourth morning came, and Jake saw the other guy again, staring at him with a blank expression. Jake forgot about the mental note he had made, went out on his balcony shirtless, crossed his arms and glared at the guy. He was confident in his ability to be intimidating and to keep it up until either the other person lost their nerve or until Jake lost his cool. However, the guy proved to be a considerable opponent, as he never once turned his gaze away or changed his expression. Three minutes passed like that, and the annoyance building up within Jake was going to soon make him drop the glaring for something more impactful. But, then, the other guy showed a faint smile, looked at his wristwatch, put out his finished cigarette, stood up and waved to Jake before entering his apartment. That motherfucker!

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About the Author

Noja Lina

New writer on the romance block, Noja Lina likes writing uplifting contemporary romance stories. These stories are centered around engaging male characters, usually dealing with personal struggles alongside love struggles. Noja lives in Romania, specifically Transylvania. When she’s not working at her full-time job or working on one of her stories, she enjoys her one-sided love relationship with various forms of Asian media, enjoys adding another cooking fail to the collection and hanging out with friends over a cold beer. Find Noja on her website, on Facebook and on Twitter.


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