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Six Word Stories


Stories, Poems, Memoirs, and Jokes, told in only six words

Short Stories, Poetry

Date Published: February 16, 2022

Publisher: Hebe Publications

Six Word Stories is the latest collection of stories told in only six words. Following on the success of Six Word Wonder and Six Word Stories, hundreds of new stories, poems, memoirs, and jokes are shared here for your amusement.

The collection brings together the best micro fiction from all over the world.

The book also contains a condensed version of the Six Word Wonder Workbook – offering fun, practical steps to writing your own six word wonders.

Six Word Stories is a sparkling collection of stories, jokes, memoirs, and poems, all written in only six words. Find horror, romance, thriller, hilarity, and tragedy all bundled up in a few tiny words.This collection of micro-fiction gives readers a chance to get an instant dose of story. Six Word Stories by Doug Weller includes the winner of the Six Word Wonder Contest, with over 3000 stories were entered. As well as publication, the winner receives a $100 prize as the Six Word Wonder 2020.This is the follow-up books Six Word Wonder and Six Word Story by Doug Weller. Hundreds of six word stories to surprise, entertain, and amuse.

Here are a few six word stories to spark your interest:

Undertaker paused when he heard tapping

Today, I remembered I had dementia.

Slowly completed father’s bucket list.

Dear diary, he’s outside the door. . .

These stories and many more are played out over nine movements in Six Word Stories.

About the Author

Doug Weller is a writer of psychological thrillers and creator of the Six Word Wonder. His mission is to entertain, educate, and amuse.His new book, Six Word Story, bring stories, jokes and poetry together. Each written in only six words.Six Word Wonder is a social media sensation, with over 10,000 followers on Instagram @sixwordwonder. You can find Doug at

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Doctor D’s Orderly Affair

 Title: Doctor D’s Orderly Affair
Series: Doctors of Eastport General
Author: C. A. King 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Doctors of Eastport General is a brand-new Contemporary Romance series. Get ready for all the naughty nurses, dirty doctors, and patient shenanigans that take place in Eastport General.

Every hospital had at least one—a Dr. D—or the equivalent thereof. The thread which strung them into the same category was their absolute flawlessness. Gender varied from place to place, but at Eastport General the physician in question was a man:

Dr. Desmond Danielson had all the tools necessary for an evening of pure pleasure…

The suave demeanour.

The pearly white smile.

The full head of hair, nary a strand out of place. Not even a tornado could best his style.

He played sports.

He saved lives.

He won trophies and awards.

He was well-read, well-established, and in any clothes other than a medical coat with a stethoscope draped around his neck instead of a scarf, he would have appeared too young for the job. No one even truly knew his age. No one cared.

Everyone loved him. And, of course, he was hotter than the tropics on a blustery afternoon during the peak of summer.

There was only one problem: all that perfection only lasted for one night.


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USA Today Bestselling & Award Winning Author, C.A. King, was born and raised in Halton County. She currently resides in Ontario, Canada with her two sons.

After the loss of her loving parents and husband, Ms. King was devastated. She decided to retire from the workforce for a year or two to do some soul searching. It was during this time that writing became her passion. She found she was able to redirect her emotions through her writing and decided to publish some of her works.

Awards include:

USA Today Bestselling Author 2020

Hamilton Spectator Readers’ Choice Award in the Best Local Author category 2017 & 2018 & 2019

Brant News Readers’ Choice Award: Best Local Author 2017

Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards: Best Novella/Short Story 2017 Silver medal

2017 SIBA Awards – Best Novella

2017 SIBA Awards – Best New Adult

2018 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards: Gold Medal in the Fiction – Supernatural genre

2018 Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards: Bronze Medal in the Fiction – New Adult genre

2019 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Fiction – Supernatural genre

2019 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Young Adult – Fantasy – Urban genre

City of Brantford Featured Artist February 2020

Burlington Post Readers’ Choice Award in the Best Local Author Category 2020

Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Award in the Best Local Author Category 2020

Carol Ann King is proud to have her name join the list of Canadian born authors. She hopes her writing will help inspire another generation of Canadians to continue adding to the literary heritage and rich culture Canada already has to offer.

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Savage Gods by Amanda Richardson

Title: Savage Gods
Series: Savage Hearts #2
Author: Amanda Richardson
Genre: Reverse Harem Bully Romance
Cover Design: Moonstruck Cover Design
& Photography
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Release Date: March 15, 2022


I would forever be grateful that Silas Huxley, Damon Brooks, and Jude Vanderbilt saved me from my own broken darkness.

They were there to catch me–as friends, and now as roommates and lovers. Three enigmatic, brutal gods who would do anything for me–even kill.

Because someone connected to Silas is planning our demise–someone with a past that doesn’t want to be found.

Despite this, I know the guys will keep me safe. After all, I belong to them now.

I’m confident the four of us can withstand anything.

Until Jude disappears.

And I’ll rot in hell before I let anyone hurt him.

Welcome to the dark side of Savage Ink, motherf*ckers.

Savage Gods (Savage Hearts Book Two) is a spinoff of the Ruthless Royals duet, which does not have to be read first. It is a full-length enemies-to-lovers/bully reverse harem romance, and while it doesn’t end with a true cliffhanger, there will be unanswered questions. It is advised to read the series in order.




My eyes scan the wall of crosses–the wall everyone sees first thing when they walk into this house. “Why doesn’t Silas take those down?” I ask, crossing my arms.
Jude walks over to the wall and takes one of them off, holding it in his hand. The edges are smooth and long, though the other crosses are all different shapes and sizes. He holds the cross out to me.
“He hasn’t changed a single thing since we moved in two years ago. I think he’s scared of disturbing the spirits,” Jude finishes, chuckling. “Here. Maybe if we take one down at a time, he won’t notice.”
I shake my head. “I don’t want it.”
He tilts his head slightly and walks over to me, pinning me against the wall as he brushes the long end of the cross down my chest slowly.
“Don’t you?”
My chest rises and falls as the smooth edge runs lower, sending shivers down my spine as it teases the sensitive skin between my ribs, and then my belly button, before snagging in the waistband of my pants. He maneuvers it lower, underneath my pants, and I inhale sharply.
“Jude,” I warn, my breathing rapid now as I crane my neck over his shoulder. I don’t see Silas or Damon.
He doesn’t answer my plea. Instead, he works the button of my pants and unzips them, pulling them low enough to give him access.
“This won’t do,” he murmurs, scooping me up and carrying me to the foyer table. Brushing everything onto the ground, I gasp as he sets me down and pulls my pants off completely. Clicking his tongue, he takes a step back. “Red panties today.”
I swallow my words. My skin is on fire, and I eye the way his hands smoothly grip the cross. He can’t. He wouldn’t–
“Spread your legs, Lennon.”
A thrill shoots through me, electrifying me and sending a gush of wetness to the space between my legs. My clit throbs as I scoot back and place my hands behind me, leaning back slightly. My nipples are taught against my t-shirt, and the fabric brushes against them as I wait for Jude to do whatever depraved thing he’s going to do, whether or not I like it. I spread my legs, and he groans so low I think I feel him more than hear him.
“That’s right, princess,” he growls. Moving closer, he takes the cross and runs it up the inside of my left calf.
So torturously slowly.
“Do you want me to stop?” he asks, moving it higher. It’s cold, but I’m hot, so it feels amazing against my flushed skin. My whole body convulses as the cool metal hits the inside of my thigh. Goosebumps erupt along my skin.
“No,” I whisper, my voice pleading. I look down, analyzing the black cross. The long part is round, smooth, and thick–shaped like a pipe, except it tapers off slightly at the bottom. It’s made of some kind of metal, so I know it’ll be cold. My eyes flick back up to his fiery irises, and I spread my legs wider in answer.
Jude runs the cross higher, pulling my panties down my legs and discarding them to the side. I hiss as he uses the cross to do slow circles in the area between my thigh and pussy, taunting me.
I move my hands forward and clutch the edge of the table tightly as he spreads my lips with the edge of the cross, playing with them until I drop my head back. Bucking my hips, I wait for him to insert the giant rod.
“What shall I do with this cross?” Jude asks, antagonizing me.



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Releasing May 10



Amanda Richardson writes from her chaotic dining room table in Yorkshire, England, often distracted by her husband and two adorable sons. When she’s not writing contemporary and dark, twisted romance, she enjoys coffee (a little too much) and collecting house plants like they’re going out of style.


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Tales From the Deck – The Magician

The Magician

Tales From the Deck Book 1

by Shiloh Faustine Terrance

Genre: Epic Fantasy, Paranormal

A Tarot card reading propels a disheartened musician, Michael, into a vortex of arcane magic, esoterism and prophecies. Perplexed but intrigued by the mysterious Shiloh’s predictions, Michael abandons all reservations and follows Shiloh into the realms of her mysterious world. As Michael learns to embrace the powerful energies of the Magician, he plunges into the depths of his own mystery to become the architect of his destiny.

Goodreads * Amazon

Shiloh Faustine Terrance grew up in a small town in the heart of the French Alps. It was there that she developed a lasting fascination for the Hermetic teachings and the ancient wisdom of the Tarot and the Kabbalah, an interest she has pursued to the present day. The Magician is the first novel from her Tales From The Deck series.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Goodreads

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Sinners Reign by R.E. Bond

Title: Sinners Reign
Series: Watch Me Burn
Author: R.E. Bond
Genre: Dark Romance, Reverse Harem, MM Scenes
Release Date: March 10, 2022
Cover Design: TalkNerdy2Me

The wars have ended, and we are finally at peace.
I never thought I’d be glad to not have to shoot at someone.
I guess I’m not that crazy after all.

The Psychos and Devils have expanded business, and things are running smoothly.
Between the crews and my guys, I have the family I’d always wished for.
Nothing can shake us, we reign over this town.

We are both feared and respected, nothing will stop us.
Other crews have become allies, and the cops turn a blind eye.
We built our own kingdom.

My guys don’t understand why I’m so out of control, but they’re trying hard to help me.
I guess after years of being let down by my father, I’m scarred for life.
But then it happens, I didn’t want this, and I’ve never been more terrified.

I didn’t want things to change, but fate has a way of surprising us.
I can’t cope with the curve balls being thrown my way.
I never expected this, and I’m slowly suffocating.

My name’s Rory Donovan, and I’m about to face my biggest fear of all.
I’m going to be a mom.

R.E. Bond is a dark romance author from Tasmania, Australia. She is obsessed with reverse harem books, especially if they have m/m! She collects paperbacks as a hobby, has read or written every day since she started high school, and constantly needs music in her daily life. She loves camping and rodeos in the summer, and not getting out of bed in the winter. Coffee and books are life, and curse words are just sentence enhancers.

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Persuasion by T.K. Leigh

Title: Persuasion
Series: Temptation #2
Author: T.K. Leigh
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 7, 2022


I came to Hawaii to get answers about my sister’s death.

But that all changes when I meet her.

Beautiful. Charming. Haunted.

And the last thing I need in my life.

But that doesn’t mean I can stay away from her, a powerful force pulling me toward her when all rationale tells me to keep my distance.

So we make an agreement.

One week. No names. No falling in love.

It’s the perfect plan.

Until a shocking revelation shakes my foundation to its core, leaving me to question everything I thought I knew about her.

I knew this temptation was a disaster waiting to happen.
I didn’t realize it would be so devastating.




“And how about my beautiful wife?” Nick turned to me, expression shifting.

Less loving. More…dangerous.

“Would you like to see what I brought back for you?” His lips curved up in the corner, eyes flaming with something sinister and dark. But it was gone in a heartbeat, making me question my sanity, as always seemed to be the case.

I nodded subtly.

He stepped toward me, gripping my hip in a possessive hold. I sucked in a shaky breath at the contact. He leaned closer, eyes darkening.

“How do you ask?”

My pulse kicked up. Most other couples would think this a fun game. A play on dominant versus submissive. But nothing about the way Nick held me felt playful. It felt…threatening.

“Please, Nick,” I said, partly begging for him to let me go. Partly begging for whatever it was he brought me, even though a voice in my head told me I shouldn’t want anything to do with it.

Pushing down the trepidation swimming in my stomach, I swallowed hard, brightening my expression as I forced out a charming smile.

“Can I please see what you’ve brought me? You always spoil us.”

He crushed his lips to mine. I moaned, playing the part of his affectionate, loving wife, even though everything about this felt…wrong.

But I had no proof. He’d never hit me. Never hurt me. In fact, he did everything to give me my dreams at the expense of his own.

“Because you’re my Hera,” he murmured against my lips. “My goddess. My queen. My immortal beloved.” He trailed kisses along my jawline before pressing his mouth back to mine.

When he finally pulled away, much to my relief, he kept his eyes trained on mine. Reaching into the inside pocket of his tweed jacket, he removed a long, gold chain, a tulip dangling from the end, the bulb a pear-shaped opal. The gold appeared tarnished and worn. This definitely wasn’t something he’d found at the corner jewelry store.

“When I saw this, I knew there was only one neck on this planet it would look good on.” He stepped behind me, brushing my long, blonde waves off my shoulders.

I remained frozen as he secured the piece. It was delicate, weighing mere ounces. But it felt so heavy around my neck, suffocating and cutting off my air.

I had no reason to think this was anything but a generous gift from a doting husband.

But, somehow, I knew there was more to it.

That he simply didn’t walk into an antique store and purchase this.

That there was something incredibly malevolent about how he came to be the owner of this necklace.

I wanted it off me. Wanted nothing to do with it.

But I didn’t have a choice.

With Nick, I never had a choice.




Releasing April 25


Releasing June 6



T.K. Leigh is the USA Today Bestselling author of romance ranging from fun and flirty to sexy and suspenseful. Originally from New England, she now resides outside of Raleigh with her husband, beautiful daughter, special needs rescue dog, and three cats. When she’s not writing, she can be found training for her next marathon (of which she has run over twenty fulls and far too many halfs to recall) or chasing her daughter around the house.


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Ranger Danger by L.A. Wayward

Title: Ranger Danger
Author: L.A. Wayward
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: February 11, 2022


You’re mine now

His raw words bring me to my knees
Making me beg for the freedom I crave
He found me alone in the woods
Brought me to his self-imposed prison to wait out the storm, locking us together in a forbidden embrace

To play with
To own
To mark as his

Releasing me from my dirty cage
He wants everything
All my firsts, staking claims for any man who dares to question him
His past still haunts his dreams, and I’m just the girl to release his demons

Can this Alpha, this lone older wolf, turn out to be my salvation?
The one to get my dark, twisted thoughts?
Yes, he takes what he wants, but will he ask me to stay once he finds out the reason why I’m here?

This Ranger is Danger personified
The only question is:
Will he fight for me, or let me go when the storm ends?


Only 99c!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


“Trust me when I say I’m the wolf in the woods I warned you about,” he grounds out.
“I wasn’t insinuating,” I whisper. “I saw the picture of you in your uniform and thought—”
“You thought I had honor? You thought I wouldn’t take what I want when it’s being offered to me in such a pretty package.” His voice is hard with an edge, while he runs a single finger down my leg.
A shiver goes through me as wetness builds between my thighs. Without thinking, I open my knees a little, his eyes following each movement. What I would give to have his hands trail up and down my legs and slip between the waistline of my pants so he can feel how wet he makes me. How turned on I am knowing he could easily overpower and fuck me.
His eyes slip over my body, and the corner of his mouth twitches. I shudder because it isn’t a kind smile, it’s something entirely different.
I swallow hard when reality hits me. I’m alone in a stranger’s cabin, snowed in for days. Fear and excitement take hold of me, my stomach doing a little backflip.
He can do anything to me.
Anything he wants, and I would let him if he asked.


L.A. Wayward is a lover of dark romance, with an even darker edge of smut and taboo.

She loves her stories with a whole lot of action, romance and lots of steam.

She writes pull at your heartstrings books filled with scorching brooding Alpha men and badass women in search of a HEA.

Because let’s face it—who doesn’t like to spend their time fantasizing about hot guys?


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Galentine’s Getaway

Galentine’s Getaway Series
Genre: Romance Novellas

What happens at the yearly writer’s retreat stays at the retreat…except the bonds these authors forge and the stories they tell. But someone forgot to mention that to the men they find themselves falling for in stunning Lake Tahoe. From the small-town sheriff to the hot, bossy cowboy to the grumpy, reclusive mountain man, these romance authors have stumbled upon real-life trope-tastic heroes that sweep them off their feet. Sometimes literally. Get ready to laugh, cry, and swoon this Valentine’s Day when these six authors bring you on a Galentine’s Getaway you won’t forget.

Galentine’s Getaway is a collection of steamy short romances brought to by six of your favorite instalove authors!


Who meets the world’s hottest sheriff while wiping their rear with poison ivy? Me, that’s who.


I’m Zoey. A romance writer, geeky girl, and hot mess extraordinaire. I’ve never met a situation I couldn’t make more awkward or a man I couldn’t embarrass myself in front of.

Case in point, I was relieving myself in the bushes after a really long trek up the mountain. Only to accuse the hot sheriff who stops to help of spying on me.

But Brock isn’t like everyone else. He looks at me and sees something he likes. Still, this thing between us is too good to be true, right? After all, I write fairytales. I don’t live them.


Zoey isn’t the typical tourist I meet. She’s young, adorkable, and so damn sweet. Definitely too sweet for the dirty things I have in mind when I see that cute derrière.

She’s just passing through which means this can only be a vacation getaway romance. Except that doesn’t sit right with me.

Before she leaves, I plan to show this beautiful novelist that I want to star in the love story of her life. Will she let me be her prince charming this Valentine’s Day?



Free in Kindle Unlimited


It’s a small tavern, they only sell IPA, and there’s a view of the mountains that I can’t get enough of. It was supposed to be the perfect spot to unwind. And I think it would’ve been, if the big, bearded man on the opposite side of the bar would stop staring at me. God, he’s twice my age. Still, he looks pretty sexy holding that guitar, strumming along with the band on stage. I should say hi after this set. No, I should avoid eye contact at all cost. Actually, maybe I’ll give him one flirty grin and see what happens. I’m on vacation after all.

She’s too young for me to be ogling over. I know that right away, but I can’t help myself. She’s got a dramatic look about her that says she has a story to tell and I want to know every syllable of it. That said, I’m sure she won’t even give me the time of day. My buddies tell me all the time I’m about as gruff as they come. I blame that on the work I do. My day to day life results in a less than eloquent conversations. Still, there’s something drawing me toward her and smooth talking or not, I can’t let this one get away.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


A curvy gal plus quarterback steamy instalove short.

All I want to do is spend some time with my girlfriends on our valentines getaway, not go toe-to-toe with the burly, cover model worthy guy who’s staying in the room next door. And when I find out he’s a pro football player, that lands him firmly in the swipe left category.

Winning the championship game should have made me the happiest man alive. Instead, I’m hiding out at a mountain lodge trying to keep a low profile and trading verbal barbs with the curvy gal in the room next door. When we get stuck in a snowstorm together, every part of me wants to give into the temptation to kiss her senseless. She’s gotten under my skin, and after one night, I know I need to make her mine.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


There was really no way for me to know that the helpful woman from the sheriff’s office who gave me a camping permit was sending me to camp on her brother’s land in a misguided attempt at matchmaking. Or that he’d be so annoyed when he found me setting up my tent. The barrel-chested, plaid wearing, bearded giant growls and scowls more than he smiles and talks. Still, the whole grumpy mountain man thing is really working for me and all my lady bits.

I want to think the curvaceous romance author setting up a tent in my backyard is a lunatic. Instead I can’t stop fantasizing about sneaking into that tent to keep her warm. The military left me too scarred–inside and out–to have anything to offer a woman as sweet as Paige. It doesn’t make me not want her though. When the snow comes and she really does need some warmth, I’m ready to give her my body. Come morning I’ll realize she’s already stolen my heart.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


 A dare, a lie and a vacation fling that just might lead to a forever kind of love 

I might be young and idealistic, but I set goals in life. One of which–being a successful romance author–I’m already living. While at a writer’s retreat with my besties, I drink too much Champagne and let my secret slip. I may write about dirty things but have no real life experience. My friend suggests a solution and the smoking hot mountain resort groundskeeper seems like the perfect candidate to help solve my ‘V-card ‘problem.’

I have more money than I know what to do with, and giving it away makes me happy. I’m tired of people judging me by the number of zeroes in my bank account. Being burned one too many times leaves me feeling guarded and private.

I own Big Bear Lodge mountain resort, and when a sweet and way-too-young-for-me guest assumes I work here, I don’t correct her. After one heated night spent in each other’s arms, we both want more. I won’t let any other man have her, but in order to claim her, I have to come clean. She values honesty above all things and we started with a lie. Will she accept me when she finds out who I really am?

Steamy sweet instalove age gap short romance between a secret billionaire philanthropist and a sassy, curvy girl. Safe, no OM/OW drama and a guaranteed Happily Ever After.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Spying on a bossy cowboy lands this hot mess romance author in hot water.

Cassia Murphy
I’m used to getting fan mail from readers.
I am not used to being told off by bossy cowboys.
But that’s exactly what Cord Decker does when he emails me.
According to him, I know nothing about the cowboys I write.
I’ll never admit it to him, but he’s right.
Which is exactly why I suggest his hometown for the annual Galentine’s retreat.
I can’t strangle him in real life.
But no one ever said I can’t make him sweat in my next book.
I just have to keep him from figuring out who I really am…
And keep from falling for him and his gruff ways.
Easy peasy, right?
Ha. I’m in way over my head.

Cord Decker
I don’t know what prompted me to email Cassia Murphy.
But I can’t keep the curvy blonde author out of my head.
I never expected to find her running for her life from one of my bulls.
Didn’t expect to fall hard for her smart mouth either.
She thinks I don’t know who she is.
She’s wrong.
This sassy little romance author is mine.
I plan to teach her everything she needs to know about cowboys…
In bed and out of it.

When this older cowboy rescues a hot mess author from a crazy bull, she learns a whole lot more than she anticipated. If growly cowboys, sassy heroines, and laugh-out-loud comedy make your heart pitter-patter, you’ll love Cord and Cassia’s steamy-sweet story!



Free in Kindle Unlimited

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Conversation Hearts by Kata Čuić

Title: Conversation Hearts
Series: Hectic Holidays #3
Author: Kata Ĉuić
Genre: Holiday Romantic Comedy
Release Date: February 1, 2022


Olivia Holland doesn’t believe in astrology, Tarot, smudging, or aura cleanses. She might change her mind about manifesting. Does it count if she’s fake engaged to the man of her dreams? Even though he’s been her best friend for years, Liv doesn’t know how to communicate on a deeper level with Ollie. When she discovers that their baby making pact is a success, she has two choices. Either crack his secret code or walk away to let him live his best life. Unfortunately, their friends and family keep complicating an already complex task. What Liv needs is a little help from Cupid. She’s going to learn a love language that has no words.

Oliver Cucinelli does not count keeping secrets among his strongest skills. He’s never been good at lying, but he’s painfully familiar with the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it.” He didn’t plan on a fake engagement to the love of his life as a way to win her over, but he’s not going to waste this opportunity to research exactly, specifically, categorically how Liv defines love. Communication is key. Unfortunately for Ollie, communication is also not his strongest skill. To complicate matters, Liv is acting strange. How can he learn the deepest desires of a woman whose personality seems to change every hour? Language is hard, so he’s going to let his heart do all the talking.


99c for a limited time!



I’m not sure if I believe in heaven or hell. I definitely don’t subscribe to my mom’s latest devotion to Tarot readings. She pulled a nine of Pentacles for me yesterday. Whatever the heck a pentacle is. It’s supposed to represent a period of peacefulness and satisfaction after working hard to achieve a lifetime goal. I hate to break it to her, but I feel anything but satisfied in my current life circumstances.
I wish I could be more like my best friend, Oliver, who orders his life around the rules of logic. My New Year’s resolution is to abandon the brash nature of following my heart and listen to my brain instead. It’s not going great so far. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m screwed—not at all literally. If there is a place of eternal damnation for bad behavior, then I’m doomed.
No spiritual being would be this turned on at 7am in the morning while sitting on a barstool at a kitchen island in someone else’s house. Especially not after proposing a vow of celibacy to a man with a voracious sexual appetite.
In my defense, no mortal woman would be unaffected by the sight I’m being treated to at such an ungodly hour of the morning. If I have to be awake, then at least I don’t hate what I’m staring at—a fine, shirtless man moving around in his kitchen like he does every day. The muscles in his back ripple as he reaches for a glass in the cupboard. The flannel pajama pants that are already slung low on his waist sink a little lower when he bends to retrieve a fresh carton of juice from the back of the refrigerator.
He gives me a delicious view of his profile when he turns to pour his drink. I tilt my head to the side, studying the ridges and planes of his sculpted body. That V though. Mmmmmm. Good stuff. My gaze sinks a little lower to where a very defined bulge greets me.
“Good morning! You haven’t taken a ride on me in a while. Interested in smashing the deal you so recently brokered?”
“Yes, sir,” I whisper. Smashing sounds amazing right now.
“Did you say something?” Ollie asks.
My cheeks heat as I snap my gaze to my best friend’s face. “Uh, just talking to my coffee.”
He raises a single eyebrow behind his glasses. God, the man makes glasses look so sexy. “Since when do you talk to your coffee?”
“Since forever.” It’s not a lie. I just usually have my wits about me enough not to do it when anyone else can potentially overhear me.
Ollie takes a seat on the stool beside me. He gazes at my mug of liquid happiness with a furrowed brow. “What do you say to it?”
“Mmm, you feel so good sliding down the back of my throat. I love your warmth, your flavor. I get such a rush every time I drink you that I never waste a single drop.” I lick my lips for emphasis.
Ollie wiggles on his seat. That defined bulge hiding in his flannel pants grows a little more defined. “I had no idea you loved coffee so much.”
“I do,” I confirm, taking another sip.


99c for a limited time!


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Kata Čuić lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and three teens. No one told her life was gonna be this way. She holds a degree in Linguistics with a minor in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh. Her plans of becoming a pediatric neurosurgeon were foiled by OChem 1. Fortunately, she’d been making up stories in her head since the days of her imaginary friend, Choosy. Putting pen to paper, er…fingers to the keyboard…came surprisingly naturally after her aforementioned teens decided it was time for them to cut their respective cords.

Kata writes everything from angst-filled YA series to standalone rom-coms and has been known to dabble in a bit of paranormal on the free stories section of her website. She believes nice guys shouldn’t have to finish last (except in the bedroom where she prefers an alpha between the sheets but a gentleman in the streets), and that the surest way to a woman’s heart is through laughter and food.