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Keys to Paradise by Macy Butler


Keys to Paradise by Macy Butler

Release Date 14th March

A standalone read

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Simon would rather be anywhere but London in winter—anywhere except a wedding, that is. It’s hard to celebrate love when you don’t believe in it.
But it was his best mate, and he was best man. Bonus it was on an exclusive private island in the Florida Keys.
Delaney isn’t sure how she landed the Executive Chef position at Paradise Key in the first place.
Catering the resort’s inaugural wedding was the ultimate test.
And fooling around with the best man is a surefire way to ruin the opportunity of a lifetime.
Meet the Author
Macy is a foul-mouthed tennis addict who loves to write about sassy heroines and the heroes that win their hearts from her home in the Florida Keys. Her passion is taking readers deep into the experience of paradise that she is privileged to live.