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Her Mysterious Cowboy Billionaire by Cynthia Woolf

Her Mysterious Cowboy Billionaire
by Cynthia Woolf is now live!

Reclusive billionaire Jack Saunders has gone into hiding as a Montana rancher to protect his son. The boy is the only witness to his mother's murder but he hasn't spoken since that day.

Gabby Cooper is a kindergarten teacher in Twin Bluffs, Montana. One of her students doesn't speak and refuses to play with the other children. Out of concern for the child, Gabby arranges for a meeting with the boy's father, Jack Saunders.

When Jack and Gabby meet, the air sizzles. Their attraction is instant and all consuming. What will happen when the man who murdered Jack's wife finds them again and goes after Gabby? Can Jack keep her and his son safe?

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Meet Cynthia Woolf

Cynthia Woolf is the award-winning and best-selling author of fifty-six historical western romance books and two short stories with more books on the way. She has also published six sci-fi, space opera romances, which she calls westerns in space. Along with these books she has also published four boxed sets of her books.
Her latest endeavor is writing contemporary western romance novels. She published her first one, Her Secret Cowboy Billionaire on December 21, 2021.
Cynthia loves writing and reading romance. Her first western romance Tame A Wild Heart, was inspired by the story her mother told her of meeting Cynthia's father on a ranch in Creede, Colorado. Although Tame A Wild Heart takes place in Creede that is the only similarity between the stories. Her father was a cowboy, not a bounty hunter, and her mother was a nursemaid (called a nanny now), not the ranch owner. 

Cynthia credits her wonderfully supportive husband Jim and her great critique partners for saving her sanity and allowing her to explore her creativity.

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Malory’s Quest


Historical Fiction

Published: February 28, 2022

Publisher: Austin MacCauley

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March 1471, Rogue Malory is dead. His friends, the Newgate Three, set out to fulfil their promise to him to deliver the finished manuscript of Le Morte D’Arthur to the friars of Winchester. But national events intrude and the three find themselves cast out from England. Advised by their old friend, Sir Anthony Tanner, and his betrothed, Margaret Limpsett, they set out to Bruges in Flanders where they seek advice on how to proceed to protect the manuscript. New characters are introduced, including William Caxton who becomes integral to their lives. Previous friends – and enemies – reappear and play their parts. But not all is well. At the end, there is a shocking discovery. Will the quest be fulfilled?


‘Malory’s Quest’ is an historical novel set in 15th century England at the time of the fractious struggle for the throne. It is the second in the ‘Malory Trilogy’ and continues where ‘Rogue Malory’ ended. Accurately researched, it contains a host of lively fictional characters, as well as major players in the labyrinthine politics of the era. The manuscript, written in Newgate Jail, is entrusted to the care of his three greatest friends, who pledge themselves to fulfil his dying wish that they take it to Winchester Priory. Their journey diverts considerably, carrying them to France and Bruges, where they meet William Caxton, a pioneer of printing who becomes an integral character in this and the final book. The trilogy takes a fictional look at how the manuscript disappeared for fifteen years before it was eventually published by Caxton in 1485. The final part: ‘Malory’s Grail’ is in production and due out next year.

Also from Helen Lewis:

London, 1469. Rogue Malory sets out to show how, ‘comfortably imprisoned’ in Newgate Jail, Sir Thomas Malory works on his magnum opus, Le Morte D’Arthur, with the help of his scribe, Montmorency Pickle, his servant, John Appleby, and his stationer, Jack Worms. The story is an imagined account of the preparation of the famous manuscript, the true revelations of Sir Tom’s disreputable past and the factual events covering the final two years of the ongoing tussle for the crown between the Earl of Warwick and King Edward IV. A combination of real and imaginary events brings to life this arresting period of history.

Reluctantly, Monty and Jack become embroiled in Malory’s political machinations whilst also contending with his dissolute yet magnetic character. Whores, pimps, spies and officials pass in and out of Sir Tom’s cell, where he sits at its centre like a hilarious old spider weaving mischief.


About the Author

Writing under her maiden name, Helen Lewis began writing novels after retiring from a career in education. She has previously published two novels of a trilogy set in Victorian England, but she has always been drawn to the fifteenth century. She has a PhD from Birmingham University; her thesis: Warwick the Kingmaker in Shakespeare’s ‘Henry VI’. Later she wrote a quartet of novels on Warwick’s life – Lodestar – and it was while researching them that she came across the lively character Sir Thomas Malory.


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Fair Catch by Kandi Steiner


I thought being the only girl on a college football team would be my biggest problem… until I find out my brother’s best friend is my new roommate.


Fair Catch by Kandi Steiner is now live!


As if things aren’t already tough enough as the only girl on a college football team, Coach had to go and assign Zeke Collins as my roommate.

A cocky kick returner and my brother’s best friend who should have been ripped of that title years ago, he’s as infuriating as he is undeniably sexy.

I hate him, and for good reason — reason I won’t ever let him forget.

He thinks because we grew up together that it’s his role to protect me, but all he does is get in my way, make me look weak, and piss me off more.

I tell him I can handle myself, and I’m hell-bent on getting that point across to him and the rest of the nation watching the only girl in collegiate football.

The pressure doesn’t get to me. The scrutiny? I’m ready for.

But sharing very thin walls with Zeke Collins? I wasn’t prepared for that.

And the more we’re forced together, the harder it is to distinguish that pencil-thin line between hating him… and wanting him.


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Meet Kandi

Kandi Steiner is an Amazon Top 5 bestselling author and whiskey connoisseur living in Tampa, FL. Best known for writing “emotional rollercoaster” stories, she loves bringing flawed characters to life and writing about real, raw romance — in all its forms. No two Kandi Steiner books are the same, and if you’re a lover of angsty, emotional, and inspirational reads, she’s your gal.

An alumna of the University of Central Florida, Kandi graduated with a double major in Creative Writing and Advertising/PR with a minor in Women’s Studies. She started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.”

She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic, and likes to highlight all the challenges of love as well as the triumphs.

When Kandi isn’t writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, planning her next adventure, or pole dancing (yes, you read that right). She enjoys live music, traveling, playing with her fur babies and soaking up the sweetness of life.

Kandi Steiner may be coming to a city near you! Check out her “events” tab to see all the signings she’s attending in the near future:


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You Didn’t Know Me Then by Lily Baines

Title: You Didn’t Know Me Then
Series: Riviera View #2
Author: Lily Baines
Genre: Small Town Romance
Release Date: March 16, 2022


Chemistry pulls them together. Falling in love might tear them apart.

Hope Hays, a divorced mother of two, has decided it’s finally time to test the waters in the dating world. Her first excruciating attempt at flirting combusts—the failed experiment even more humiliating as it is witnessed by a handsome stranger.

Political advisor Jordan Delaney swam with D.C. sharks until he bled. Now licking his wounds in his hometown, he is reluctantly intrigued by the quirky redhead chatting up a bartender with obscure chemistry facts.

In this small-town meetings are unavoidable and Jordan finds Hope’s awkward sincerity refreshing after the poker faces of politics. He falls for her the more he knows her, fearing she’d like him less if she knew him more. Hope falls for the man who makes her feel seen even though she’s certain someone like him would never want a single mother’s unglamorous life.

Their undeniable chemistry is an inflammable combination, but her scars and a secret from his past threaten to burn them both down.

‘You Didn’t Know Me Then’ is perfect for readers who love small-town, slow-burn romance, opposites attract, a relatable, everyday heroine, and the gorgeous man (inside and out!) who falls for her. It’s book 2 in the Riviera View series but can be read as a standalone.



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She switched the light off again.
Jordan grabbed her wrist and pinned it above her head, then turned the light back on, stilling above her and looking into her face in the softly lit room.
“I prefer the light off,” she expelled into his face.
“And I prefer to see you,” he rasped, his eyes flaring, searing hers. “I want to see this,” he half-whispered, skimming his gaze over her face, caressing her with his eyes from her hair to her lips, drawing his thumb over the same path, parting her lower lip, and sliding down her chin. “And this.” He traced his gaze further down, his palm sliding with it to her breasts, and further south to her stomach.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Lily Baines is a mother, wife, and author (not always in this order). For 20 years she worked in Human Resources but kept writing to maintain her sanity and flow of creative juices. For the last 3 years Lily is dedicating her time to her 3 children, husband, family dog, bottomless laundry basket, full kitchen sink, and her writing. Her first book was published in 2020. This is her 6th book.


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Heinous by Yolanda Olson

Title: Heinous
Author: Yolanda Olson
Genre: Extremely Dark & Taboo Romance
Release Date: April 15, 2022


Someone once said that if you talk about the devil, he’s bound to appear.

Most would keep silent, hoping that they’d never be found by such a monster, but I prayed for his touch every night.

I knew the devil when I was a child and fell in love with him the first time he taught me that I wasn’t as damaged as I was led to believe that I was.

He cared for me, helped me learn how to smile, and see the world in a different way even though he didn’t realize that he had done so.

But they feared him; hated him.

So seventeen years ago, they ripped him away from me.

What they didn’t know was that he had already created a monster in his very image.

I thought I’d never see him again—I finally resigned myself to that. But then he came back, just like he promised he always would through that smile of his.

We’re together again.

And now, no one will be able to keep us apart ever again.


$2.99 for pre-order only!



Yolanda Olson is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author. Born and raised in Bridgeport, CT where she currently resides, she usually spends her time watching her favorite channel, Investigation Discovery. Occasionally, she takes a break to write books and test the limits of her mind. Also an avid horror movie fan, she likes to incorporate dark elements into the majority of her books.


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Love and Tequila Make Her Crazy by Brittanee Nicole

Love and Tequila Make Her Crazy
Brittanee Nicole
Publication date: March 16th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Nate Pearson was my first everything.

My first friend, first love, and first heartbreak. Now he’s just my ex-husband.

It’s been three years. It’s time to let go of the past. When a man covered in tattoos walks into the bar where I work, with a guitar case slung over his back and a determined swagger, I think I’m finally ready to move on…until I see his guitar. I’d recognize it anywhere. It was the last gift Nate ever received from his father.

The man holding the guitar is different than the one I left behind in Nashville, but one thing remains the same, Nate Pearson will always be the love of my life.

The reasons why I asked for a divorce haven’t changed. Only problem is, Nate Pearson says he still loves me, and this time he’s playing for keeps.

Authors Note: Love & Tequila Make Her Crazy is a brother’s best friend, steamy, full-length, stand-alone, contemporary second-chance romance filled with emotion, that features both Nate and Amelia’s past and present.

Trigger warning: Death of a parent, 9/11, and sexual assault.

Goodreads / Amazon


Shaking the memories from my mind, I pull three shot glasses onto the bar. I need a reset after that little moment. I mix three of my favorite shot—chocolate cake—and place three lemons on the edges. “Bottoms up,” I say to my two friends and go to hand them each one.

Before I can grab them, fingers circle the tiny glass, and my eyes remain on the ink on the forearm which belongs to the hand. “Don’t mind if I do,” the voice I know better than my own says.

Squeezing my eyes shut, I whisper to Shawn, “Please tell me there isn’t really a man with blue eyes standing in front of us.”

The voice interrupts my conversation with Shawn. “Oh, chocolate cake. Shoulda known, Cookie. You always needed your chocolate.”

I open my eyes and glare at him.

Nate Fucking Pearson.

God, why does he have to be so damn good-looking? If I were the type of girl to go weak in the knees, now would be the moment for that. But I don’t have the capacity to indulge in moments like this. He’d stolen that ability from me.

Behind me, Hailey laughs. “Did he just call you Cookie? Oh dude, that’s not going to end well for you.”

I feel Shawn inching away from me, and I grab his hand, pulling him close. There is no way I can make it through this conversation without other people around. I can’t be trusted alone with this man. Even after all these years.

He’s a man. When did that happen? Last time I saw him he was still a boy. I mean, I’d been twenty-seven and thought we were grown-ups, but the man before me is different. He’s hardened. The scruff on his face is light but it makes him seem older. Sexier.


And the lines around his eyes. They’re new. There was a time when he couldn’t get a pimple without me knowing. I knew every inch of that face. But not anymore. The years we’ve been away from each other are written all over his face. I wonder what he thinks of how I look.

Dammit, Amelia, no you don’t. You don’t wonder anything about him because he’s nothing to you.

Nate chuckles as he puts the shot glass back down and looks up at Hailey. “I’d call her my wife, but she’d probably throw something at me. So, Cookie sounds safer, right, wifey?”

My chin stiffens, and my knees begin to betray me. Not now, I tell my inferior body parts.

Keep it together.

The hardest words to mutter burn my tongue on the way out. “That’s ex-wifey to you.”

Author Bio:

Brittanee is an author and practicing lawyer who lives in Rhode Island with her husband and two children. Her town is a character in itself in all of her books. When she is not writing she enjoys spending time outdoors by the water with her children, reading at the beach or by the pool (or really anywhere), dancing with her friends, singing Karaoke, spinning, bike riding and boating. Some of her favorite authors are Sophia Kinsella, Elin Hilderbrand, Liane Moriarty, Mary Higgins Clark, Meghan Quinn, Daphne Elliott, Amy Alves, Claire Kingsley, Melanie Harlow, Christina Lauren, Sally Thorne and Sarah Adams. Clearly, she has a problem and can’t pick favorites.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Newsletter / Amazon / Instagram

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Tempted by A.K. Evans

Title: Tempted
Series: Harper Security #2
Author: A.K. Evans
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Military Romance
Cover Design: Sarah Hansen, Okay Creations
Release Date: May 24, 2022


Mallory Grant and Nixon Scott met purely by chance. With an instant attraction between them, the pair was easily tempted to give in to their desires.

Despite the fact that Mallory wants more with Nixon, she’s willing to settle for what he is prepared to offer: a physical relationship with no strings.

But when Mallory gets robbed at gunpoint, Nixon starts paying more attention.

She assumed the robber was a man looking for some quick cash. Nixon wondered if that was all there was to it. After all, the thief’s words to her left him feeling unsettled.

And when Mallory gets kidnapped, Nixon realizes his instincts were right all along. Only now he’s worried that he might lose the woman who means more to him than he’s ever shared.




Releasing March 22


Releasing July 19



A.K. Evans is a contemporary romance author of over twenty published novels. While she enjoys writing a good romantic suspense novel, Andrea’s favorite books to write have been her extreme sports romances. That might have something to do with the fact that she, along with her husband and two sons, can’t get enough of extreme sports. 

Before becoming a writer, Andrea did a brief stint in the insurance and financial services industry and managed her husband’s performance automotive business. That love of extreme sports? She used to drive race cars! 

When Andrea isn’t writing, she can be found homeschooling her two sons, doing yoga, snowboarding, reading, or traveling with her family. She and her husband are currently taking road trips throughout the country to visit all 50 states with their boys.


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Their Dark Secrets by Kristen Luciani & Vivian Wood


Their Dark Secrets by Kristen Luciani & Vivian Wood is available now!

Their-Dark-Secrets-Kindle (1)

Download your FREE copy of Their Dark Secrets by Kristen Luciani & Vivian Wood now!


About Their Dark Secrets

Beauty Can Never Hide the Darkness of the Beast…

I’m a man who only lives for revenge. Three years ago, my business rival killed my young wife. I was left with nothing… nothing but dreams of vengeance. Ever since then, I’ve been hunting him.I will ruin him, burn his houses, salt his ashes, and scatter them to the winds. And it all starts when I walk into a club, my eyes on my rival. The only problem? Her. Wide hazel eyes, a nest of raven hair, and curves to tempt me like no other. She smiles at me, a beast who hasn’t known a stranger’s kindness in years. I let my control slip, just for a second. I have to taste her, to feel her under my hands, to hear her moans. And that’s when everything spirals…

Meet Kristen Luciani & Vivian Wood

Kristen Luciani is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy and suspense-filled romance. She’s addicted to kickboxing, Starburst jelly beans, and swooning over dark, broken anti-heroes. Kristen is happily married to her own real-life hero of over 20 years. In addition to penning spicy stories, she also has a part-time job as her three kids’ personal Uber driver, which she manages to successfully juggle along with her other tasks: laundry, cleaning, laundry, cooking, laundry, and caring for her adorable Boston Terrier puppy.

Mafia romance is her passion…and her poison.

Vivian Wood is a USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon Top 20 bestselling author. She specializes in writing about damaged billionaires, ruined princesses, mouthy ballerinas, and anti-heroes that are oh so deliciously bad.

Vivian likes to write about troubled, deeply flawed alpha males and the fiery, kick-ass women who bring them to their knees.

Vivian’s lasting motto in romance is a quote from a favorite song: “Soulmates never die.”

Be sure to follow Vivian through her Vivian’s Vixens mailing list or on her IG to keep up with all the awesome giveaways, author videos, ARC opportunities, and more!


Book Blitz

Battlefield Earth


A Saga of the Year 3000

Science Fiction / Space Opera / Post-Apocalyptic

Publisher: Galaxy Press

In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of this classic epic sci-fi adventure, I am posting a special feature for Battlefield Earth. If you love books like Dune or the Foundation Series, you are sure to enjoy to this classic SF too. For audiobook lovers, the unabridged audio production is like a movie with full-cast and sound effects. Highly recommended.

Sadistic Aliens…

…Man is an endangered species.

Is it the end of the world or the rebirth of a new one?

Year A.D. 3000—Earth is a dystopian wasteland. Spreading the seeds of revolt, Jonnie and a small band of survivors pit their quest for freedom in an all-out rebellion that erupts across the continents of Earth and the cosmic sprawl of the Psychlo empire.

The fate of the Galaxy lies on the Battlefield of Earth.

You’ll love this epic New York Times bestseller by L. Ron Hubbard, because as Brandon Sanderson says, it is “Pulse-pounding mile-a-minute sci-fi.”

Get it now.

Praise for Battlefield Earth

Battlefield Earth: This has everything: suspense, pathos, politics, war, humor, diplomacy, and intergalactic finance.” —Publishers Weekly

Over 1,000 pages of thrills, spills, vicious aliens and noble humans. I found Battlefield Earth un-put-downable.” —Neil Gaiman

Pulse-pounding mile-a-minute sci-fi action-adventure that does not stop. It is a masterpiece of popular adventure science fiction.” —Brandon Sanderson

About the Author

With 19 New York Times bestsellers and more than 350 million copies of his works in circulation, L. Ron Hubbard is among the most enduring and widely read authors of our time. As a leading light of American Pulp Fiction through the 1930s and ’40s, he is further among the most influential authors of the modern age. Indeed, from Ray Bradbury to Stephen King, there is scarcely a master of imaginative tales who has not paid tribute to L. Ron Hubbard.

In 1980, to celebrate his fiftieth anniversary as a novelist and storyteller, L. Ron Hubbard returned to the field with his universally acclaimed science fiction epic, Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the Year 3000. The work was an immediate bestseller and subsequently earned a host of international awards.

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