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A Stolen Heart by Clarissa Kae

“Love looks good on you.” His voice caught. He groaned. His mind had turned to mush.

She arched an eyebrow. “And where is your love?”

Nikolas groaned. “I have no love.”

“And there you go again.” She narrowed her eyes once more. “Being afraid again.”

“I’m not afraid.” He stepped toward his mother’s home. The sooner they entered, the quicker they could leave.

“Rosalyn.” Ada circled him, the glint of mischief back. “You said her name was Rosalyn.”

“Perhaps it was a moment of delirium.” His hand went to his pocket where he stashed Rosalyn’s kerchief. 

She placed a hand on his arm. “And yet she is your source of comfort.” She looked pointedly at his pocket. “If you cannot mend whatever happened to the both of you—” she smirked. “Then why not give her back the handkerchief as a peace offering?”

Nikolas stepped back. “She doesn’t know I have it.”

Excerpted from A Stolen Heart by Clarissa Kae, Copyright © 2022 by Clarissa Kae. Published by Carpe Vitam Press.

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A Stolen Heart
(Victorian Retellings #3)
By Clarissa Kae
Historical Romance, Fairy Tale
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 264 Pages
January 29, 2022 by Carpe Vitam Press

A Victorian twist on Robin Hood.

The Earl of Rochelle, Nikolas Whitworth, is handsome, charming. And a traitor.

He can outwit and outcon any Englishman—and any Englishwoman. When his debts are called in a savior appears, the criminal mastermind known only as the Tailor.

Nikolas is bought and sold, his future no longer his. But when a beguiling thief picks his pocket, Rosalyn Devereaux steals more than his coin. Orphaned as a child, Rosalyn trusts no one. She picks the pockets of lords and ladies alike, donating her spoils to the poor. The Tailor notices her skills and demands Rosalyn enlist in his cause.

With every moment beside Rosalyn, Nikolas changes from a life of lies to a man with a conviction. She occupies his every thought but can Nikolas outcon the Tailor and secure Rosalyn’s heart before the Tailor steals his love?

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About the Author

Clarissa Kae is a preeminent voice whose professional career began as a freelance editor in 2007. She’s the former president of her local California Writers Club after spending several years as the Critique Director.

Since her first novel, she’s explored different writing genres and created a loyal group of fans who eagerly await her upcoming release. With numerous awards to her name, Clarissa continues to honor the role of storyteller.

Aside from the writing community, she and her daughters founded Kind Girls Make Strong Women to help undervalued nonprofit organizations—from reuniting children with families to giving Junior Olympic athletes their shot at success.

She lives in the agricultural belly of California with her family and farm of horses, chickens, dogs and kittens aplenty.

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  1. Congratulations on your recent release of A Stolen Heart, Clarissa, I enjoyed the excerpt and your book sounds like a fantastic re-telling for me to enjoy! My favorite Robin Hood character is Robin Hood because he’s the ultimate bad boy! Good luck with your book and the tour! Thanks for sharing it with me and have an awesome day!

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