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Her Captive Beast by Starla Fleet

Her Captive Beast
Starla Fleet
(Her Alien Beast, #1)
Publication date: March 24th 2022
Genres: Adult, Romance, Science Fiction


Marrying a suitable Royal is a small price to pay for my father’s approval. My fiancé is a good man even if his touch doesn’t evoke my desire. We have science in common and that will have to be enough.

Just as I’ve resigned myself to a lifetime of ordinary, an incident on my fianc’és science vessel throws me off course and into the arms of a beastly tornado of a male. With my heart pounding for the first time in my life, I’m suddenly not so sure that ordinary will do at all.


The Royals have held me captive for too long. Experimenting on me. Shaping me into a monstrous beast. Not any longer. The time to be free is now, and my captors will pay. I have vengeance on my mind, and nothing can stand between me and my goal.

Then I turn a corner on the ship where I’ve been held captive and I see her. Suddenly it’s not vengeance I’m after, it’s her that I need to claim as mine. Kidnapping my tormentor’s fiancée would mean a lifetime of fugitivity for me and my men. Yet, one kiss from Ray and I know that I’m captive once more.

Her Captive Beast is the first in a science fiction romance series filled with Alpha beasts who are tamed by sassy beauties. Strap in for a fast-paced, intergalactic adventure full of hope, love, forgiveness, and redemption.

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I burst into Bay Six. My only thought was to destroy Lord Garreth. There the skinny little prick was. He was in the cockpit of a pod.

Somehow he was escaping me!

I charged towards the small craft. But I was too late. It was already lifting off.

Refusing to admit defeat, I leapt for it. My right hand glanced off the belly of the pod. The smooth metal protested as I dug into it with my claws.

I tried to hold on, but my grip wasn’t enough. He was getting away. I landed in a crouch on the metal floors with a sickening thud. Throwing my head back, I roared my disbelief, my fury, my hatred at the man.

There was a part of my brain, likely the part he tinkered with to make stronger, faster, indestructible, that told me I could follow him out the airlock and into space. The sane part of me knew I wouldn’t survive. That sane part listened to the vengeance in me that said my death would be worth it if I could take him down with me.

But the airlock was already closing. Not even my altered strength could open it in time. He got away. I had failed. Again.

A deafening roar rose within me. When I let it loose, it shattered the room. The high pitched squeal of glass breaking filled my ears. But something in the shriek stole my voice from me.

Looking down, I saw that there was something at my feet. Something trying to scuttle away like a crab. It was a small female, or maybe she just looked small compared to me. Most humans did. For several long seconds I took her in.

The long brown hair had escaped its braid. The soft tendrils that framed a delicate face. The shapely legs that ended in small feet. The narrow waist that flared out into ample hips.

My gaze went up and down, left and right. I roamed her body in exactly the way I wanted to touch her, needed to touch her. Everywhere at once.


The word rang loud in my head. It silenced the red hot rage that had been there only a moment before. I gave my head a shake. I must be going mad. Or madder than I had already been.

Mine, my altered mind insisted. Something inside me clawed at my guts, and the cage of my heart, insisting it was true.

Her blue eyes looked up at me wide and terrified. That’s when I knew I must have said the word out loud.

She tried to scramble away. But she was trapped. The stem of the impractical shoes on her feet were caught in the metal grate. If she kept struggling and kicking out, she would hurt herself further.

Without thinking, I crouched down. She didn’t scream this time. No, she did something far worse.

Her lips began to tremble. Wetness pooled at her eyes. Tears began to spill as the sobs broke from her heart-shaped mouth.

I had faced down armies of cyborgs. I had killed men with my own bare hands. I had watched and listened as my brothers and friends were tortured and tormented. None of that compared to the gut-wrenching feeling that tied me up in knots at the sound of her cries.

How could she not know that I would never hurt her?

How could she not know that even her cries caused pain in my heart?

How could she not know that my hands would do anything, everything, to keep her safe and warm?

I reached out for her, and that’s when I remembered why she could not know these things.

My hands were scarred. Scaled. Monstrous.

I didn’t know what I was capable of. Only because the old me wouldn’t have harmed her; it didn’t mean the new beastly me wouldn’t.

Author Bio:

Starla Fleet is three BFF author friends who spent so much time watching Amos in The Expanse and Hot Spock in Star Trek Discovery, that they decided to write their own science fiction romances, but with a lot more kissing! Their Alien Beasts are genetically modified warrior monsters with a deadly swing for the villains and a soft heart for their heroines. Visit Starla’s website to download a free prequel novella at

Website / Goodreads / Instagram

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Hearts on Fire by Christina Berry

Hearts on Fire
Christina Berry
Publication date: March 24th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I never meant to stay. The plan was to fix up the farmhouse, sell it, and leave. Then I met Drew.

I’m a stranger in this place. When a car accident nearly killed me, Mom took me away from my father and this small Texas town. Now, I’m back, and while everyone seems to remember the little girl I used to be, no one knows the woman I’ve become. That’s okay. I’m not here to reconnect or fix what’s broken between my father and me. I’m just here to fix the house I inherited, sell it, and go.

Then I meet Bodhi, the three-legged cat who keeps peeing on my porch. And along comes Bodhi’s dad, Drew, the protective firefighter with rough hands, a smooth smile, and such a dirty mouth.

Drew has a reputation for rescuing strays. Is that what I am, another stray for him to rescue? Or this time, maybe I’ll be the rescuer.

Hearts on Fire is a dual POV, small town, scorching hot, firefighter romance with an HEA. Contains mature language and themes.

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Her big brown eyes captivate my attention. I’m stunned stupid, standing there like an idiot staring at her. She furrows her brow. “Can I help you?”

Oh. Right. I look down at Bodhi in my arms, the orange bow-tie tag reminding me why I came here. I point at it. “What is this?”

“A cat,” she answers, looking at me like I’m the asshole here.

“Very fucking funny. I know it’s a cat. It’s my cat, and he’s wearing your tag. You put a tag on my fucking cat. Who do you think you are claiming things that aren’t yours?”


“Yeah, claiming. That’s what a tag is. Like you landed on the moon and stuck your fucking flag in the ground. You think you can just move in here and start staking your flag everywhere?”

“I’m not claiming your stupid cat. I collared him as a favor to you. He was wandering around without one, and I didn’t want someone thinking he’s a stray.”

“Everyone out here knows Bodhi, so no one would mistake him for a stray except you. And you didn’t just tag him, you fucking renamed him. BS? You renamed my cat BS?”

“I didn’t—”

“Look, lady, this is my fucking cat, okay? Don’t go collaring him. Don’t go renaming him. Just leave him be.”

There’s a spark in her eyes, like I’ve poured gasoline on her, lit a match, and flicked it—ignition. She erupts.

“Leave him be? How about you and your porch-pissing home invader leave me be? Take your fucking cat and your shitty attitude and get the fuck off my property.”

“Gladly.” I reach for the snap release on the collar, and it falls off Bodhi’s neck, landing unceremoniously with a clatter and jingle. Marching down the steps of her porch and across the yard to the road, I hold my head high like I’ve won some great battle. But the sinking feeling in my gut tells me I’m the loser here.


“What an ass!” I tilt my head to watch the angry dude walk away, carrying his cat like a football under his arm. “What a front too,” I mumble and slam the door shut. That combination of dark hair and light blue eyes has always been my catnip. Irresistible. Then there were his biceps, bulging out from under the sleeves of his T-shirt, and thighs so thick they stretched the seams of his Levi’s. Lord have mercy! If this is Drew, the mad cat dad, then Inez was right: trouble, really good-looking trouble.

Author Bio:

Christina Berry writes sex-positive, contemporary romance. Her debut novel, Up for Air, won “Sexiest Consent” in the 2021 Good Sex Awards, as well as the 2021 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in Romance – Sizzle, and the 2021 Independent Press Award in Romance.

A citizen of the Cherokee Nation, Christina is originally from Oklahoma, and currently resides in Austin, Texas. When not writing, she’s usually helping her husband with their never-ending home remodeling adventure or marathon watching British crime dramas.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Amazon / Instagram / Bookbub

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Shifted Magic by Heather Renee

Shifted Magic
Heather Renee
(Fated to the Wolf, #1)
Publication date: March 24th 2022
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

When a goddess gives you a task, you don’t say no.

Ten years ago, one bad choice lost me my pack. Since then, I’ve been a rogue wolf, and I’m content to stay that way until the Moon Goddess shows up and tells me to find my mate.

One look at her and two things become very clear.

She’s no wolf and…she has no idea who I am.

It’s not every day you find out you’re a witch mated to a wolf. To be fair, I was already beginning to question if magic might be real. I know, it sounds crazy—but what other explanation is there for this strange glowing light coming from my hands?

When a couple of witches attack me, I’m thrust into a life that was stolen. Erased.

Turns out there’s a lot more than magic that’s been waiting for me. All I have to do is take the chance and embrace it.

But can I give up everything I am for a coven and soulmate I never knew existed?

Author’s Note: Shifted Magic is perfect for fans of slow burn paranormal romance with a relatable heroine and swoon worthy love interest. Fans of Helen Harper, BR Kingsolver, McKenzie Hunter, and Annabel Chase will love this shifter romance with humor and heart. This is the fourth series in Heather Renee’s Mystics and Mayhem universe. Recommended for ages 17+. Series do not need to be read in order.

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Seriously, what was wrong with me? I’d only met Foster an hour ago, if that. I’d had an appreciation for attractive men before, but never so openly. Maybe this was part of the bond I wasn’t certain I could feel, or maybe I was just losing my damn mind. Possibly both.

Foster’s hands hovered over my arms, his heat seeping through my long sleeves and straight to my core. “That wasn’t your fault. It’s just…your attraction to me, my wolf can sense it, and it’s a lot for us to handle.”

“‘Us’?” I questioned.

He moved closer to my ear, sending chills down my spine and speaking softly. “I consider my wolf a part of me. Sometimes it’s easier for me to refer to us as the same person. Sometimes not. He’s always been with me.”

I turned around to face him and found him much nearer than I’d expected. Our chests were practically touching, and I did my best to think about naked old ladies and not about how much I wanted to trail my fingers over his muscled body.

Author Bio:

Heather Renee is a USA Today Bestselling author who lives in Oregon. She writes Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy novels with a mixture of romance, humor, and sass. Her love of reading eventually led to her passion of writing and giving the gift of escapism.

When Heather’s not writing, she’s spending time with her loving husband and beautiful daughter, going on their own adventures. She loves to hear from her fans, so visit her website: and check out the Contact Me page for ways to connect.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook Page / Facebook Group / Instagram / TikTok / Newsletter

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Hunt Her by Kelly Finley 

Hunt Her
Kelly Finley
(Come for Me, #2)
Publication date: March 24th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

Is the hottest love worth a lethal life?

Charlie Ravenel wasn’t supposed to fall in love on the job, not with the Sexiest Man Alive. But her record of following rules is shot to hell. As a bodyguard and former Marine, she’s ruthless at protecting women. As one with dark secrets, she was safe until she fell for him.

But how could she resist? He’s wanted by millions… yet he only pursues her.

Daniel Pierce is a sexy, A-list celebrity—a dream on the screen and a beautiful beast in bed. When Charlie walked onto set, this alpha male met his match and his greatest love. And… he met danger.

What threatens them more? A stalker intent on revenge? Crazed paparazzi and fans for the alluring couple? A past Daniel can’t tell her about? Or a haunt Charlie fears?

If they can survive it all, there is such passion and love between them, and a surprise future they must protect.

There’s only one problem—everyone is hunting her now.

HUNT HER, Book Two in the COME FOR ME series is a steamy, racy, romantic suspense novel featuring a kickass heroine who lets Hollywood’s sexiest man love her… despite the risk.

*This book is not for the fainthearted. This deep romance explores the dark theme of stalking.

Goodreads / Amazon




Ready for what? The hard cock urging between her cheeks or the bundle of lit dynamite she was about to throw on her life?

Fuck it. She’d do both.

His baritone British accent pressed into her, not asking about the meeting—the one in an hour that would have the world aiming for her. Adding another maddening predator, the press, hunting to claim her sanity. And her life.

No, he was asking for more of her. His brute body steamed against the length of her back under the rain from the shower above—hands caressing her wet cheeks, spreading them, gliding his eager lust between.

“Daniel Pierce, I don’t know how you’re ready again,” she said. They had just fucked an hour before.

No, that round on the bathroom vanity was making love, bringing tears to her eyes at his gasps of devotion. Because as of this morning… they were finally free.

Free to be together. Free to tell the world. Free to love.

And their ecstasy lasted that blissful, orgasmic moment

And their ecstasy lasted that blissful, orgasmic moment before it was shot away by a text ping beckoning her to check her phone charging on the hotel nightstand. While Daniel started their shower, her index finger touched the screen.

And summoned hell.

Now, she was thankful he couldn’t see her face. Lust and fear were smeared across it. A guise she wore daily since she was with him, loving him.

His fingers descended between her thighs, expertly strumming her closer. To pleasure. To the edge. To him.

“I’m ready for you and our life together, Charlie Ravenel.” The words hummed from his lips across her shoulder blade. Standing behind her, his truth was tempting. “It’s all I want. You. Us. Our love,” he said. “And no more hiding.”

She was never supposed to do this. Months before she was hired to protect Kierra Williams—a sixteen-year-old actor stalked on the set of the smash show The Druid. Char‐ lie’s mission was to keep the girl safe and to find out who was leaving notes, tormenting Kierra with haunting tactics.

But Charlie fucked up. And fucked the one man she shouldn’t.

Daniel Pierce. The lead actor on the show. The A-list celebrity with sixty million followers. The one with a panty- melting face. The one with a prole of masculine perfection only a bit more recognizable than his, I-don’t-care-if-my- dad-catches-me-fucking-him perfectly sculpted muscular frame. And don’t get anyone started on his amazing ass.

Their first fuck was an atom bomb of love dropped on her lonely life.

And now his hands wrapped around her, coaxing her, reminding every cell in her body this is where she belonged, even if it meant giving up everything to be with him. Not that she was the kind of woman who’d ever give up a damn thing for a man. Fuck that. Never.

She had no choice. Not after the last forty-eight hours.

She told herself: Nope. That’s bullshit, Charlie Girl. This whole gorgeous, hot mess started months back.

True. They were a secret until that famous shot connected the two of them.

That shot? That video?

It was the one when she, Daniel and Rob—her best friend and colleague—were at a gym in Madrid, Spain.

To the public eye, they were just friends. Friends who shared workouts and their work on The Druid, filmed at the massive studio nearby. Daniel was the famous face with constant cameras on him. She and Rob were his colleagues, cast security for the show.

All would have been peachy until a loud noise cracked the air like gunshots across the gym. Some guy had dropped his heavy bar, but the sudden sound dropped Charlie to her knees in a PTSD blackout, shooting her mind back six years to when she was a Marine. And was shot three times.

Witnesses in the gym recorded the spectacle with their phones—#danielpierce rescuing a woman passed out in his arms.

So yeah, that video? It struck fucking media gold. Because she was no average damsel in distress.
Posts of the video went viral, revealing her distinct

scars. The bullet graze across her right cheek. The shot through her right shoulder. Hashtags, rumors, and comments started. Millions of them. And fans and press have been hunting for the blonde draped over Daniel Pierce’s arms ever since.

And now this.

A stand-off.

A lethal chess game with the sadistic stalker she caught trying to rape Kierra Williams. The stalker was none other than Kierra and Daniel’s co-star.

The beautiful. The famous. The evil. Mason Hunt.

Author Bio:

Kelly Finley is fiction author of contemporary romances featuring bada** women and grown-a** men. She lives in the Carolinas with her husband and family. A rebel with many causes, she fancies black leather, dirty jokes, and smart mouths.

Thrilled by a flipped script and ticked off by women portrayed as weak, she noticed how many steamy, sexy heroines were missing, particularly from suspense and military romance. Her friends shared the frustration and told her to practice what she has taught for twenty years. Her books feature characters we champion and love—ones with shameless heat, brave hearts, and whip-smart minds.

She’s most likely at her keyboard right now, putting the next heroine on the page.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest

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An All About the Diamond Romance: Season One by Naomi Springthorp

Title: An All About the Diamond Romance: Season One
Series: An All About the Diamond Romance
Author: Naomi Springthorp
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: April 5, 2022
Cover Design: Irene Johnson

An All About the Diamond Romance: Season One includes the first three books in the An All About the Diamond Romance Series: The Sweet Spot, King of Diamonds, and Diamonds in Paradise.

Meet catcher extraordinaire Rick Seno and loyal baseball fan Sherry. What happens when an older woman ends up on a date with her fantasy baseball boyfriend? Download this set now to find out.

USA Today Bestselling Author Naomi Springthorp is a born and raised Southern California girl. She’s a baseball freak who supports her team all season long and blatantly admires the athletes in those pants. Music has always been part of her life and she believes everything has a soundtrack. She loves her two feline fur babies, though they’re not quite sure what to do with her.

She writes Baseball Romance, Romantic Comedies, 90s Throwback, and Contemporary Romance–all with heat and sometimes a little sweet.

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Neverblood by Crea Reitan

Neverblood Release Banner

Neverblood by Crea Reitan is now LIVE!


One Click Neverblood by Crea Reitan now!

Neverblood LIVE (1)

About Neverblood

Ira is a Fixer, a child raised and trained to “fix” broken fairy tales by an organization the Fixers refer to as DeadEnd. Because, once you enter a fairy tale, there’s no getting out.

Ira has been assigned Neverland. You know Neverland, where Peter Pan lived because he didn’t want to grow up. Neverland, with fairies and pirates. Neverland, which has consumed thirty-one Fixers before Ira and has been dubbed “toxic” by the Operators of DeadEnd. But, Neverland needs to be fixed. It’s been toxic so long that every Neverland story in the real world is being transformed into something entirely not child-friendly.

Ira comes from a long line of Fixers. Every female in her family for four generations had been Fixers. She’d been at DeadEnd since she was seven. And when she was assigned her world, Ira was ecstatic. She studied every rendition of Neverland, loving the new adult twists. She was psyched to see what was in store for her.

But when she enters Neverland by falling endlessly through the stars, she is not at all prepared for how dark and broken it is. There are some children but the violence far outweighs the lighthearted, fun, make-believe she’d imagined. And Peter Pan… Well, he was not at all a child anymore.

She was equally disturbed to find that pirates, fairies, and mermaids were the least of her worries. And disheartened to discover that she has no idea what the true problem is. Where the toxin comes from. What had broken their fairy tale. Nevermind how to fix it.

However, Ira was not at all disappointed to be surrounded by wonderful men. All of which were big, gorgeous, and interested – except the elusive Pan. But who should she choose? Can she trust them? Will they help her fix their world or are they only interested in climbing into her bed? And why was there a weird lack of women in Neverland?

Everything seems endlessly messed up, and getting less clear as she moves along. It isn’t for quite some time that she realizes the fairy tale she’d been sent in to fix is actually infected by another…

**This is a full-length, reverse harem, dark romance series with a ‘why choose’ ending, meaning the main character gets a happily ever after with more than one man. It contains magic, demons, shifters, cursing, explicit sex scenes, violence, blood, murder. This is a MMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the polyamorous relationship (there is some MM and MMF in here, too). This is a book 4 book series.

Neverblood teaser 6Neverblood teaser 5


Meet Crea Reitan

Crea lives in upstate New York with her dog and husband. She has been writing since grade school, when her second grade teacher had her class keep writing journals. She has a habit of creating secondary, and often time tertiary, characters that take over her stories. All of her RH relationships end up being heavily polyamorous – meaning it’s not just all the men for one woman. There’s also some M/M action going on. When she can’t fall asleep at night, she thinks up new scenes for her characters to act out. This, of course, is how most of her meant-to-be-thrown-away characters tend to end up front and center – and utterly swoon-worthy! Don’t ask her how many book boyfriends she has…When not writing, Crea is an avid reader. Her TBR pile is several hundred books high (don’t even look at her kindle wish list or the unread books on her tablet). Sometimes, she enjoys crafting; sometimes, exploring nature; sometimes, traveling. Mostly, she enjoys putting her characters on paper and breathing life into them. Oh, and sleeping. Crea loves to sleep!

Author Links:


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Camp Hot Mess by Bella Jewel


The ranchers are about to meet the moms – what could possibly go wrong?

Camp Hot Mess by Bella Jewel is now live!


Unless you’re a mom, you just wouldn’t understand.
The crying, the diapers, the late nights, the early mornings.
The laughter, the smiles, the joy, the blessing.
I get it. I’m living it. I love it.
I also know that sometimes, moms need a break.
A rest away from the world, away from their troubles, away from the everyday hustle and bustle.
A ranch retreat run by hot cowboys for a month? I’ll pay double.
One whole month of nothing but fun and adventures.
I don’t think those cowboys knew what they were in for when they signed us up.
We’re the ones they all talk about.
Too loud. Too casual. Too rude.
Drink too much, talk too much, swear too much…
You know. Those moms.
We love our kids more than life itself, but we’re a god damned mess.
We need a break.
We need those men to ride us as hard as they ride them horses…
Well, I do anyway.
Did I mention I’m single?
Oh, I am.
Did I mention I have secrets?
Whoops. I guess I do.
Did I mention I’m a hot mess?
They’re about to find out just how much.


Download today!


Amazon Worldwide:





Meet Bella Jewel

Bella Jewel is a self published, USA Today bestselling author. She’s been publishing since 2013. Her first release was a contemporary romance, Hell’s Knights which topped the charts upon release. Since that time, she has published over twenty-five novels, gaining a bestseller status on numerous platforms. She lives in North Queensland with her fiancé and four beautiful kids. Bella has been writing since she was just shy of fifteen years old. In Summer 2013 she was offered an ebook deal through Montlake Romance for her bestselling modern day pirate series, Enslaved By The Ocean. In 2016 she signed a three book deal with St Martin’s Press, and another three just a year later. She plans to expand her writing career, planning many new releases for the future.

Connect with Bella Jewel




Facebook Group:



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Tea & Sympathy

Tea & Sympathy

A Tea & Sympathy Mystery Book 1

by J. New

Genre: Cozy Mystery


Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

When Lilly Tweed former agony aunt with the local newspaper is made redundant, she takes the opportunity to pursue a lifelong ambition, to open The Tea Emporium in the small market town of Plumpton Mallet.

But with her replacement making a hash of the column, it’s not long before she is once again being sought for valuable advice.

When the body of a local woman is found drowned in the river, the contents of her pockets reveal a letter from Lilly and she’s unwillingly drawn into the case.

But is it just a tragic accident, as the police think? Lilly isn’t convinced, but pursuing her own inquiry means it isn’t long before she gets into hot water.

Goodreads * Amazon

A Deadly Solution

A Tea & Sympathy Mystery Book 2

Meet Lilly Tweed.

Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

It’s the height of summer and Lilly has been asked to demonstrate at a local book club. Not only is this her first event, but it’s for the crème de la crème of the town’s residents, a member of the aristocracy and a wealthy heiress included.

When the proceedings get underway Lilly notices underlying tension and competition between the members and it’s not long before tragedy strikes. The heiress is found dead.

As a prime witness Lilly is asked unofficially to help solve the crime, but with motives galore, animosity running rife and all the women having spent time alone with the victim, the culprit could be any of them.

The more she digs the murkier it becomes, and she soon realises appearances are deceiving when it comes to the rich and titled of Plumpton Mallet.

Goodreads * Amazon

Tiffin & Tragedy

A Tea & Sympathy Mystery Book 3

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

Invited to celebrate the wedding anniversary of two close friends, Lilly jumps at the chance. Not only is there to be a party, but as the family owns a luxury seaside bed-and-breakfast she’s looking forward to a well-earned break.

Unfortunately, nothing goes to plan. Beneath the happy, carefree exterior, lurk secrets and lies, and as the tension mounts somebody reaches breaking point.

The party ends in a tremendous storm which causes a power cut and fells trees across the only access road, and the inhabitants of The Palms find themselves trapped with no way to call for help. Then a body is discovered and Lilly realises the danger outside is nothing compared to within.

There is a murderer among them.

Goodreads * Amazon

A Bitter Bouquet

A Tea & Sympathy Mystery Book 4

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

Organising and catering for a local wedding means the potential to expand into events for Tea Emporium owner Lilly Tweed, and she’s pleased to confirm the booking.

But as the bride’s family let her down one by one, Lilly finds herself taking on more tasks than she’d agreed to. Luckily, she’s brought a local café owner on board to provide the food.

During the rehearsal, family arguments and spilled wine are the worst catastrophes, but the wedding itself ends in murder. For at the heart of this family lies a dark secret.

It’s up to Lilly, alongside her friends, Bonnie, the detective in charge of the case, and Archie, the local crime reporter, to solve the case. But while there are motives galore, clues are scarce.

When the family suddenly close ranks and the investigation stalls, Lilly is left wondering if blood really is thicker than water, especially when she discovers their secret.

Goodreads * Amazon

A Frosty Combination

A Tea & Sympathy Mystery Book 5

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

It’s Christmas in Plumpton Mallet, but it’s not all holiday cheer and goodwill.

The festive season brings with it the biggest and most important event of the year for Plumpton Mallet, the annual Christmas Market. Attracting visitors nationwide, this time it’s bigger than ever.

But there’s one unexpected arrival who’s not welcome, and he’s out to cause trouble.

When a lifeless body is found outside Lilly’s shop, she’s shocked. But the arrest of one of her staff changes the shock to anger and compels Lilly to turn sleuth once more to prove their innocence.

Yet proving one person innocent means another must be guilty and this time Lilly might not be ready for the truth.

Goodreads * Amazon

Steeped In Murder

A Tea & Sympathy Mystery Book 6

Meet Lilly Tweed. Former Agony Aunt. Purveyor of Fine Teas. Accidental Sleuth.

It’s all steam ahead as Lilly and Archie board The Lakes Express on their first official date. The train is full of writers travelling to a conference, which adds to the ambience and piques Archie’s interest.

But what starts as pure luxury ends in chaos. On the journey home, the train screeches to an unsanctioned stop in the middle of nowhere.

Night has fallen, it’s pitch black outside, and a body has been discovered. The scene staged to mimic one of the best loved crime novels of all time.

Currently on board a luxurious 1930s steam train, the homage is not lost on Lilly and Archie, who are asked to help. But its meaning eludes them.

Can they discern the truth from myriad lies? Cut egos down to size while dealing with bouts of creative jealousy and finally unveil the culprit?

And can they do it before the police arrive?

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J. New is the author of The Yellow Cottage Vintage Mysteries, traditional English whodunits with a twist, set in the 1930’s. Known for their clever humour as well as the interesting slant on the traditional whodunit, they have all achieved Bestseller status on Amazon. J. New also writes the Finch and Fischer contemporary cozy crime series and (coming in 2021) the Will Sharpe Mysteries set in her hometown during the 1960’s. Her books have sold over one hundred-thousand copies worldwide.

Jacquie was born in West Yorkshire, England. She studied art and design and after qualifying began work as an interior designer, moving onto fine art restoration and animal portraiture before making the decision to pursue her lifelong ambition to write. She now writes full time and lives with her partner of twenty-one years, two dogs and five cats, all of whom she rescued.

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Forever, Con Amor by A. M. Johnson

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Forever, Con Amor by A. M. Johnson is coming April 28th and we have the HOT cover to share with you today!


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Cover Designer: Sarah Sentz with Enchanting Romance Designs

Model: Franco Garcia @francolgarcia

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About Forever, Con Amor


I never in a million years thought I would want a guy who smells like a tree and probably hugs them on the daily, but alas, you’ve somehow snuck your sexy, khaki-covered ass into my life. It doesn’t help that we’re stuck living in this apartment together for God knows how long, but I can’t stop thinking about that kiss. I know I said it was one and done, and maybe that’s the smart thing to do since I’m not convinced of your emotional availability. Maybe I’m a masochist. Or, maybe I might kind of like you. I said what I said.

No regrets, Marcos~



Your ability to simultaneously compliment and insult me is probably one of my favorite things about you. I think it’s part of your charm. Does that make me a masochist as well? I definitely like to torture myself. The night I kissed you, I knew it had the potential to push you away, but I couldn’t stop myself from wanting you. I still can’t. You can flirt and bully me all you like. I’m not going anywhere. I’ve finally found my home, and it’s here. And just in case you need me to be more specific, I like you too.

Forever, con amor…


*Forever, Con Amor is an interconnected, stand alone, slow burn, contemporary, MM opposites attract romance that is heavy on humor, light on angst, and features an age gap, a sexy yoga session, heels, and a few passive aggressive quips about cargo pants, hugging trees and kale.

AM John

Meet A. M. Johnson

A.M. Johnson lives in Utah with her family where she works as a full-time nurse. If she’s not at the hockey rink with her kiddos, you’ll find her buried in a book or behind the keyboard. She loves romance and all things passionate. Amanda enjoys exploring all genres and bringing life to the human experience.

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