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Fall of Titan


Realm, Book 1

Sci-fi Fantasy

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In the twenty-fourth century, a sophisticated security system called the perimeter guards the outer rim of the solar system. Governed by Titan, a powerful space station, the perimeter is almost impenetrable. Emmeline Augury, an astrophysics cadet on Titan, believes in a family folklore about a mythical device with unlimited power. Her search uncovers an ancient plaque, which reveals a star map of a secret network of portals. But what begins as a scientific adventure turns into a dangerous manhunt when hostile aliens called Orias attacks Titan. Their queen threatens to slaughter everyone unless she is given the device. When the fate of Titan and the seven realms hangs in the balance, Emmeline must make a choice. Will she save her home or the device?

Praise for Fall of Titan:

“I have no words… This novel is up there with the big boys especially if you enjoy any kind of startrek, starwars or stargate!”

“A Memorable Read”

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Realm, Book 2

After the Fall, all is left is blood and revenge.

The destruction of the perimeter, and the vanishing of Titan and Prometheus has left the Realm open to invaders. With a skeleton fleet guarding the outer rims of the solar system, all hopes of defeating the Orias queen have diminished. Now it’s about survival. But in a corner of cold dark space, hope lingers.

Emmeline Augury was born to break the rules, and now a fugitive who has nothing to lose and driven by revenge, she conquers all odds and locates the second piece of the mythical device.

The game is on. The pawns are set. As the power of the mythical device unravels itself, who will win? A young girl with her heart set on destroying a being as powerful as the gods themselves? Or the queen who was born to rule the seven realms? The answers lie in the wake of the Poseidon.


About the Author

H.G Ahedi holds a PhD in biomedical sciences and is a fictional writer. She spends a lot of time writing and when she is bored of her desk; she wants to hop on a plane and travel the world. As that is not always possible she explores local Sydney beaches and parks and enjoys a nice cup of coffee.

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The Extraordinary World of Cats


Children’s Books

Date Published: 03-26-2022

Publisher: Dixi Books

The Extraordinary World of Cats is an ode to the magnificent lives enjoyed by wild cats in our fast disappearing forest. The book makes an attempt to introduce some of the fascinating big cats of the animal kingdom to children around the world. Where do these cats live? Why are they so special? What are their defining characteristics? What sets them apart from each other? Why are they under threat? Why must they be saved from extinction? The Extraordinary World of Cats makes an appeal to all kids to love these marvellous felines and cherish their existence while they can.

About the Author

Born in India, Chandrakant Bhonsle is a qualified lawyer and a writer currently based in the Netherlands. He is the author of the children’s picture book “The World Belongs to Animals”, which is the part of the official reading lists of leading wildlife organisations such as Panthera and PETA among others.

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Kissin Irish by Morgan Jane


இ ☠️ Kissin Irish ☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Nashville, TN Chapter 🔥

Author & Cover design: Morgan Jane Mitchell

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Red hair and heritage aren’t the only qualities behind the road name Irish. Some claim Patrick Kelly possesses the sheer luck of the Irish. After all, he’s undefeated in the ring at Royal Road. More than that, he’s about to get everything he ever wanted. Unfortunately, when he plans to meet up with his ex-lover at the Nashville, Tennessee chapter of the Royal Bastards MC’s annual St. Patrick’s Day bash, Irish’s luck runs out. Trading fate for folly, he discovers the lips he seized in the dark belong to another. Even looking at his Vice President’s sister, CeCe is deadly, let alone what he did to her. She’s strictly off limits with good reason.

But Irish can’t quit thinking of her.

What was Cecilia Green doing all alone in the dark anyway? Working at the clubhouse, she’s always in the shadows. She had no idea it was dark. She’s blind. Being ambushed into a smoldering kiss and then some ignites her interest in the man behind it. But she’s blind, not dumb and seriously not the wilting flower that her brother makes her out to be. Irish’s reputation as a ladies’ man proceeds him. Luck has never been in CeCe’s vocabulary. It will take much more than good fortune for Irish to win her heart.

Read as a standalone

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Vasyl by K. L. Donn


Vasyl by K.L. Donn is coming April 26th!

Vasyl ecover

Preorder your copy of Vasyl by K.L. Donn today!


About Vasyl


My brothers are loose cannons.

I restrict my actions, watching for when best to act.

The enemy never sees me coming. She did. Nadia saw through me and challenged me at every turn.

I want her to burn for me.

To ignore the betrayals of her father and see only what I want to give her.

I may be her enemy now, but soon, I’ll be her lover.

Her only lover.

And when the enemy tries to strike, I’ll cut off his head.

Nadia may hate me when all is said and done, but I’ll show her I can burn for her too.

Reader beware, Vasyl is a dark romance with triggering themes.


Meet K.L. Donn

Krystal writes as USA Today Bestselling Author KL Donn. Born and raised in Alberta, Canada, she has over 50 published books in differing romance genres.

A little more about KL:

Perpetual romantic.

Coffee addict.

She speak sarcasm more often than not.

Give her an action flick over a romance. But a romance book over action. She’s weird like that.

Did she mention coffee addict?

Closet shopaholic.Beach lover.

Coffee addict, it bears repeating. Again.

Husband obsessed. Hers that is, you can keep yours.

Mom of 6, well 7 if you count the husband. Oh and 2 of those are a cat & dog.

She love’s to connect with readers so feel free to find her on any and all social media platforms you use!

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Back in the saddle

Title: Back in the saddle 

Series: In praise of older women 

Author: Gia Bailey

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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She’s used to being the boss and calling the shots. He doesn’t mind that, in every room except one.

On Cold Creek Ranch, things run by my rules. The Blackstone brothers have been rearing horses on this land for generations. I know my job, my purpose, my peace, until Lucy Lexington shattered it in an instant.
She’s a big city woman, professional, intelligent as hell, and gorgeous. She challenges me like no one else would dare. She’s older than me, richer, more cultured, and I don’t give a damn.
I’m going to take care of her, make her a home, and a family.
The trouble is, she keeps talking about leaving…
That’s not happening, no siree, not on my watch.
Lucy is mine, she just doesn’t know it yet.

Lucy walked onto Cold Creek Ranch, and if this sexy young cowboy has his way… she’ll never leave, not without his ring on her finger. Let’s see who’s really the boss, when this feisty older woman meets the younger burly cowboy of her dreams. If you love steamily sweet romances where it’s never too late for your dreams of love and family to come true, then you’ll love Back in the Saddle!

This March, your favorite contemporary romance authors are celebrating International Women’s Day all month long by bringing you a sassy, sexy collection of Older Women finding love with their hot younger men.



Gia Bailey loves to write steamy, sweet, short romances to keep her warm during the cold Scottish nights. All her heroes, from mountain men to billionaires, are possessive, obsessive alpha males, who go OTT for the women they fall for. And the heroines? Shy, sweet, smart, ambitious, and everything in between, these ladies always get their happy endings.

When not writing, she lives with her own burly Russian mountain man and all-knowing four year old, and enjoys baking, reading, jumping in muddle puddles (it’s Scotland, so there are lots), and inventing elaborate dreamworlds to play in. After all, life’s too short for anything other than a HEA.

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Seren by J. Nathan

Seren by J. Nathan is now live!

Seren Grayson is a tempest. Heartless and destructive to anyone who crosses his path. But because of his good looks and talent on the football field, the students at Windham Prep adore him. They respect his boldness. They fear his wrath. And, they believe they know the real Seren.
But they don't.
When I'm forced to move into Seren's home, I unexpectedly unleash his wrath and become his latest target. He may think I'm easy prey because I'm the housekeeper's daughter, but he's wrong. I'm not someone who will cower or back down when I'm pushed.
I'll push back. Harder.
The longer I spend at Windham Prep, the more I unravel the mysteries of Seren and Grayson Manor. Who knew it would take an outsider to soften his tough exterior and discover the truth behind the lies.

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Meet J. Nathan

J. Nathan is the author of new adult, sports, and rock star romances with cocky heroes and sassy heroines. When she's not writing, she's a crazy soccer and baseball mom as well as a total romance junkie! She loves watermelon margaritas, guys in backward hats, country music, and the summertime.
Connect with J.
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Stronger Than Hope

Title: Stronger Than Hope
Series: Chesapeake Days, #1
Genre: Gay Romance
Release Date: March 5, 2022
Cover Designer: BookSmith Design


One man looking to set down roots, the other looking to leave…
Fresh out of a relationship, Nate’s searching for a change—what better way is there than renovating his uncle’s old coffee shop in Chesapeake City? He has a new job, in a new town, and a new lease. And when he almost runs over his hot neighbor, Linc, who happens to be his contractor? Well, based on the explosive attraction between them, maybe he’ll find something new there too.
Linc’s been treading water ever since his wife passed away in childbirth, focusing all of his energy on raising his son, Beckett. The obvious solution? He needs to get the hell out of Chesapeake City. But when Nate charmingly fumbles his way into Linc’s life, he finds his defenses lowering for the first time in years. One date leads to another, and hell, this man makes him feel in ways he’d forgotten.
Even though Nate just finished piecing his heart back together, he falls fast. Yet Linc’s made it clear he’s a bad bet. The man hasn’t clicked with anyone since his wife, and if Nate ends up being “not enough” again, that won’t shatter just his heart—the fragile home he’s trying to build in this town will crumble too.

 Available now! 

Nate made the left and then the right onto a side street, minutes away from his new place. He slowed to a crawl as he scanned the buildings, trying to find the gray one with the cranberry door that would be his latest home. The sun struck his windshield, causing him to squint as he crept forward.
A loud curse snapped his attention front and center. Nate slammed on the brakes. The blinding light cleared in time to reveal the guy he’d been two seconds from flattening.
“What the fuck, man?” the guy called, slapping a hand on the hood of his car.
Nate let out a groan. Here for two minutes, and already he was mowing down pedestrians. If what he’d heard about small towns was true, he’d have a reputation as the asshole city slicker by tomorrow morning.
He poked his head out the window. “I’m so sorry,” he yelled. “I didn’t know which house was mine.” Nate gripped the steering wheel a little tighter, resisting the urge to slam his head into it. Now he sounded like an idiot.
The guy wove around to the driver side, and Nate caught his first real glimpse of him. The man looked to be early thirties, and the tank top and jeans he wore displayed a muscular body that made Nate bite back a whimper. Goddamn. He possessed a deep tan and dark tousled hair, his Italian heritage clear by his thick brows, his strong nose, and full lips meant for smirking.
Not only had he almost run over someone, it was one of the hottest guys he’d ever seen. 

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War (The Four Horsemen, Book 2) by Sienna Moreau

War Banner

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
War By Sienna Moreau

War Cover

The Four Horsemen, Book 2

The Red Rider’s time has come, but a forbidden love may keep him from answering the call.

As the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, War is tasked with fueling the flames of the destruction caused by his brother, Conquest. But War is hiding something—a connection he’s carried forever … one that will change everything.

Uriel, the Archangel of Diligence, must defeat War and stop the Apocalypse from coming to fruition. He won’t allow anything to throw him off the course he’s chosen for himself, especially not a smart-mouth Horseman who’s his polar opposite in every way. Fire and ice were never meant to fall in love.

When Uriel and War are thrown together by circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to confront a past they’ve both been running from. Faced with challenges, betrayal and the war brewing between the Heavens and Hells, they have a choice to make. It isn’t only the bond between them at stake; their very existence hangs in the balance.

Uriel must decide what side of the fight he’s on … and War must decide what he’s willing to give up for an Archangel’s love.

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War Teaser 6

War Teaser 1


“I’m not one of your servants. If you bite, I’ll bite back,” War promised.

Uriel leaned in until their breath mingled. War glanced down, lust swirling in his gut. What would he taste like? Would he be cold? If War turned up the heat in his body, would they even each other out? Would Uriel kill him if he tried to find out?

“I’m not afraid of you, War. You and your brethren are a pathetic leftover of a world long gone.”

“Fuck you,” War snarled. He knocked the dagger from Uriel’s hand, and it dug into the earth between their feet. He twisted Uriel’s opposite wrist painfully, forcing him to withdraw from War’s pants. “My brethren and I show you mercy when you don’t deserve it.”

Uriel’s face twisted into an ugly rage. “What do you know of mercy? You’re the embodiment of War. Mercy has no place with you.”

“I know it better than you or the rest of your puppets ever will. You sit at the feet of your master like good boys, but the wings you cherish so much are the only angelic thing about you.” War fisted his hand in the top that he had given Uriel—for protection he would never be worthy of. “I saved your ungrateful ass, and all you can do is spew your righteous filth at me. I should have left you there for the Demons to pick clean.”

“Go to hell,” Uriel said coldly.

War shoved Uriel away from him. No amount of physical perfection could ever hide the unpleasant personality this Archangel exuded. His hatred was unbecoming of a Being from Heaven, but Uriel cloaked himself in it and always had.

War hadn’t been lying; he should have left Uriel there to be dragged below and tortured for all eternity. If it wouldn’t upset the balance so completely, he would have been tempted. But even War wasn’t interested in having an Archangel chained in the depths of Hell. The power exchange it would create would be tipped too far one way, and the result wouldn’t be a war: it would be a massacre.

That’s not the only reason.

War ignored the thought. He had no other reason to protect an Archangel who wanted him dead and buried forever.

War Teaser 2

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To celebrate the release of War, Sienna is giving away a $20 Amazon Voucher & an e-set of The Four Horsemen Series so far (2 ebooks)!

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About the Author:

Sienna Moreau is a dark MM romance author who likes to let the darker side of life come out to play. If you’re looking for morally grey characters, snark, mayhem and steamy situations then you’re in the right place.

Sienna lives in rural Australia and when not writing can be found feeding her zombie obsession or playing video games.

Catch up with Sienna:
Facebook Page:
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