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#BRVL Author Spotlight BL Maxwell

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Green Eyed Boy

All American Series: MM Small Town Romance

BL Maxwell

#BRVL Author Spotlight Brina Brady

Taming Emilio by Brina Brady is on sale for 99 cents.

Strict and Caring Protector/Ex-Rent Boy/Age Gap/Hurt to Comfort/Spankings

E-book only for a limited time.

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#BRVL Author Spotlight Lynn Michaels

Tricky Tracks Audio is LIVE!

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#BRVL Author Spotlight BL Maxwell

99¢ Until April 4

Remember When

BL Maxwell

#BRVL Author Spotlight BL Maxwell

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

Four Packs Trilogy Book Two

Nic Starr &  BL Maxwell

#BRVL Author Spotlight Brina Brady

Buried Secrets Series Box Set is LIVE!

#BRVL Author Spotlight Lynn Michaels

Love isn’t part of the game plan.

❄❄New Audio Release!❆❆

Freezing Aversion

Consortium Series Book 2

BL Maxwell

#BRVL Author Spotlight Lynn Michaels

From the best selling author of the Holeshot 

comes a new series…

Sports String #1 

Pre-order now

Releases May 20

Magazines and Motorcycles

#BRVL Author Spotlight Brina Brady

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Narrated by James Talbot

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Book Tour

No More Secrets.

Book: No More Secrets
Release Date: March 16th, 2022
Series: Zone Defense #2
Genre: MM Romance
Cover Designer: Booksmith Design
“Amazing… hilarious…” – Amazon Review *****
Some things you can’t just blurt out… right?

When you’ve shared a kiss with your best friend and it blows your mind—and other parts of your body—it’s inevitable that everything changes.

That’s the way it now is with me and Jayden Moore, my best friend who thought he could rock my world with no consequences, all while throwing me his signature grin.

But this is Jayden we’re talking about. He gets himself into unexpected trouble no matter what, and when visiting Australia, I’m compelled to make sure he doesn’t get eaten by a croc or try to steal a kangaroo. Like the glutton for punishment I am, I follow him.

And that’s all great until my desperation and big mouth send our worlds spiraling. Apparently, we’re now officially a couple. And because of course it goes one step further, I’ve now got my very own fake fiancé.

Being in the media is one thing, but being inspiration for others creates a whole new set of guilt and problems. But we’ll tackle it together and find our way back to how things were.

And if that’s not possible, just maybe Jayden and I can find ourselves with a brand-new label. One that’s real, and one I don’t run from. That’s the thing with Jayden: he has a way to extract my secrets. Whether he’s prepared for them or not.
Swoon-worthy low-angst contemporary MM romance
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#BRVL Author Spotlight Lynn Michaels – Tricky Tracks

#BRVL Author Spotlight Lynn Michaels

Tricky Tracks Audio is LIVE!

Recovery has never been so complicated.

It’s difficult enough to recover from a potentially career-ending wreck, but Cole has to do it in front of a camera. Add in that the sexy videographer, Nix, has more than Cole’s tires spinning and it’s more than problematic. Facing the truth and redeeming himself for his past actions is trickier than making a good comeback for a team that doesn’t want him.

Nix Braumere is making a great career out of filming sports stars, and his friend, Jason, has him working on a Supercross documentary focusing on injuries, particularly Cole Lindt’s. Making the hot racer the star of his show wasn’t supposed to wreck his heart. But Cole’s grouchy front obviously hides a world of pain that Nix wants to ease.

#hurtcomfort #friendstolovers #sportsromance




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Release Blitz

Flyin’ Dirty by Paige Steele

Title: Flyin’ Dirty
Series: Beautifully Dirty Series
Author: Paige Steele
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2022

Cole Kain and Trey Russell have been best friends since college, where you find one, you’ll find the other. Realizing they share the need for adrenaline causes a chain reaction of friendly competitions. If one does something, the other one has to do it bigger and better. Which is exactly how they discover their love of Freestyle Motocross.

Traveling around the country doing what you love is the best job in the world, and celebrating at the end of every night with a different lady in your bed isn’t a bad gig either. Being the best of the best in the FMX world is what the guys are known for, as well as being two of the most eligible men on the circuit.

No one has ever kept their attention long enough to make them commit, until suddenly they find themselves possibly falling for the same blonde who shows up to see them fly through the air. Competitors to the end, they decide on a best of seven wager. It’s seven dates—over seven weeks—in the end the choice is hers to make.Will one girl really flip their world upside down, making them question their friendship? Only time will tell if the guys play fair on and off the ramp, or if they’ll start…Flyin’ Dirty.


Paige Steele is an Amazon bestselling author, who lives in central NY. She enjoys writing romance that’ll give you butterflies while you flip through each and every page. She’s a loving wife, mother of two grown boys and a gramma to a beautiful granddaughter and handsome grandson. Throughout the week, she is working for an insurance company during the day and at night she’s using her imagination to write stories. On the weekends you can often find Paige and her family at a dirt track. Watching her boys’ race is what inspired her to write the Beautifully Dirty Series. Though when she’s home, you can find her playing with her grandchildren, catching a good movie or just relaxing during daylight hours, but as night falls, she’ll be working on another great romance. Friendships and falling in love are what you’ll find while reading her books.


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#BRVL Author Spotlight Brina Brady Taming Emilio

#BRVL Author Spotlight Brina Brady

Taming Emilio by Brina Brady is on sale for 99 cents.

Strict and Caring Protector/Ex-Rent Boy/Age Gap/Hurt to Comfort/Spankings

E-book only for a limited time.

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Available on KU❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

International Link:

Physically battered and emotionally abused Emilio races out of the cheap motel room naked and swears he’ll never return to that line of work. He fears his pimp Marco and the Russian punishers.

Rafe tells Kaden about Emilio, but not quite everything. Kaden picks Emilio to be his protectee. He warns Emilio that if he breaks security rules, he’ll discipline him with a belt, but that doesn’t stop Emilio from accepting Kaden as his protector.

Unfortunately, misunderstandings, lies, and shortcomings on both of their parts threaten to take away the one thing Emilio and Kaden each need more than anything else: each other.

Taming Emilio is book 2 in the Buried Secrets Series or it can be read as a stand-alone book with no cliffhanger.

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Book Tour

Mile High Lab Rat

Mile High Lab Rat

by Ann Payton

Genre: Mystery

A page-turning mystery that will strike a chord with anyone who’s coped with a toxic workplace, Mile High Lab Rat is also fun, thought-provoking, and authentic!

Coordinating a college science lab seems a terrific job for this fledgling graduate.

The instructors are fun and appreciative. Maci loves helping with field trips and magic shows, and the intrigues of science are endlessly fascinating.

Except, why all the secrets? The dean orders Maci to say nothing about finding a bleeding man in the parking lot.

Reporting missing lab equipment is also taboo!

When Maci investigates fraudulent expenditures the lab reagents she prepares fail. Toxic fumes from a broken bottle force an evacuation.

To make matters worse, someone uploads a devastating virus into a state-wide system—from Maci’s computer!

While she’s pushing to discover who’s behind the trouble, the instructors conclude that it’s Maci!

Her one loyal ally acts a lot like a stalker. She’s on her own dodging booby traps, bloody threats, and termination.

**On Sale for Only .99 cents!**

Giveaway * Amazon

Sometime in the 90s I decided I needed a dream to pursue between working and raising three children. As the science lab coordinator for a Colorado community college, I enjoyed helping revise lab manuals, so why not become a travel writer? I managed to learn enough to sell freelance articles to a few major publications. Then I wrote a travel adventure novel, which led me into giving lectures on cruise ships and writing another novel. Can’t wait to see where that dream’s going to take me next.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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Book Tour

Charming Dr. Loveless Virtual Book Tour

Health Care Heroes Book 14

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: 02-02-2022

The more she pushes him away, the more he’s interested….

Kenzie McMillan just landed her dream job – she’s been promoted to Head Nurse at Mercy General Hospital and assigned to prominent cardiac surgeon Dr. Trevor Loveless. However, Kenzie soon wonders if she should have been more careful what she wished for, since the young doctor has an ego the size of Seattle. If only he weren’t so good-looking….

When Kenzie discovers that someone has been dipping into the hospital’s stash of controlled substances, she’s determined to identify the culprit. But she can’t do all the detecting alone… does she dare ask Dr. Loveless for help? Will she be able to resist the attraction between them?

About the Author

Annee Jones is a heartwarming romance and soon-to-be cozy mystery author who enjoys sharing her heart and imagination with others. She is passionate about writing stories that offer readers a place where dreams come true!

Professionally, Annee works as a disability counselor where she helps her clients navigate through complex medical and legal systems while rediscovering their wholeness in Spirit.

Annee also enjoys freelance writing for Publishers Weekly and multiple publishing companies.

Subscribe to Annee’s newsletter on her website:

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#BRVL Author Spotlight BL Maxwell – Green Eyed Boy

#BRVL Author Spotlight BL Maxwell

Preorder Now for April 6 Release

Green Eyed Boy

All American Series: MM Small Town Romance

BL Maxwell

After quitting his job, Billie Watts hits all the food festivals he can as he drives across the country. When he finally reaches Stony Brook, Maine, he’s excited to find he’s there just in time to try one of the lobster rolls he’s heard so much about. The bright neon yellow food truck with a giant red lobster on top looks like the perfect place to try it.

Lance Karl is as ready as he can be for the start of the three-day Tall Ships Festival and hopes to sell enough lobster rolls out of his food truck to make a good start towards owning a restaurant. The day begins cold and misty, and a text from his nephew saying he can’t help him is not the perfect start he’d hoped for.

When a green-eyed stranger interrupts his frantic morning, Lance doesn’t realize meeting Billie will not only change his day, but maybe even the rest of his life. Two strangers, drawn together over their work ethic, and sealing the deal over delicious lobster rolls. They could just be the perfect match. A small-town MM Vacation romance.

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Book Tour


The Art of the Decoy (A Scandal Mountain Antiques Mystery) by Trish Esden

About The Art of the Decoy

The Art of the Decoy (A Scandal Mountain Antiques Mystery) Traditional Mystery 1st in Series Setting – Vermont Crooked Lane Books (April 5, 2022) Hardcover : 336 pages ISBN-10 : 1643859641 ISBN-13 : 978-1643859644 Digital ASIN : B098PXZNDF

Perfect for fans of Jane K. Cleland and Connie Berry, Tricia Esden’s series debut is sure to please.


After her mother is sent to prison for art forgery, Edie Brown returns to Northern Vermont to rebuild her family’s fine art and antiques business. She’s certain she can do it now that her mother is gone. After all, butting heads with her mom over bad business practices was what drove Edie away three years ago, including a screwup that landed Edie on probation for selling stolen property.


When Edie scores a job appraising a waterfowl decoy collection at a hoarder’s farmhouse, she’s determined to take advantage of the situation to rebuild the business’s tarnished reputation and dwindling coffers. In lieu of payment, Edie intends to cherry-pick an exceptional decoy carved by the client’s renowned Quebecoise folk artist ancestors. Only the tables turn when the collection vanishes.


Accused of the theft, Edie’s terrified that the fallout will destroy the business and land her in prison next to her mom. Desperate, she digs into the underbelly of the local antiques and art world. When Edie uncovers a possible link between the decoy theft and a deadly robbery at a Quebec museum, she longs to ask her ex-probation officer, and ex-lover, for help. But she suspects his recent interest in rekindling their romance may hide a darker motive.


With the help of her eccentric uncle Tuck and Kala, their enigmatic new employee, Edie must risk all she holds dear to expose the thieves and recover the decoys before the FBI’s Art Crime Team or the ruthless thieves themselves catch up with her.

About Trish Esden

Trish Esden loves museums, gardens, wilderness, dogs, and birds, in various orders depending on the day. She lives in northern Vermont where she deals antiques with her husband, a profession she’s been involved with since her teens. Don’t ask what her favorite type of antique is. She loves hunting down old bottles and rusty barn junk as much as she enjoys fine art and furnishings.

Author Links Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Website: BookBub: GoodReads: Purchase LinksAmazonIndieBoundBarnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionKobo TOUR PARTICIPANTS March 29 – Novels Alive – GUEST POST March 29 – Mysteries with Character – AUTHOR INTERVIEW March 30 – The Avid Reader – REVIEW, RECIPE March 30 – Ruff Drafts – AUTHOR INTERVIEW March 31 – Elizabeth McKenna – Author – SPOTLIGHT March 31 – Christy’s Cozy Corners – GUEST POST April 1 – Celticlady’s Reviews – SPOTLIGHT April 1 – Christa Reads and Writes – SPOTLIGHT April 2 – Books a Plenty Book Reviews – REVIEW, CHARACTER INTERVIEW April 2 – FUONLYKNEW – SPOTLIGHT April 3 – Nellie’s Book Nook – REVIEW April 3 – #BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee Blog – SPOTLIGHT April 4 – Novels Alive – REVIEW April 4 – Baroness Book Trove – SPOTLIGHT April 5 – I Read What You Write – GUEST POST April 5 – fundinmental – SPOTLIGHT April 6 – Maureen’s Musings – SPOTLIGHT April 6 – Sapphyria’s Book Reviews – SPOTLIGHT April 7 – Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book – GUEST POST April 7 – Lady Hawkeye – SPOTLIGHT April 8 – Ascroft, eh? – AUTHOR INTERVIEW April 9 – MJB Reviewers – SPOTLIGHT April 10 – Brooke Blogs – SPOTLIGHT April 10 – Rosepoint Publishing – REVIEW April 11 – Melina’s Book Blog – REVIEW a Rafflecopter giveaway Have you signed up to be a Tour Host? Click Here to Find Details and Sign Up Today! Additional Banners