Cover Reveal

Rocking Your World by Autumn St. James

Autumn St. James has revealed the 
cover for Rocking Your World!

Releasing May 24, 2022


I'm no longer the eighteen-year-old, lovesick girl I was six years ago. He is no longer able to stir feelings in me, because I'm happily married and head over heels in love with Max. At least that is what I told myself on the way to the wedding of my best friend's parents.
I couldn't have been more wrong. Because one touch and a few words from Jace was all it took to bring the spark that I thought was dead forever back to life.
Luckily, tomorrow he will go back to live his rock-star life and I will avoid every possible encounter with him.

Six years ago, all that mattered in my life was music. But now that I'm living my dream of being the lead singer of a world-famous rock band, it feels like something is missing.
The wedding of my parents showed me exactly what the missing piece in my life is. Or better yet, who it is. It's none other than my sister's best friend Emma.
We shared a kiss right before she left for college, and we both went our separate ways after. But I can't make the same mistake of letting her go again.
This time, I'm here to get the girl. For good.

Cover Designer: Désirée Riechert – Buchdesign

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Meet Autumn St. James

Autumn St. James is a german author of contemporary romance. She writes steamy love stories with a lot of humor. 
When Autumn isn't writing, she is spending time with her family.
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