New Release

CORRUPTED HEIR by Kiana Hettinger

Release Date: May 4

I’m walking down that aisle… whether I like it or not.

I learned very early on that every life matters—no life is insignificant, most especially not my own mother’s, whose life was cruelly slain. I vowed to do what I can so that no one has to feel as if they’re nothing at all when they lose their loved ones. 

So when I’m forced into a marriage with Dominic Luca—the man next in line to be the head of the biggest crime family in all of New York—the ring he puts on my finger is a gun to my head with his thumb on the trigger.

I couldn’t possibly hold his hand knowing it has the blood of countless men on it. I couldn’t possibly look into his eyes knowing he’s seen more deaths than a coroner. 

I could never feel safe around him. Especially not after a horrifying truth comes out, a truth that weaves his past with mine, a truth that makes me realize something even more horrifying than the truth itself. 

Not only am I married to a killer, I’m married to a monster.

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Meet Kiana Hettinger

Kiana Hettinger is a writer of Dark and Steamy Romances with Sports, Paranormal and other underlying themes. She lives in gorgeous Fredericksburg, Virginia with her two adorable labrador retrievers and an array of exciting friends that provide unfettered feedback on all her stories.

Kiana enjoys traveling, weight lifting, and anything that keeps her in the beautiful outdoors. From kayaking to hiking and Virginia to France, she is always on the lookout for her next adventure. Kiana is still waiting for the ending of her own personal epic romance. She uses her dating mishaps to fuel her imagination with tales of what should have happened. She loves chatting with all her readers,  hearing their love stories, and feedback on her books always welcome.

See also Hardmoon Press the publishing company for her books.

To learn more about Kiana Hettinger and her books, visit here!

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