Release Date: May 20

Sixteen-year-old Rosie Hart has spent her life split between two very different worlds. In the secret, male-dominated world of werewolves, she is the only female. As a witch, she struggles to understand her powers, even under the guidance of her grandmother.

Rosie’s formed a close bond with her pack, especially with her brother, Sam, and with handsome, smart, sixteen-year-old Lucas. The three of them have grown up together, learning how to navigate their extraordinary lives. Despite their close bond, she struggles with the isolation and insecurity of being different.

When a handsome classmate starts looking her way, Rosie tries to put aside her awkward alter-egos and strives for a little bit of normal, teenage-girl fun. But with the United States Werewolf Council breathing down her father’s back and a hunter prowling in the woods behind the pack house, Rosie’s already complicated life teeters on chaos. Normal might be out of the question, but can Rosie find peace—within herself and her complicated world?

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Meet Rachelle Kampen

Rachelle Kampen spent most of her youth with her face in a book. Authors like S.E. Hinton and Christopher Pike introduced her to a lifetime love of reading.

After years of dreaming up stories that she tucked away in her head, she finally started writing her debut novel in 2020. 

She lives outside Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and daughter. When she isn’t typing away at the keyboard or engrossed in a good novel, she watches mindless sitcoms and soaks up every blissful moment she can with her family.


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