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Shattered Pieces Can Still Shine


Georgie’s story


Historical fiction, Biographical Fiction


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This story loosely based on a real-life story, is about Georgie, a child born to a single mother just after WW2 in a small village in Cumberland. After an initially happy first few years of childhood during which Georgie dreams of becoming a dancer, she finds herself the victim of sexual and psychological abuse by her stepfather, and then neglect and rejection by both her mother and her absent father. Eventually Georgie runs away to London where, after a short period of rough-sleeping, life seems to become more positive for a while, and she is able to kick start her dancing career. But things go badly wrong, and Georgie finds herself imprisoned into a life she did not choose, with little chance of escaping. She had rarely prayed to God, but it seemed He was watching over her …



Early February 1952



Life had become almost normal for Georgie once Mummy was back home. The five-year-old felt at peace, but somehow couldn’t quite find the old bouncing Georgie that she once was. Neither could she bring herself to call the monster Daddy anymore. Georgie knew that Mummy had put it down to her having grown up a lot while she was away. Pattie and Robert had appeared to be less worried about her too, which Georgie thought was because they knew her mummy was now there to monitor the situation.

A month passed by until one Sunday morning early in February Mummy announced that she was popping down to see Pattie for a couple of hours for a catchup.

“Would you mind keeping an eye on the girls for me, please, Gerald? It would be lovely to have a bit of girlie time with Pattie on our own. Daisy’s just gone down for a nap, so she shouldn’t be a problem.”

Georgie had overheard what Mummy had said as she sat on the settee in the living room quietly reading her book about the girl who became a dancer and dreaming of her longed-for future. When Mummy popped her head around the door to say goodbye, she asked Mummy if she could go with her.

“Not this time, Baby, you’d be bored anyway. It will just be me and Pattie chattering away as usual. You and Daddy could play your chasing game like you used to. I haven’t seen you two laughing together once since I came out of hospital. Daisy’s fast asleep in her cot so you don’t have to amuse her. Have some fun.”

Then Mummy disappeared, leaving Georgie sitting on the edge of the settee, holding tightly on to her book. Should she stay where she was and keep quiet, hoping not to attract the monster’s attention? Tingling fear crept its way up her tense body, switching her mind on to red alert. Maybe she could creep outside to the front garden and play five-stones in the lane. Somehow, she would feel safer outside. She would still hear Daisy if she woke up, so at least she’d know her little sister was safe. Yes, that’s what she would do. She crept into the hallway and slipped her coat off the stair post. She would put it on once she was outside. She walked quietly over to the front door, holding her breath, but as she lifted her hand to turn the knob, she jumped at the sound of the monster’s voice.

“Where d’you think you’re going?”

It took all Georgie’s control to stop her voice quaking as she turned to him.

“Just going out to play five-stones in the lane.”

He approached her, took her coat, and put it back over the stair post.

“Upstairs now.”

Georgie immediately obeyed. She remembered his threat and knew that she had to protect her little sister. He followed closely behind. At the top of the stairs, he guided her into the bathroom and locked the door behind him.

“Kneel down in front of the toilet.”

She obeyed.

“Open the lid.”

She obeyed. He loosened his trousers, and she immediately knew what she had to do. He approached her.

Afterwards, he left the bathroom, leaving Georgie vomiting down the toilet. When she’d finished, she flushed away the proof of her action, rinsed her mouth out with water from the washbasin, and quietly exited into her bedroom to check that Daisy was safe. Pale-faced and trembling, she knelt on her bed to look out of the window and down the lane where she knew her mummy was. She didn’t notice the monster return quietly to her room, so his loud whisper made her jump.

“Get back downstairs to your book, now.”

Georgie was paralysed to the spot for a long moment. Was he going to touch Daisy? Then she felt the harsh grip of his hand on her arm, pulling her off the bed and guiding her out of her bedroom and down each step, including the creaky one, until she found herself shoved back onto the settee. He picked up her precious dancer book and for a painful moment she held her breath, fearing that he was going to destroy it. Instead, he pushed it into her hands before turning away and returning to the kitchen. Georgie was numb. She sat there for several minutes, clinging on to the book, knowing that she didn’t have the option of crying, because her mummy would notice her red face and swollen eyes. Suddenly she heard the front door open and saw Mummy enter.

“Don’t tell me you’re still reading that same old book of yours, Baby?

Georgie used every bit of her willpower to force a smile onto her face as Mummy took off her coat and placed it on the stair post over Georgie’s coat. As she did so, there was a small cry from Daisy, and Mummy tripped upstairs to retrieve her baby. As she came back downstairs holding Daisy, Georgie jumped up from the settee to meet them, immediately responding to her little sister’s open arms and taking her from Mummy.

“Ger, Ger,” the child gurgled as Mummy smiled and headed towards the kitchen, leaving Daisy with her big sister.

Georgie was happy to be distracted from what had happened by amusing Daisy for the rest of the day and avoiding the monster in the process. It wasn’t until she got into bed that night, and endured Mummy and the monster coming up together to tuck her in, that she gave way to the silent tears that she had been swallowing since the incident. As sleep eventually overtook her, she decided that she would disclose her secret to Mummy and beg her not to tell. She knew she couldn’t continue the way things were.

As it happened, Mummy broached the subject herself. Georgie came out of school on the Monday afternoon to find Mummy, with Daisy in her pram, waiting for her as usual. As they were walking home, Georgie holding on to the side of the pram handle and making Daisy laugh by repeatedly leaning towards her little sister and pretending that she was about to tickle her, Mummy spoke.

“Georgie, Babe, what’s wrong? Won’t you tell me why you always look so serious these days? What’s happened to your bounce? I really miss it.”

Georgie knew that this was her opportunity, so she took a deep breath and keeping her eyes on the ground, she opened up to Mummy, who she knew loved her more than life itself.

“He’s been doing things to me, Mummy, and I don’t like it. He said he would really hurt me and Daisy if I told anyone.”

It was such a relief to get the words out that Georgie allowed the tears to trickle down her cheeks and plop to the ground.

“What do you mean, Baby? Who has been doing things to you and what has he been doing?”

“Gerald. When you were in hospital, he did things to me in my bed, and made me do things that made me sick.”

“What are you talking about? Why are you calling your daddy Gerald? What things did he do to you?”

“He touched me between my legs, he put his thing in my mouth, and one time he put his thing inside me, and it hurt me so bad, Mummy, that it made me bleed.”

“Georgie, daddies don’t do things like that to their little girls. These are terrible things to say about your daddy. Where on earth have you heard such things in the first place? Have you been listening to the bad kids in the school playground?”

Georgie gulped. She was shocked into silence. Her own mummy didn’t believe her.

“Georgie, I never want to hear you say such outrageous things again. Do you hear me?”

Georgie’s eyes didn’t leave the ground. She knew it was pointless arguing. She just nodded. The rest of the way home was spent in silence. Even little Daisy went quiet as if she sensed that something was wrong.


About the Author

Gloria Eveleigh has three adult children and five grandchildren. She lives on England’s south coast but was born in South London just after WW2. She grew up on a council estate, experiencing familial sexual, physical and psychological abuse within a dysfunctional family. Despite this, she did well at school and spent the first part of her career as a research scientist. She then studied to become a social worker, specialising in the area of safeguarding, and eventually running her own safeguarding consultancy. She is now a champion for survivors of abuse and uses her writing and regular posts on social media to ensure that the issue of abuse in all its forms is kept high in the public narrative. Through this, Gloria hopes to break down the wall of silence that often prevents victims from reporting, and in effect protects the perpetrators.

As a child when abuse was hidden, not believed, and not acknowledged, Gloria’s experiences resulted in an emotional life sentence. She managed to turn this around, and is now a champion for abuse survivors, using her writing and social media posts to keep the issue of all forms of abuse high in the public narrative.

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Mayhem by Brooke Summers

Title: Mayhem
Series: Fury Vipers MC #2
Author: Brooke Summers
Genre: MC Romance
Photo: Lindee Robinson
Model: Travis Bendall
Release Date: June 23, 2022


She’s the only woman he’s ever loved. He’s the only man she’ll ever want.

When the woman he loves is hurt due to his actions… Mayhem is born.

Joining the Fury Vipers MC was supposed to be a new beginning with the woman he loved, but it turned into something much worse

He’s fighting a war with his inner demons. He’s determined to win and be with his woman.

She wants the life she’s always dreamed of. He wants her safe…

Effiemia Ryan knew that Benjamin was the man she’d spend the rest of her life with at a young age. But those dreams of hers vanished the day he joined the club.

Her world comes crashing down when he walks away.

But safety is never assured and for Effie, it’s not Mayhem’s enemies that want her dead… it’s her own.

Can they survive the horrors to come?



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Releasing October 27



USA Today Bestselling Author Brooke Summers is a Mafia Romance author and is best known for her Made Series.
Brooke was born and raised in South London.
She lives with her daughter and hubby. Brooke has been an avid reader for many years.
She’s a huge fan of Colleen Hoover and Kristen Ashley.
Brooke has been dreaming of writing for such a long time.
When she was little, she would make up stories just for fun.
Seems as though she was destined to become an author.



Marked by Him by SR Jones

Title: Marked by Him
Series: Club V #1
Author: SR Jones
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2022


His ink on my skin. His ring on my finger. His protection for life. My heart as payment.


She came to my territory to spy on me. No one does that and lives. But this girl, she’s a rare beauty, beyond any I’ve seen.
I want her under me, not under the ground.
She’s a temptation I have to conquer, and so I make her an offer.
My insignia inked on her skin. My ring on her finger. My protection for life.
It starts out as a game but becomes an obsession so fierce it might burn the world down.
Trouble is, I can’t tell who is winning.
The stakes have never been higher, and we’re both playing for keeps.


As a low-level street informant, I thought I’d finally gotten out and could resume my life, but I was mistaken.
My handler had one last job for me.
He wanted me to spy on Nikolai Volkov; Slovakian arms dealer and all-round a very bad person.
The first day of working at his mysterious Club V, I knew I was in over my head.
Powerful, beautiful, and full of charismatic energy, he enticed me … and terrified me.

So here I am. A girl out of her depth, being dragged under by the kind of man she most certainly shouldn’t be messing with.
He says he will protect me, so long as I wear his mark and become his.
At first, I try to tell myself I can play his twisted games, but as time goes on, he takes over my body, my heart, and now he wants my very soul.
Nikolai Volkov is either going to be my downfall, or my savior, and I don’t know which.

NB: This can be read entirely as a standalone novel. It is a dark romance. For a list of what that entails, please visit my website.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing July 22



Hi guys. I’m Skye, a paranormal and contemporary romance author from rainy Northern England. I write Paranormal romance as Skye Jones, and steamy dark romance as S.R. Jones.
The one thing my books in both genres have in common are gritty themes, and alpha heroes who are damaged but oh-so-redeemable!
When I’m not writing, I’m either walking my dogs, drinking coffee, or watching my fave TV shows such as The Sopranos, McMafia, and Little House on the Prairie, yep I have eclectic taste!



Cover Reveal

Jackal by HJ Marshall

Title: Jackal
Series: Death Hounds MC #4
Author: H.J. Marshall
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2022
Cover Design: Dark Water Cover Design

My life was a nightmare wrapped in dark secrets. Separated from my sister at an early age, I was surrounded by twisted depravity that threatened to tear me apart. After losing everything and everyone I loved, I was cast out into a world I wasn’t prepared for. The Death Hounds saved my daughter from a life of misery and through them, I was reunited with her.

He saw the darkest parts of my soul and embraced them, offering me love and support unlike anything I’d ever experienced. He knew some of my secrets, but there were still dangers lurking in the shadows. He had his own demons that called him into the darkness, but together, we fought the darkness and began to build a future.

When faced with a vile monster from my past, I used the strength he gave me and fought to survive. My saviors on steel horses came to my rescue, but this time, a Death Hound was caught in the crossfire. Would the club still support me, or would they cast me back into a life of isolation?

With darkness closing in again, the only one who could protect me was the man who held my heart, and would destroy the world, just to see me smile. But when the truth is finally revealed, would he still be standing by my side, or would my daughter and I have to face the world alone?

H.J. Marshall began her love of reading and writing at an early age and has always dreamed of being a writer full-time. A nomadic youth exposed her to different perspectives of life, community, and culture, resulting in a lifelong love of food, music, and history. When she is not writing, she enjoys the music of all generations and genres, writing full-time, and living in her quiet cabin in the woods. Currently landlocked, H.J. dreams of her beach house, salty air, and a life filled with laughter.

Cover Reveal

Love on the Sunshine Coast Collection

Title: Love on the Sunshine Coast
Authors: Anise Storm, Gail Harris, Amy Stephens, E.M. Shue, S.A. Clayton, Barbra Campbell, Eve London, and Fern Fraser 
Genre: Multi-Genre
Release Date: June 28, 2022
Cover Design: KL Donn at Alluring Write Productions

Get ready to warm up this summer in beautiful B.C., Canada where the days are hot and the nights are hotter. Join some of your favorite authors as they bring love to the Sunshine Coast.

Love on the Sunshine Coast collection is coming on June 28th with 8 different stories from 8 amazing authors!

✦ November Rain by Anise Storm

✦ Alluring Serenity by Gail Haris

✦ Love Me Not by Amy Stephens

✦ Distracting David by E.M. Shue

✦ Maybe One Day by S.A. Clayton

✦ Sex, Lies, & Techy Guys by Barbra Campbell

✦ One Night with a Diver by Eve London

✦ Sweet Talker by Fern Fraser

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Hush Baby Hush by Margot Scott

Title: Hush Baby Hush
Series: Daddy Loves You #3
Author: Margot Scott
Genre: Contemporary Age Gap Romance
Release Date: May 26, 2022


Hush, little baby. Daddy’s here…

I could tell McKenzie Sommers was a fighter from the moment we met. Two broken ribs, countless bruises, her bare feet scraped to hell. She’d stared Death in the face and lived to describe him to a sketch artist.

Now that the danger has passed, she’s straining to pick up the pieces. But some terrors linger in the wake of the threat. They take up residence inside you like bad houseguests—a feeling I know all too well as a US Army Vet.

The monsters under McKenzie’s bed tell her she’s tainted, spoiled, broken. But broken never bothered me. I didn’t buy a fixer-upper so I could pay someone else to repair it. With me, she can shatter into a thousand glittering pieces.

Don’t be afraid to fall apart, baby girl. Trust Daddy to put you together again.

Author’s Note: The third book in the Daddy Loves You Series contains spoilers for previous books in the series, and is best enjoyed after reading Stay Baby Stay.

CONTENT WARNING: This title contains sensitive themes and tropes, including Daddy Dom/baby girl kink within a 20-year age-gap relationship, in addition to discussions of violence, PTSD, and sexual assault. Reader discretion is strongly advised.



Free in Kindle Unlimited




There’s a girl in my bed.
I haven’t had a woman in my bed, asleep or otherwise, in a good long while. But this girl—McKenzie—isn’t here because she wants to be. She’s here because she’s been through hell, and I couldn’t stand the thought of her laying her head anywhere but my pillow.
As for me, I’ll be perfectly content on the couch downstairs. I had hoped to slip into the ensuite bath with clean towels before she went down for the night, but the day’s stresses got the jump on my plans to be a good host.
Standing in the doorway, I watch her chest rise and fall with her breathing. I could leave the towels out here in the hallway, but the path to the bathroom is short and clear. I served four tours in Afghanistan, two in Special Ops; I can sneak a stack of towels past a little girl without waking her up.
I tread lightly into the bedroom, avoiding floorboards I know to be vocal. I watch for movement on the bed and see only stillness. I make it into the bathroom without incident, closing the door before switching on the light. Aside from the spare toothbrush I left out for McKenzie, there isn’t anything in here to indicate that I’ve yielded my space to a woman.
The way her best friend, Holly, tells it, McKenzie had nothing but the clothes on her back when they found her at the abandoned mall. While I’m sure Holly’s more than happy to let her friend use whatever items she packed for herself, I make a mental note to ask the girls for a shopping list in case they end up having to stay a while. As far as I’m concerned, they’re welcome to stay as long as it takes for the police to find the motherfucker who’s hunting them.
The reminder that the girl in my bed was nearly murdered by a serial killer crystallizes my anger like ice. I feel it scrape against my insides like an itch I can’t scratch.
When I saw McKenzie for the first time, she was wrapped in a light-blue blanket on my buddy Jonah’s couch. My gut clenched as I took in her ashen face and tangled blonde hair. She wore the same hollow look I’d seen on the shell-shocked faces of soldiers and fellow vets. She’d been through the ringer, and to an untrained eye, she might’ve appeared defeated.
But when I honed in on her sea-green gaze I recognized a warrior’s resolve. This scrappy little girl, half my age, had stared Death in the face and lived to describe him to a sketch artist.
I couldn’t help but be impressed.
I hang two clean towels on the rack in my bathroom and grab the used ones to throw in the wash. Switching off the light, I ease the door back slowly—
And lock eyes with a wide awake and upright McKenzie.
“Sorry.” I tip my mouth apologetically, stepping fully into the room. “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
She rubs her red-rimmed eyes. “I wasn’t sleeping. I can’t sleep without my meds.”
I spy the orange pill bottle on the bedside table, next to an empty glass. I toss the damp towels on the floor and pick up the glass, pretending not to notice the way she tenses at my approach. I’ve caught bits and pieces of McKenzie’s story over the last few days, starting with the detail about her and Holly living in a motel. Thanks to last night’s very friendly and perfectly legal conversation with Russell King at his house, I know all about the sex parties, as well as the killer targeting the girls who attend said sex parties. Thanks to McKenzie, the cops now have a description of the guy.
But that knowledge came at a price.
I fill the glass with water at the bathroom sink and then bring it back out to her. She accepts the glass with a mumbled thanks and pops one of her pills. I wait to make sure everything goes down smoothly, watching the purple bruises on her neck shift as she swallows.
Fury rises inside me. The thought of anyone putting their hands on McKenzie triggers an involuntary primal response. I don’t realize I’m glaring at her throat until she reaches up to cover the bruises.
“Does it look that bad?” she asks.
I blink to reset my features. No point in drawing attention to wounds she’s already well aware of.
“I’ll let you get to sleep,” I mumble, gathering up the damp towels.
“Wait, Austin,” she says, pauses. “I really appreciate you letting Holly and me stay here. But you didn’t have to give me your room.”
My gaze lingers on the folded hem of her pajama pants—on loan from Holly, I assume, who’s a few inches taller. I shrug. I’m no stranger to putting my life on the line to protect the nameless and faceless. Offering McKenzie my bedroom was a no-brainer.
“It’s just a bed.”
“Well, a bed’s a lot more than I had for a long time. At least this time I didn’t have to…” She bites her lips together, trapping whatever words she was about to say behind her teeth.
“Didn’t have to…what?”
She gestures to the walls. “I like your house. It reminds me of my grandpa’s old homestead. I lived there for a while when I was little.”
“Where was that?”
“North Carolina.”
“Does he still live there?”
She shakes her head. “He’s dead now.”
“I’m sorry to hear that.”
“He had fruit trees, too. Apples, cherries, peaches. His vegetable garden was massive.” Her lips slant into a near-smile. “How long have you lived in this house?”
“About six months. I’ve been slowly fixing it up on weekends. Can’t say I’ve given the garden the attention it deserves.”
“It shows.”
I chuckle, not the least bit put off by her teasing. This little girl can crack jokes at my garden’s expense until sunup if it makes her smile.
There I go again, referring to McKenzie as a little girl. Last night, at the hospital, she told the intake nurse she was eighteen. She looks eighteen, but there are moments when the girl she used to be shines through, like at the crime scene this afternoon.
My buddy, Cal Larkin, the lead detective on her case, didn’t want the girls at the scene, but McKenzie was determined to be there for the search. I’ve served with grown men who don’t possess half the fortitude this girl carries in her five-foot-three-inch frame. After everything she endured at the hands of a sadistic killer, she wanted to help bring him down.
Needless to say, I was moved.
“You did good today,” I tell her. “Really good.”
“I guess, if crying like a baby in the mud counts as really good.” She runs her finger around the rim of the glass. “Not sure what difference it’ll make in the end.”
When we arrived on the scene, I told the girls to wait by my truck until the cops called for us. But McKenzie didn’t listen. She took off toward the smoking rubble, prompting Holly and me to chase her up the hill.
The only proof of McKenzie’s story, besides the physical evidence gathered at the hospital, had gone up in smoke. It all proved too much for her to take in. She fell to her hands and knees in the mud and wailed.
I came fucking close to gathering her in my arms and taking her straight home. But touching her in that moment, when I’d never touched her before, felt like a step too far. So I knelt in the mud beside her and tried to drum up words of comfort, things you’d say to a child who’d just awoken from a nightmare.
But McKenzie’s nightmare isn’t the kind you wake from. It’s the kind you battle through, and she fought hard to recall the last place she remembered holding her necklace, and the path she took through the woods.
“You were able to prove you were telling the truth,” I say. “You found evidence placing yourself somewhere you had no business being. It corroborates your story.”
She sets the glass on the nightstand and then rests her head on the pillow.
“Why do I feel like I’m going to be telling this story for the rest of my life?” She stares at the ceiling, and I grab this fleeting chance to study her while she’s unaware of my scrutiny. She’s a marvel, this girl. As iron-willed as she is beautiful—and she is beautiful.
Rein it the fuck in, Pope.
I command my gaze to find somewhere to linger that isn’t attached to the girl in my bed. The last thing McKenzie needs is a man’s unwelcome attention when she’s raw, vulnerable, and most importantly, currently seeking shelter in his home. She doesn’t owe me anything for my hospitality.
But someday she won’t be so tender. Someday, when she’s ready…
Forget it. That line of thinking can only lead to one place: nowhere. Her situation is fucked up enough as it is. No need to complicate it further, even if she does look like she belongs in my sheets.
“I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.”
She rises onto her elbows. “Could you, um, stay a minute? Just until I fall asleep.”
Bad idea. I glance at the towels in my hand.
She continues, “It’s just that… I’ll fall asleep faster if I think you’re keeping watch.”
“I am keeping watch.”
Fuck it. I take a seat on the edge of the bed, as far away from her as I can sit without my ass hitting the floor. “I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, McKenzie.”
“Thanks.” She smiles sadly, like she doesn’t believe me, then lays back down. I wonder how many people in her life have made promises they later reneged on. Any more than zero is too damn many. I make a silent promise, right here and now, to protect McKenzie with everything I’ve got.
True to her word, she falls asleep within minutes.
Downstairs, in the dark, I bring the damp towels to my nose. Beneath the clean scent of soap, I pick out McKenzie’s natural fragrance, holding a trace of her essence inside me since I can’t hold onto her.
Before I settle down on the couch, I load a round into the chamber on my Glock, then set the gun within reach on the coffee table.
I pray the cops catch the psychopath who murdered those girls, I do. But fuck if I don’t want to be the one to put him down. After the way he terrorized McKenzie, and the things he planned to do… I crack my knuckles to keep my hands nimble and loose.
Let the bastard try to take her from this house.
He’ll have to go through me first.



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


USA Today Bestselling Author Margot Scott likes short, sexy reads, rainbow sprinkles on vanilla ice cream, and rainy days spent in bed with her furbabies. When she’s not writing forbidden-love stories about bearded older men, you can find her browsing Pinterest for pictures of pink things.


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KBWorlds Release Day Promo

banner_kbwcollectiveEH 05262022

The latest set of books in the Everyday Heroes World are live!

Inspired by K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes standalones, each author wrote their own story to fit in the world. We hope you’ll fall in love with their new stories and characters while revisiting the Malone brothers from mine.

KBW - Now Live - 05262022 All the books releasing today are FREE in Kindle Unlimited:

Fallout by Rhian Cahill

Fallout is an emotional, single dad, second chance contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.

The past brought them together. It could also tear them apart.

Jake Conners is ready to put the past behind him and give his son—the one good thing to come out of a disastrous relationship—the best he can. Moving to Sunnyville to rebuild their lives and repair the friendship his ex ruined is the new beginning they both need.

Mallory Dawson is in Sunnyville to make amends for her stepsister. She never meant to get close to Jacob or Maddox but living in the garage apartment of their new house keeps her in constant contact and as each day passes, she’s pulled into their lives and closer to the duo.

The last thing either of them wants is a relationship, but as their friendship grows their connection becomes harder to deny. With each encounter Jake’s heart opens more and Mallory’s love for Maddox is one the toddler never received from anyone other than Jake.

But when Mallory’s link to Jake’s past is revealed the fallout leaves her without a place to live and a broken heart. With the threat her family represents, she’s forced to accept the budding relationship the three of them have is gone.

Devastated and with no hope of getting the thing she wants most—a family with Jacob and Maddox—Mallory is willing to put everything—including her life—on the line to ensure her stepsister can never again hurt the two people she loves most.

Everyday Heroes World Check out the books that inspired the authors! K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes series are FREE in Kindle Unlimited right now:





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SEAL Team Romeo

Series Blurb

Meet the men of SEAL Team Romeo. At work, these warriors serve their country, protect the innocent, and generally kick ass. No matter the challenge, or the danger, they always have each other’s six. They’ve been too busy saving the world to find love. Until now.

While on leave, each of them is about to meet their match. These SEALs fight hard…and love harder. Whether she’s the girl next door or the one that got away, when the right girl captures a Romeo’s heart, she’s his for life.

Get ready to fall for SEAL Team Romeo in this series of short and steamy romances from some of your favorite instalove authors.

Amazon Series Link

Authors, Titles, Links, and Tropes

Under Pressure by Fern Fraser – May 10th

Tropes: Instalove, Protector, Cuvy Girl, Fish out of Water

Goodreads * Amazon

Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Khloe Summers – May 11th

Tropes: Curvy Girl, Age Gap, Instalove, Secret Baby

Goodreads * Amazon

Love Anchored by Mayra Statham – May 12th

Tropes: Curvy Girl, Multicultural, Instalove

Goodreads * Amazon

Crossing Enemy Lines by Cameron Hart – May 13th

Tropes: Age Gap, Curvy Girl, Enemies-to-Lovers

Goodreads * Amazon

In Too Deep by Emma Lee Jayne – May 17th

Tropes: Fake Relationship, Brother’s Best Friend, Forced Proximity, Forbidden Love

Goodreads * Amazon

Easy Surrender by Nichole Rose – May 18th

Tropes: Instalove, Age Gap, Curvy Girl, Protector, Wounded Hero

Goodreads * Amazon

One Night with a SEAL by Eve London – May 19th

Tropes Age Gap, Grumpy/Sunshine

Goodreads * Amazon

Covert Curves by Kat Baxter – May 20th

Tropes: Instalove, Curvy Girl, Protective Hero, Forbidden Love, Forced Proximity

Goodreads * Amazon

Operation Claim Curves by Lana Love – May 23rd

Tropes: BBW, Brother’s Best Friend, Second Chance

Goodreads * Amazon

Blown Away by Loni Ree – May 24th

Tropes; Instalove, Curvy Woman, Age Gap

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Shot to the Heart by Emily Bunney – May 25th

Tropes: Best Friend’s Little Sister

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Defending My Heart by Barbra Campbell – May 26th

Tropes: Grumpy/Sunshine, Hidden Identity

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Operation: Wife Her Up by Chloe Maine – May 27th

Tropes: Marriage of Convenience, Age Gap

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Sealing the Deal by Poppy Parkes – May 30th

Tropes: Second Chance, Medical/Trauma

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SEALed with a Kiss by Mazzy King – May 31st

Tropes: Protector Hero, Hot Mess Heroine, Home Improvement

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Broken SEAL by Tarin Lex – June 1st

Tropes: Second Chance, Best Friends, Single Mom

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Cover Reveal

One Dark and Froggy Night, by Jade Greenberg.


One Dark and Froggy Night: A Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Manhattan Magic Series

By Jade Greenberg

Genre: Paranormal Romance | Humorous Fiction | Romantic Comedy |Urban Fantasy

Release Date: June 16

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Danny made the mistake of crossing the wrong witch. Now he’s a warty amphibian. At least until he learns his lesson.

When my witch ex turned me into a frog, I was pissed. But it didn’t take long for me to realize how good I got it. Life as a magic frog is figata, baby. Close to perfecto. But it has its downfalls. One formerly very big downfall to be exact.

Now the King of Atlantis is granting wishes to anyone who can help him find a lost mermaid fairy princess.

A magic wish is just what I need to live the perfect magic froggy life. All I got to do is find her.

If I was a mermaid and wanted to go missing, I’d go somewhere no one would expect to find me. Like the sky. No one would think to look there for a fish. But I’m a frog. How would I get to the sky?

This one’s a corundum, but I’m going to figure it out.

I thought I had it good before, but now that I know the impossible is possible, I got a plan. A big one. If you know what I mean.

Join Danny on his magical quest in this laugh-out-loud Frog Prince retelling Paranormal Women’s Fiction fans don’t want to miss.

About the author:

Jade Greenberg is a USA Today bestselling author of Paranormal Women’s Fiction with a Rom-Com twist. She lives in New York City with her family and loves finding magic in unexpected places.

Follow her on TikTok (@authorandmom)