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Today Book Highlight – Leather Paddles By Brina Brady – KU and Audio Books Available


Leather Paddles by Brina Brady is on audio

Narrator is Andrew Ladd

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Dom/sub, BDSM club owner, College student, Age gap, Hurt/Comfort/spankings

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He’s had it with Doms. Never again…but maybe this one is different?

Twenty-two-year-old Jesse finds himself abandoned by his abusive Dom after four years in an unhappy BDSM relationship. Devastated, he moves in with his best friend, Charlie, and his Dom. He attends college and works in the university library. He doesn’t have time nor plans to look for another Dom.

Master Andrew, the owner of BDSM club Leather Paddles, lost his husband five years ago. Ever since, he plays with different subs and is perfectly happy to leave it with that. He doesn’t want another boy to call his own.

Once Master Andrew meets Jesse, things click for both of them, but Jesse remains skittish about getting involved with anyone. However, Master Andrew comes up with a plan to rein Jesse in his playroom and his heart.

Other people keep interfering, trying to separate the couple. Are Master Andrew and Jesse up to the challenge to move forward to their happily ever after?

Leather Paddles is a stand-alone MM romance featuring an insecure boy and a strict but caring Master. It has BDSM elements and a guaranteed HEA.

Cover Updated.

New Release

Enamored by Leigh Adams.

 ★✩★ NEW RELEASE ★✩★


A Monarch Series Romance Book 2

By Leigh Adams

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Trope: Enemies to lovers | Small Town | Winery | Property Developer

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Siena Moretti and Michael Blaire may have agreed to entwine their lives but finding a way to balance work and love . . . relationship and career . . . is much harder than they imagined.

Overseeing Moretti Vineyards after her grandfather’s heart attack forces Siena to put her dream of opening a restaurant on hold. She is sure she has made the right choice, but Michael’s determination to override her decision only adds to the pressure she’s under.

While Michael throws himself into the development of his new hotel, Monarchessa, he struggles with how to handle his mother’s lies and deceit and his best friend’s life being in jeopardy. With everything seeming to crumble around him, he finds it difficult to make Siena a priority.

Determined to fight through adversity, Siena and Michael come to realize that cultivating a love to endure the test of time is not as easy as creating the perfect wine. And just when the enamored couple begins to find a sense of peace and security, someone from Siena’s past threatens to destroy their happiness again. As their relationship is put to the test once more, they have to find a way to work together and overcome the obstacles they face, or risk losing everything.

About Leigh Adams:

Leigh Adams resides in sunny southern California. As an avid reader and English major, she’s always been passionate about literature. She is never without a book in her hand and never leaves the house without something to read.

Growing up, she always planned to be a writer. That was until college and the adult world locked her into a role and career she came to love. With writing on the back-burner, Leigh worked hard honing her skills, creating her life, and focusing on helping others to find their passion and pursue their dreams.

After several years of working hard at her day job, she decided to redirect her focus onto her personal passion and picked up the pen to write. While she still loves her day-job, Leigh also enjoys creating worlds and characters for readers to utterly fall in love with.

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Blog Tour

Blog Tour: A Vicious Rumor by Ivy Wild

Dating the guy he hates the most could backfire.
But I’ve always been good at playing with matches.

A Vicious Rumor, a compelling and passionate dark bully romance from USA Today bestselling author Ivy Wild, is available now!


The first time I met Tyson Stone, he gave me a bloody nose.
He didn’t mean to hit me, he was fighting this other kid, but let’s just say I’d take the pain of his fist over his cruelness any day of the week.
Five years after this incident, and I’m in his shark tank.
His domain. His kingdom. His prep school.
Freefalling for him is a recipe for disaster, but that’s what happens nonetheless.
Then he starts pushing me away for no reason, but there’s one thing he forgets.
I’m not one of his disposable flings. I’m worthy, I’m a catch, and if he doesn’t realize it…well, then his arch-enemy will.
Dating the guy he hates the most could backfire.
But I’ve always been good at playing with matches.


My life is a series of calamities strung together by blood and bad press.
Wherever I go, trouble follows.
Now, normally I’m not a charitable guy, but when I pass on Lily White’s delectable body, it is entirely for her own good.
Call me an altruistic jerk, but I just don’t want to see her hurt.
That’s until she starts dating the guy I loathe more than anything else in the world.
That’s when all bets are off.
We’re playing a dangerous game, she and I.
The rumors are starting to swirl, and so are some dangerous thoughts about what I can do to her.
Lily White is out of my league,
but apparently, that’s not going to stop me.

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Without a second thought, I jumped up and followed her. It was almost dark outside now, but the hallway lights hadn’t been turned on. I put my hand out to the wall to feel my way along, waiting for my eyes to adjust. I hadn’t seen which way she’d gone or if she’d gone into one of the bedrooms. Then, about two doors down on the right, I heard a door open and then shut.

Three big steps had me standing in front of the door and I opened it without hesitating. The door was heavy and closed behind me with a big of a bang that I wasn’t expecting.

“Who’s there?” a timid voice called out from the bathroom.

I paused for a second, not sure if I should just turn back around or answer. I wasn’t even sure what I was doing here. Before I had a chance to decide on an answer, the light to the bathroom flipped on, letting me make out my surroundings. I was clearly in a girl’s room. By the things that were hung here and there, it was likely Lily’s.

There’s was a dream catcher above the bed, a few plants next to the windows, and some pictures of her and her mom on the dresser. She was standing just out of arm’s reach, her blue eyes wide. I hated all the makeup she had taken to wearing lately. I missed seeing her just as she was.

“Tyson? What are you doing here?” she asked in a timid voice.

I scoffed at the irony of the question. What was I doing here? I still, to this day, could not figure out what she was doing here, at Scissors’ house. It all still didn’t make sense.

And it made me fucking angry. The fact that she was with Scissors. The fact that she was here, in this room.

Two steps and I was in front of her. A grab of her arm and she gasped. A hand behind her neck and she was melting into me. All of it gave me the answers I needed, but I was still going to ask the question.

“What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” I said, enunciating each word.

“I live here,” she said breathlessly, not moving in closer but not making any attempt to pull away.

“How?” I asked. The hand resting behind her neck squeezed slightly. I was so close to her now. I could feel the heat rising off of her body. I could remember just how good her skin felt pressing into mine. How good her breasts felt in my palms. I wanted it all again. I wanted her again, and I wanted to know that no one else was going to fucking touch her but me.

“Scholarship,” she said quietly, knowing I was catching her in a lie.

“I wasn’t aware there was a scholarship to live at the King’s mansion,” I whispered into her ear. She shivered, but didn’t move. “So, what’s the story, Tiger Lily? Hm?” I said, my lips ghosting over the shell of her ear. “You fucking him to get free room and board? Is that it? Like a common whore?”

The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself. But, I was angry, and I wanted her angry. I wanted her on edge as much as I was on edge. I wanted to see what she would do, if she felt the same emotions that I felt. If she brushed me off, I’d have my answer. It’d mean she didn’t care about me or what I said.



If she reacted, then I knew I had her.

And she did. Because when the word “whore” left my lips, she pulled back and slapped me as hard as she could across the face, which wasn’t very hard. It stung just the slightest, and I smiled.

Grinned, actually.

She was still in love with me.

I’d been right all along. This thing with Scissors, it was a rouse.

I grabbed her wrist and pushed her back against the wall. My knee came between her legs, spreading them so that she was off balance. I put her wrist up above her head and pushed it to the wall. Her eyes widened as she looked at me.

I moved in close, pressing my cheek to hers so I could whisper in her ear.

“Tell me to stop at any time and I will. Just say the word, ‘stop,’ and I’ll walk out of this room. But,” I chuckled darkly, “we both know you’re not going to say it.”

About Ivy
Writer of all things untamed, romantic and free, Ivy Wild never planned on becoming a romance novelist. In fact, she hated romance as a kid and was quite proud of that fact. Basically, life is weird.

Married to her own alpha hero, she currently lives in various places of the world at various times thanks to his military career.

Her current side hustle is being a lawyer.

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Release Blitz

Talk Flirty to Me by Livy Hart

Talk Flirty to Me by Livy Hart is now live!

A little hate goes a long way…

I've got ninety-nine problems and my brother's snarky, smart-mouthed best friend Sam is tangled up in every last one of them.

When it comes to firefighter Sam O'Shea, absence—and a regime of tactical avoidance—has been working for me juuust fine. But when the audition of a lifetime falls in my pathetically broke lap, and he's the only one who can help me land the job, I'm willing to make a deal with the devil if it means I can kickstart my career as a narrator for audio books. 

The problem? We'd have to actually do the job. Together. And then we're told it's for an erotic romance. Narrating steamy lines in a tiny studio with a man who lights a fire under your skin? An occupational hazard. Accidentally inciting a town scandal when your erotic audiobook clips wind up on the radio? A crisis. And falling for the one man I promised my brother—and my heart—I wouldn't touch?

A disaster—and temptation—I can't resist.

Download today!
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Meet Livy Hart

Romance author Livy Hart has two children, too many Funko Pops, and a husband who's workin' on the railroad—literally. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas where she enjoys long walks on the concrete and people-watching at malls so big they have their own zip codes. When she's not writing, she's bickering with her KitchenAid stand mixer, road-tripping to her sleepy Florida hometown, or sipping espresso on her Nonna's porch.
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Breaking News Virtual Book Tour

Middle Grade Mystery / Spy / Detective

Date Published: 04-28-2022

Publisher: Fitzroy Books / Regal House

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Things don’t usually come to a screeching halt at the RAT, also known as Ridgewood Arts & Technical School, Ridgewood City’s most prestigious progressive institution. But that’s what happens when Headmistress Hardaway interrupts class and announces, “A scandal has rocked the fundraising committee!” Everyone is a suspect and Hunter Jackson, student council special investigator, vows to root out the student who’s heartless enough to steal donation money. He’s not alone. Ridgewood Roar news editor, Anthony Ravello, and the rogue, indie-press pioneer, Liberty Lennon, plan to do some journalistic digging of their own in a race against each other to scoop the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to their faithful readers…or at least their versions of it. With the truth getting murkier by the day, students at the RAT gobble up news bytes and wash them down with locker-side gossip as they try to unmask the classmate responsible for the missing funds.


About the Author

Frank Morelli is the author of the young adult novels On the Way to Birdland (2021) and No Sad Songs (2018), a YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers nominee and winner of an American Fiction Award for best coming of age story. His fiction and essays have been featured in various publications including The Saturday Evening Post, Cobalt Review, Philadelphia Stories, and Highlights Magazine. A Philadelphia native, Morelli now resides in High Point, NC with a brilliant illustrator and his fur babies.


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Release Blitz with ARC Review – Mercury on Fire: A Dragon Shifter Vampire MM Romance (Wingspan Book 5) By April Kelley

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Book Blitz

Happy Jack, Sad Jack


A Bullying Story

Children’s Picture Book/Story in Rhyme

Date Published: 04-25-2022

Publisher: 9 Grand Publications

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Jack has always been a very happy little boy.


But when he starts kindergarten, he discovers he is different than the others. For the very first time, he is bullied—Happy Jack suddenly becomes Sad Jack.

What should Jack do? Should he tell an adult? His parents? Would his teacher or principal understand? What can they do to help?

As parents, we want certain things for our kids. Mainly, we want them to be happy. Can today’s kids celebrate their differences, or are they doomed to fight over them like generations before?

Jack’s school community learns an important lesson as attorney/author Mark M. Bello presents Jack’s compelling story in rhyme, beautifully and dramatically illustrated by Melinda Falgoust:

“People are different in color, shape, size.

Ears, noses, mouths, and different shaped eyes.

Different races, and genders—more, too.

Christian or Buddhist, or Muslim or Jew.

But there’s one thing in common we all have in this place.

We are all valued members of this human race.”


Happy Jack Sad Jack: A Bullying Story is a must read for all children and one your child will never forget.


About the Author

Mark M. Bello is an attorney and award-winning author of realistic fiction and political-legal thrillers.

Retired from handling high profile legal cases, Mark now gives the public a front-row seat watching victims fight for justice in our civil and criminal justice systems. Mark’s award-winning Zachary Blake Legal Thrillers mirror our times and the events that shape our country.

In addition to being an author and veteran attorney, Mark is a member of numerous trial lawyer associations and a feature writer for the Legal Examiner and other popular blog sites. He has written articles for numerous publications and made guest appearances on radio and talk shows and multiple podcasts.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys traveling and spending time with his family. He and his wife Tobye, have four children and eight grandchildren. This is the first of a planned series of children’s safety/social justice picture books.

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Adventures of Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin


Adventures of Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin

Children’s Book

Date Published: April 6th 2022

Publisher: Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc.

What animal can hold a child’s attention better than a mischievous, cunning penguin?! Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, is such a penguin. Despite her small size, she can be an example to children. Size is an obstacle only if you let it be. Penguins are some of the most entertaining animals on the planet! Come and join Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, and her family as they enjoy the amazing synchronous fireflies in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee!

About the Authors

Wayne A. Major and Ralphine Major both grew up in Corryton on their family’s dairy farm in rural East Tennessee. Always surrounded by lots of animals, they developed a love for them at an early age. Both went on to graduate from The University of Tennessee with degrees in Business Administration. Wayne majored in Marketing and is retired from the State of Tennessee. Ralphine majored in Office Administration with a teaching certification, and is retired from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Though she has never had a journalism class, she uses her God- given talent as a contributing writer of a weekly true human-interest column for The Knoxville Focus ( ).

Years later, one Sunday morning Wayne was sitting in the choir at Wallace Memorial Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee, and something unexpected happened. He was listening to a sermon about David and Goliath that was directed toward the youth. Wayne heard a voice say, “You need to write children’s books.” He even turned to see where the voice came from. After hearing his story, Ralphine committed to the project as well. While the brother/sister duo had helped teach kindergarten classes at church and admired the children’s eagerness and willingness to learn, this was a new venture and a step of faith.

Getting published did not happen overnight, but it was worth the wait getting to work with Publisher Janie Jessee, Graphic Designer Tara Sizemore, and the staff of Jan-Carol Publishing, Inc. The authors believe the great chemistry they have with Illustrator Teresa Wilkerson is because she grew up on a dairy farm in East Tennessee also. Wayne created the character, Piddle Diddle, the Widdle Penguin, which is a registered trademark. Ralphine vividly remembers how excited Wayne was when he shared about hearing a voice that Sunday morning in the church choir. She is happy to be a part of this adventure with Wayne and remembers well that Sunday night when they first talked about this journey that started in the church choir! The authors are proud to partner with two generous donors who have helped to put hundreds of books in the hands of children. God does work in mysterious ways! Throughout this process, Wayne and Ralphine have felt God’s hand guiding them and realize how important it is to wait on God’s timing. They hold firm to Proverbs 3:6 (KJV): “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”

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Every Third Night


Medical Thriller

Date Published: January 10, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


“Every Third Night” is an eye-opening yet poignant story that is set in a busy, dehumanizing and unyielding New York City residency program in Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1984. It brings the reader into the real world of medicine at a time of limited supervision and brutal duty hours through the vantage points of young physicians enduring stressful conflicts and volatile relationships.

Protagonist and chief resident Jimmy Zito seemingly has it all- brilliant clinical skills, handsome, a talented teacher, and a gorgeous girlfriend to boot- but a troubled past and a rash of new conflicts leave him struggling to survive in this, his last month of training. He desperately tries to guide his fellow residents through their own personal traumas, but is not nearly as well equipped to handle the pressure as others might think, especially considering the toxic and exhaustive work schedule, unchecked aberrant behavior of attending physicians, and the highly competitive and emotional demands of Ob-Gyn.

Intern Henry Deluca grapples with the consequences of a horrific surgical complication that he feels responsible for. Co-chief resident Greta Greenberg struggles with her personal dilemma in a busy abortion clinic. Best friend Mike O’Rourke is driven to madness by an unreasonable superior’s callousness concerning a dying patient with ovarian cancer. And Kim Clark, Jimmy’s occult but obvious love interest, is at wits end after constantly being tortured by her sadistic Chairman. Jimmy’s ultra-needy girlfriend and stubborn father do not make things any easier. The intertwined subplots all mesh together and come crashing down when an unexpected, dramatic and haunting mishap leaves the program reeling and Jimmy’s life forever transformed.

About the Author

Dr. Mitchell Maiman became a physician at age twenty-four and is now retired. As a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology and sub-specialist in Gynecologic Oncology, he has had a distinguished academic, clinical and research career in medicine and served as both a Director of Gynecologic Oncology and Chairman of Obstetrics and Gynecology at major New York City based university hospitals. He has been recognized for his numerous educational contributions in the field and his devotion and commitment to the teaching of residents and fellows.

Mitch lives with his wife, Dr. Judy Levy, in Long Island, New York and is an avid tennis player and practitioner of yoga. They first met during their residency training. This is his first novel.

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