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Incubus Promises by Maeve Black


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About Incubus Promises

Come back to me, little one. Come back to the woods…

She ran from here, scared, and I didn’t know how to get her back.

She couldn’t live without me now, we were bonded that night.

She doesn’t realize this, but part of her belongs to me, and I’ll remind her soon.

She is mine, after all.

No matter who tries to stop me from fully claiming her, I will win.

Hear me, little one, you’re safe now.

Trigger Warnings

There are sexual situations with exhibitionism, somnophilia (sleeping beauty syndrome), honorifics, squirting, unprotected sex, tail play, anal play, and double-penetration.

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Meet Maeve Black

Maeve Black writes fantasy, paranormal, and monster romance that they’ve always wanted to read. As a queer Hispanic, Maeve tries to be diverse and inclusive with all works, helping others see that the world isn’t just a social construct. They love reading, playing fantasy video games, and drawing in their spare time. Maeve wants to be known for their spice and unique takes on the monsters they choose to write.

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