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Candy Kings By N.W Steel

I think this is a good story, especially well-written for a first time author, and the characters are hilarious!

Available in KU

People say money can’t buy happiness, and for Peter, that saying couldn’t be closer to the truth.
After his little shop selling his own home-made candies ends up in the spotlight, Peter becomes a worldwide celebrity and the most eligible bachelor in Southampton. However, being thrust into the limelight blinds him to the types of men heʼs attracting. After five years of a less than healthy relationship, he is dealing with the fallout. He’s given up on ever finding love and has settled for simply being the crazy candy genius with a hoard of fur babies.

He has travelled the world, leaving his home of Southampton behind. He’s spent time all across the world, from Europe to Asia. Called home to care for his ailing mother, Marshall must quickly find a way to support them both. Desperate for income, he takes a job at the local candy factory as the janitor and handyman.

Candy Kings is a novel that follows Peter, the creator of a world-dominating candy brand, who is going through a very public breakup. Things shift for him when he literally walks into Marshall. Supported by friends, chosen family and several fur babies, he decides to give love one more shot —with Marshall.
Little do they know that Peterʼs ex is looking to destroy them both. Can their sweet new love endure, or will it melt under the fire of Peter’s past?



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