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Chasing Time Box Set By April Kelley


TITLE: Chasing Time Box Set

SERIES: Chasing Time

AUTHOR: April Kelley


Faeries and humans fated to be together. Some adventures are worth it even if it puts lives at risk.

When Talli and Kele do the forbidden and go through the door between worlds, all they wanted was a little adventure. What they find are their fated mates and a lot of danger.

Doing the forbidden leads everyone down a path no one expects. Lives are at risk.

Humans in the Otherworld. Faeries on a farm. When worlds collide, anything can happen.


Book 1 Teaser:

They followed the edge of a cornfield, keeping a leisurely pace. The plants had seen better days. The brown stalks barely came up to the top of his head. Talli frowned as he took in the pathetic sight before him. Given the temperature, shouldn’t harvest have come and gone? Why then, are there still half-grown stalks? Did humans not know how to grow plants?

When he saw someone come out of the white dwelling, Talli tugged on Kele’s hand, pulling him behind a small building.

Kele chuckled.

“Shh.” Talli put a hand over Kele’s mouth when the man turned in their direction.

Talli let his hand fall as he stared at the human, who had stopped and searched the landscape, wanting to know the owner of the sound. Talli’s heart beat wildly in his chest. He wanted to show himself and maybe call out, gain his attention. The need for closeness overwhelmed to the point he nearly lost his mind. When the man shook his head, turning to

walk into one of the red buildings, Talli’s instinct told him to follow.

“Talli,” Kele whispered from behind him.

Talli was so excited he forgot all about Kele, but he turned, grabbing Kele’s hand. He needed something to anchor him, and Kele filled the need nicely.

“He’s my anam cara,” Talli whispered back.

Book 2 Teaser:

The commander nodded to the guy holding him. That was all it took to be set free. Colton reached into his pocket and pulled out the medallion. The glass bottle of lube fell to the floor in the process.

Colton froze and stiffened. He undoubtedly appeared as if he were a deer caught in headlights.

The commander bent and picked up the vial. “This belongs to you, human?”

“Um, yeah, well see, the portal thingy landed me in a bedroom.” Colton tilted his head back, nodding behind him. He hope he didn’t appear as if he were having a seizure, but he didn’t want to make the situation worse by gesturing with his hands.

“You came through to steal.” The commander didn’t pose it as a question.

“No.” He had stolen, though. He couldn’t deny that. “I…uh…I thought it was cool.”

“The meaning of your words escapes me.” The commander took the medallion from him before gesturing to the guards. “Take him to the dungeon.”

“Shit.” Colton was out of fast ideas. When the guard pulled him along, he struggled, but all that did was piss them off. Fingers dug into the flesh of his arm until he was sure he’d have bruises. “Okay, man. Okay, you win. I stole the lube, but I swear I’m telling the truth about Talli and Kele. They need help.”

Book 3 Teaser:

When he opened his eyes, darkness met him, taking him by surprise. It had been daylight a moment ago.

Everything came rushing back. The sudden appearance of the sluagh. The pain of it lifting him by his arms. He would have bruises. Kele sucked in a breath. It had shaken him until he blacked out.

Wyatt was too close to the sluagh. It could hurt him.

“Wyatt!” Kele tried to sit up, but the thing across his chest turned to steel.

“Shh, I’m right here, baby. You’re safe.” Wyatt. He sounded uninjured.

Oh, thank Dadga.

Kele turned and curled into Wyatt, putting an arm around him, drawing him closer. He let relief seep into his soul. The ability to breathe came back when he concentrated on it. “The sluagh.”

“Is contained. You’re safe now. Dasan healed you.” Wyatt kissed Kele’s cheek, and that was when Kele realized where he was. Somehow, he must have made it back into the white dwelling and to a bed. Wyatt lay beside him, so perhaps he was in Wyatt’s bedchamber.

Book 4 Teaser:

Dasan hadn’t known one small human had the capacity to break his heart but it sat on his chest, just as real as the chilly forest air. His soul ached as he tried to read Sly’s body language. The resolve in Sly’s big brown eyes sent a jolt of awareness through Dasan. He would go back to his realm alone.

Sly had bathed. He smelled of some sort of spicy perfume. His black hair was still wet and he wore freshly laundered clothing. He dressed like the other humans, in blue pants and a shirt that showed his arms.

“Why, little mate? Why will you not be with me?” Did he sound as if he was whining? He wasn’t above begging either.

Sly bit his lip and then stepped into Dasan, leaning against him as if he needed support while he explained himself. As much as Dasan wanted to take a hard stance against their separation he wouldn’t leave his mate to suffer alone, so he pulled Sly close, keeping him at his side.

Instead of answering his questions, Sly whispered, “You smell good.”

As much as Dasan didn’t want to be charmed, he was. He smiled. “As do you.”

“What is that scent?”

“It comes naturally to me.”

Sly sighed. “I don’t know you. We’re strangers.”

Dasan had expected that argument. “My soul knows yours. The opposite is also true.”

“Can’t you stay?” Sly put his cheek against Dasan’s chest.

“I am oberon of my realm. I must get back to my people.”

About the Author

April Kelley writes LGBTQ+ Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more. Since writing her first story at ten, the characters in her head still won’t stop telling their stories. If April isn’t reading or writing, you can find her taking a long walk in the woods or going on her next adventure.

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