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The Literary Ladies, A Seaside Desire Special Edition

Title: The Literary Ladies, A Seaside Desire Special Edition

Author: Valerie Lynne

Genre: Steamy Romance 

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Welcome to historic Newport, Rhode Island. Join Victoria Hathaway and Jennifer Jordan as they each find their own happily-ever-after among a backdrop of picturesque ocean views, lavish multi-million-dollar estates and a close-knit community in THE LITERARY LADIES, A Seaside Desire Special Edition featuring two-full length novels.

THE PRODIGAL’S DESIRE, The Literary Ladies Duet #1

A misunderstood millionaire with a playboy reputation.
An introverted bookseller fearful of losing all she holds dear.
Sexually aroused by the enemy, the stakes are high.

Henry finds it impossible to stay away from the shy but sexy Victoria. Sparks fly when Victoria meets the handsome stranger until she discovers he’s the one who is threatening to take her land. Desperate and determined, Victoria struggles to save her home and her livelihood while ignoring her growing attraction for the man who threatens to destroy it all.

FOREVER HIS DESIRE, The Literary Ladies Duet #2

A man bound by duty.
A woman imprisoned by her past.
Each struggling to make a life-altering decision.

Faced with an unthinkable ultimatum, Andre gambles with his future. Forced to acknowledge her demons, Jennifer fights a destructive addiction.




Valerie Lynne is a self-confessed word junkie in love with romance. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University and is a member of Romance Writers of America. In addition to being an author, Valerie spends her free time collecting dolls, amassing more books for her ever-growing TBR pile, watching Hallmark movies, and hanging out with friends and family. A life-time Rhode Islander, she resides with one very spoiled Chihuahua, Lil’ Chi. Valerie’s always happy to connect with fellow book lovers on Facebook, Instagram, BookBub, and Goodreads.

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Time to dive into the new suspenseful standalone biker romance from USA Today bestselling author Esther E. Schmidt.

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Cover Model: Hunter Harden
Photographer: Golden Czermak,
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Release Days: July 12, 2022

Maccoy – Coming face-to-face with the newfound princess of Crimson Furor MC makes me want to rip out my heart and hand it to her for safekeeping. Though, she’s the one who needs to be kept safe when she’s standing smack in the middle of a decades old turf war that’s evolving at rapid speed.

Delphine – A chain of loss and grief rips open the past and reveals secrets that are dragging me down an emotional path I can’t seem to find my way out of. Until a shady looking biker steps up and doesn’t leave my side. His retro look and style may seem like he’s stuck in the good old days but his actions are anything but.

The flashy lights of Vegas plunge into darkness as a deadly fight for a casino empire enfolds. Will lives crumble as well as the casino empire? Or will bonds be forged strong enough to overcome anything?

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Breaking Stone

Title: Breaking Stone

Series: The Stone Series #5

Author: Dakota Willink 

Genre: Billionaire Romance 

Release Date: Aug 30th

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Will losing everything be enough to save them, or will it break them forever?

Krystina offered me her heart, and I’d given her mine freely and without reservation.
She was the angel who guided me to salvation, lighting up all the places inside me that had been dark for most of my life.
There was no denying the connection we shared.
But now, she was the one who had fallen into darkness.
I could control a great many things, but I couldn’t free her from the black abyss.
As hard as I tried, I had no way to save her—especially after she changed all the rules.

My husband was as beautiful as he was possessive. I needed him like I needed the air I breathed.
So why did I feel like I was suffocating?
I supposed every honeymoon period had an expiration date, and it seemed as if Alexander and I had reached the end of our bliss.
Now I was shrouded in loneliness and a cold chill of uncertainty.
So when destiny shifted in the most unexpected way, I found myself daring to hope again.
My only problem was Alexander.
He didn’t see things like I did.
It didn’t matter how much I craved him. I had to break free of the ties that bind.
Either Alexander would be with me, or he would be against me.

Breaking Stone is the stunning conclusion to the International Bestselling series, where Alexander & Krystina’s devotion to each other will be tested like never before. Will they finally get what their hearts desire, or will the Fates give them a challenge that will break them?



BREAKING STONE by Dakota Willink

Copyright © 2022. All rights reserved.

Her voice cracked. I looked up and saw a deep well of tears pooling in her eyes. She blinked, and the tears spilled down her cheeks. Dropping my hold on the shirt, I reached up to touch her face. I ran my finger over her forehead, wishing I could read her mind. Her agony was in plain sight, but the solution to what ailed her was out of my reach.  

Leaning in, I pressed my lips to hers, using my mouth to express everything words could not. I ran my hands up the base of her neck and into her hair, gathering the thick mass and holding her head still while I plundered her with my tongue. The salty taste of her tears blended with our saliva, and I strengthened the kiss. She responded with a violent passion. Her breathing went from quivering to panting in desperation. This woman—the very essence of her—was my weakness. I would do anything to chase her demons away. 

“Alex,” she breathed. The cracked vulnerability in her voice made me pull back to look at her. Using my thumb, I traced the line of her bottom lip that was swollen from my kiss. She stared up at me for a long moment. When she eventually spoke, her tone was dripping with remorse. “I’m so sorry.”

“Angel, don’t apologize. You’ve been dealing with a lot, and—” 

“No. That’s no excuse. I shouldn’t have lashed out so cruelly and thrown your past in your face. No matter what I’m going through, you didn’t deserve that. I expected tonight would….” She trailed off, seeming at a loss for words. “I guess I don’t really know what I expected. Let’s just go home.”

She bent to retrieve her clothes without another word, and we both finished dressing in silence. Then, when we were ready to leave, I snaked my arm around her waist and led her from the private suite to the hallway. The pulsating music was louder out here but not so loud that I couldn’t be heard over the music. 

“We can come back another time, angel,” I suggested as we walked down the long corridor to the steps that would take us to the main vestibule. I wasn’t sure if returning was the best idea, but seeing her defeated expression was almost too much to bear. I had to give her hope—to make her believe that we would be okay again. “Let’s revisit the idea once we… once we sort through everything.”

“Maybe,” she replied quietly. 

Before we exited Club O, we walked by the marble statue of Venus. The Roman goddess was wrapped in a loosely draped cloth with one breast exposed, alluding to her full erotic beauty. I’d always appreciated her attributes—beauty, persuasion, seduction, sex, and fertility. Yet, seeing her today of all days felt bittersweet. Her alluring expression just seemed to mock my very existence. 


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Dakota Willink is an Award-Winning and International Bestselling Author. She loves writing about damaged heroes who fall in love with sassy and independent females. Her books are character-driven, emotional, and sexy, yet written with a flare that keeps them real. With a wide range of published books, a magazine publication, and the Leave Me Breathless World under her belt, Dakota’s imagination is constantly spinning new ideas.

The Stone Series is Dakota’s first published book series. It has been recognized for various awards, including the Readers’ Favorite 2017 Gold Medal in Romance, and has since been translated into multiple languages internationally. The Fade Into You series (formally known as the Cadence duet) was a finalist in the HEAR Now Festival Independent Audiobook Awards. In addition, Dakota has written under the alternate pen name, Marie Christy. Under this name, she has written and published a children’s book for charity titled, And I Smile. Also writing as Marie Christy, she was a contributor to the Blunder Woman Productions project, Nevertheless We Persisted: Me Too, a 2019 Audie Award Finalist and Earphones Awards Winner. This project inspired Dakota to write The Sound of Silence, a dark romantic suspense novel that tackles the realities of domestic abuse.

Dakota often says she survived her first publishing with coffee and wine. She’s an unabashed Star Wars fanatic and still dreams of one day getting her letter from Hogwarts. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, her two witty kids, and her spoiled rotten cavaliers. During the summer months, she can often be found taking pictures of random things or soaking up the sun on the Great Lakes with her family.
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Not Over You: A Second Chance Romance Anthology

Title: Not Over You
A Second Chance Romance Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 12, 2022


Second time’s the charm…

Scorned lovers, misunderstandings, missed opportunities, and broken promises of forever.

Their chemistry is still off the charts, the magnetism undeniable, and the touches just as scorching as ever.

Sometimes the one that got away is the one you’re destined for.

Fall head over heels for the heroes in this stunning collection of full-length novels brought to you by over twenty of your favorite authors.

Whether it’s a second chance at love or the one who got away, this set has something for everyone, and sometimes second chances are better—and hotter—than the first.


99c for a limited time!




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Ready, Set, Romance! by Renee Dyer

Ready, Set, Romance! by Renee Dyer is available now!
Series: A Ready Set Novel
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Trope: Vacation Romance, Billionaire Romance

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Mateo Romero is living the dream as a beach attendant on the turquoise waters of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, helping families get the most of their vacations by day and rescuing kids in need by night. The last thing he expects is to meet Darby Benson, an uptight tourist who has the audacity to call him a stalker. Everywhere he goes, she’s there—either in distress or starting trouble.  He should steer clear, but something about her draws him in. Her snide remarks infuriate him, but when she smiles, he forgets why he ever found her irritating in the first place. And he can’t have that—it goes against his first rule: “no getting involved with tourists.”

Darby Benson, destination wedding extraordinaire, never expected she would still be unmarried at thirty-four years old. She didn’t imagine her boyfriend of twelve years would ask her to plan a romantic getaway for two only to propose to her assistant. Yet, here she is, single, on vacation alone, trying to avoid her ex and his new fiancée. To make matters worse, she keeps running into Mateo Romero, a local who seems hell-bent on sticking his nose in her business. Everywhere she turns, Mateo is there, offering advice, stepping in where he isn’t needed, being far too sexy for anyone’s good.

Annoyance shifts to flirtation, and eventually, they can’t deny their attraction. Darby worries she’s being set up for her next heartbreak. Mateo is ready to give her his heart. If they can get on the same page, their romance could be one to last a lifetime.

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About The Author:

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Renee Dyer spent much of her youth hidden under a weeping willow, writing and whispering her stories to its wispy branches.  She soon began sharing them with friends and family, and this crazy thing happened: they enjoyed them.  Entertaining others filled her heart, in the same way, sharing her stories with the willow tree did. Having an audience unlocked her desire to be a writer.  Today, she lives that dream and the joy it brings with her husband and sons.

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(Mis)Taken by Katy Hunter

Book 3 in the Mixed Emotions series

General Release Date: 12th July 2022

Word Count: 51,026 Book Length: NOVEL Pages: 202



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Book Description

Falling in love with her best friend’s twin brother was never Penny’s plan, but the Spanish ocean breeze, the cutest puppy and the promise that he’ll never, ever propose might just change her mind… When three-times-engaged Penny Farthing dumps her latest loser fiancé the day before her wedding, she packs a bag and prepares to jet off on her honeymoon with her best friend. Her plans go awry when she bumps into global superstar Dan Scott in the airport and finds herself agreeing to spend the next week with him and his family in his private villa, pretending to be his fiancée. Pacey Scott doesn’t believe a word of it when his twin brother manages to conjure up a fiancée on the morning of their family trip to Spain. Not that he cares… He’s too busy looking after his brother’s puppy, dealing with his narcissist of a mother and making sure his sister stays out of trouble. What he didn’t count on was Penny being quite so incredible. What’s a girl like her doing with a brother like his? Will Penny finally fall in love with a man without booking a church and buying a dress? Can Pacey become the man Penny needs without the shadow of his mother’s disappointment looming over him? Or will the Spanish ocean breeze blow away their dreams? Reader advisory: This book contains mention of depression and attempted suicide.


The day before Penny Penny, you’re a strong, capable woman. You will not falter at the sight of an exposed ab, a kissable lip or a murmured ‘I love you’. You’ve got this. You can do it. I raise a trembling hand to knock, hesitating before going in for the kill. To be entirely truthful, I don’t have ‘it’ at all. In fact, I’m about as far from having ‘it’ as a person can be, but Kelli’s eyes are burning a hole in my back as she stares me down from her car—willing me to do the right thing—and I don’t want to get my proverbial arse kicked if I fuck this up. To my surprise, the front door opens. The decision is made for me. “Hey, Penny.” “Hey.” Reece’s stunning older sister Chloe brushes past me, giving me a quick peck on the cheek and leaving the door wide open. Her manner is such that I’m pretty sure she has no idea why I’m here or what her brother has been up to. This doesn’t shock me. The man is sly. He’s not going to let the world—or his family—know that he fucked up another relationship. “Reeeece, Penny’s here,” she yells over her shoulder as she leaves. Would he have answered if he hadn’t been forced to? It’s been two weeks and the man has completely ignored my calls and been suspiciously absent every time I come by. The Art of Ghosting by Reece Sheffield. It wouldn’t sell well, the proof being that I’m standing on his doorstep right now listening to him come down the stairs. A conversation is well overdue, and now he can’t avoid it. Good. At least it’ll be over with. He saunters down the corridor. Reece’s at-home attire is a pair of gray tracksuit bottoms. He’s been wearing them for so long that the crotch has started to thin and the elastic in the waist has gone to shit. He never wears anything underneath them, so I—and possibly all his neighbors—am treated to more than just an impression of his family jewels. He scratches the back of his neck then rubs it. Too much late-night gaming again. Not my problem anymore. Then he slips his hand into his pocket and scratches his junk. Don’t look at his penis. I allow my eyes to drop down, just for a second. I can see why Kelli felt like I needed back-up for this mission. I am confoundedly drawn to the enemy. He has bags under his eyes and the imprint of his pillow on his cheek, but he’s still devastatingly handsome. Even his hair is flattened on one side, which should be wholly unattractive and yet, God… I want to run my fingers through it, pull at it, hold it while he… Kelli’s voice seeps into my mind. “Don’t fall for him again. I’m warning you. I won’t be afraid to get out of this car and tell him exactly what I think of him. It won’t be pretty, Pen.” “Hey,” he says, flashing me a subtle smile and leaning into the doorway. “You want to come in?” Yes, please. Damn it. No. Be strong. Ignore the dimples. Move away from those come-to-bed eyes. “Nah. I’ll just make this quick, shall I? It’s over. As if it could be anything else after what you’ve done. I’ll get someone to drop your stuff off, and if you could do the same, then we can close the chapter on this whole thing.” “Pen…” He takes his hand out of his pocket and scratches his abs, revealing just a glimpse of the little hairline that runs up his stomach. I used to kiss that, on my way down. That might be the bit of him I’ll miss the most. “Don’t be like that.” “Don’t be like that?” What the fuck? Tomorrow was supposed to have been our wedding day. “We haven’t spoken in two weeks. We were getting married, buying a flat, growing old together. Remember that?” “Yeah…” He contorts his face into the most unpleasant grimace, like I’ve just suggested that he clean the skid marks off the toilet. “No. I can’t do that anymore.” He’s so casual, almost emotionless…as if he’s canceling a lunch date. “I figured that when you ran away the other day, during sex, and haven’t spoken to me since.” It had been terrible sex. Neither of us had been in the mood. We’d been arguing the finer details of our quickie registry office wedding, and all I’d wanted was the final say on the flowers. I may have asked him about petunias as he pounded away aimlessly. It wasn’t my finest moment, and if it’s any consolation, I do regret it, but still, I’m not sure it quite merited this. “Yeah.” I’ve never noticed how monosyllabic he is until now. “Sorry.” I cackle. “Sorry? Are you sorry for cheating, too?” This one throws him. When he isn’t half-asleep in his manky old clothes, Reece is on everybody’s TV from nine a.m. until lunchtime. Suited and booted, he climbs into a company car every day—an air of complete confidence—and heads off to convince everybody that he is the perfect gent. Witty, handsome, caring… He has the whole country fooled into thinking he’s such a fucking catch. That was the man I’d fallen in love with, and that is the man who is about to emerge onto the doorstep at the realization that I am dumping him. This isn’t me begging him to come back. This is me telling him he can fuck right off. From the look of the storm brewing in his eyes, he is not happy about it. He narrows his eyes. “I didn’t cheat on you, Pen. I walked out on you two weeks ago and found myself someone who wasn’t so desperate to get married and have babies and all that shit—someone who pays attention when I’m fucking her.” “We were engaged, Reece. Nobody forced you into proposing.” “You haven’t talked about anything else since you met me. You keep bridal magazines on your coffee table. You decided where we were going to live, our kids’ names and you even chose a fucking puppy at the shelter.” I step back. His voice has a tinge of menace, and confrontation isn’t my thing. I wouldn’t have come here today, but Kelli made me. “That’s what best friends are for,” she’d said as she’d dropped me off at the end of the road. “Now go dump that idiot.” She has never liked the man. Now I’m starting to come across to her point of view. What had I been thinking? Perhaps, more specifically, which part of my body had I been thinking with? The man is a dream. Even a grungy T-shirt and skanky old trousers can’t hide that. Reece unfurls his hand from his neck and places it on my reddened cheek, pulling me closer. “You’re angry with me. I get it. I am sorry.” He leans in closer. “You sure you don’t want to come in and let me make it up to you? One last time.” He smells like sleep and sweat and the aftershave I bought him for Christmas—and familiarity. I close my eyes, exulting in that delicious scent. How amazing it used to feel when he held me so tightly that I thought he’d never let go. How loved I was. He brushes his lips against mine and a car horn honks loudly, making us both jump. Reece looks over my shoulder, trying to see who’s out there. “I can’t do this. It’s over.” I hold out my hand. “Here’s the ring. Thanks for the memories. Enjoy your incredible new girlfriend who doesn’t mind the fact that nine times out of ten you’re too tired for foreplay.” Reece being ‘not really into’ going down on me had been somewhat of a relief. The man was terrible at it. He thinks the clit is to be treated like a button on a PlayStation handset, flicked relentlessly. He doesn’t do subtle. He does quick and to the point. If lady-parts could curl up in horror, I’m pretty sure mine had just done that at the thought of being in this man’s hands again. He pushes my palm away, the ring still in it. “You won’t find anyone like me.” I fucking hope not. “I have options. So many options,” I reply, with an air of self-confidence that’s fooling nobody. I don’t have a single option…not one. He leans his head to one side, contemplating the fact that somebody might be interested in me. My phone rings. ‘Cute Coffee Shop Guy’ is calling me, apparently. “Hello?” Before I can stop him, Reece leans forward and puts the call on speaker. What the fuck? “Hey, Penny, it’s Jake. We met at the coffee shop the other day. You gave me your number for a gig.” “Hi, Jake.” I know that voice, but can’t quite place it. “What can I do for you?” Reece steps back into the door-well. I lift a hand, as if to wave goodbye, and back away a couple of feet. “Look. I know you said you have a boyfriend, but, fuck it, I just wanted to say that if you’re ever free…” I glance back up at Reece, shrug my shoulders and smile. “I’m free tonight.” “You are?” “Sure. Hold on a second. I’ll just finish what I’m doing, and we’ll work out the details.” I stroll back over to a shocked Reece, lean in and peck him on the cheek. “So. Many. Options.” I lift the phone to my ear and chat away as I walk back down the street to Kelli’s car, not even bothering to take him off speaker. This is a glorious moment and I want everybody to enjoy it, Reece especially. I also slide the very expensive diamond ring back onto my finger. Hell, I deserve it. I washed that man’s dirty underwear while he was sleeping with someone else. I should have married him then left his sorry arse. “You killed it,” she cries, hugging me as I slide into the passenger seat. “I knew you could do it.” I point at the phone. “Jake? Really? I thought Reece was going to twig.” She winks at me. “What is the point of me having the most adorable cousins if I can’t use them to get back at that cheating dickhead of an ex-fiancé of yours?” I grin. “True. Did you see his face? Oh my God. And I almost kissed him. Ugh. I’m so pathetic.” “You are,” she replies, starting up the engine. “But I love you anyway. Now, how about we stock up on tequila and ice cream. In a couple of hours, you’re going to remember that tomorrow was supposed to be your wedding day and you’re going to be a mess.” “I’m fine.” I’m on a high. Nothing can top the look on that man’s face and the way I’m feeling right now. Kelli purses her lips. She knows me far too well. I’ll be a sobbing wreck in a couple of hours and only margaritas can heal that type of pain.

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About the Author

Katherine E Hunt

Katy Hunter lives on a mountain in France with her husband, kids and two dogs. When she’s not writing you can find her curled up in front of the fire, book in one hand and a glass of chardonnay in the other. Follow Katy on Instagram and sign up to her Facebook reader’s group. You can also find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter


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The Unspoken Love Series Box Set by H.P. Davenport

The Unspoken Love Series Box Set by H.P. Davenport releases on August 3rd on Kindle Unlimited!

Pre-Order available:
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Three couples find out the true meaning of unspoken love in this 4-book Boxed set.

Book 1: UNSPOKEN WORDS, a friends to lovers romance

Camryn and Jamieson have been the best of friends forever. Every important memory includes the other. Without realizing it, the love they’ve always felt for one another evolves into something more. Opportunity smiles on them and both realize this may be their only chance. When two lifelong friends are put to the test, can they come out on the other side as lifelong partners … or will those words forever remain unspoken?

Book 2: UNSPOKEN PROMISES, a second chance romance

Unspoken Promises are worse than lies. Morgan and Lincoln have been in love since high school. From the outside looking in, their relationship is perfect. One mirrored of fairytales. But behind the door, things are different. What Lincoln and Morgan don’t anticipate is that a horrific event is about to make them second-guess their wants.

Book 3: UNSPOKEN VOWS, a friends to lovers romance (Camryn and Jamie’s bonus book)

Once upon a time, a boy met a girl.

Years later, the boy fell in love with the girl.

Lucky for him, the girl fell in love with the boy, too.

Soon after, the boy asked the girl to marry him.

Seconds later, the girl said yes.

They vow to love each other now and forever. To live happily ever after because vows are never meant to be broken… even Unspoken Vows.

Book 4: UNSPOKEN FEARS, a second chance romance

In the blink of an eye, everything I loved disappeared. All it took was five horrifying words to annihilate my perfect life…and destroy my entire world.

I’m lost.

I’m alone.

I’m numb.

Is it true that sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, so that we end up where we’re meant to be?

Can my closed-off heart learn to love again, or will it forever be bound by my Unspoken Fears?

Paralegal by day, romance genius by night! When I’m not tending to my furry children, I am seamlessly carving beautiful stories from my mind in my comfy PJs in New Jersey.

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Damaged Doll by Jennifer Bene

Title: Damaged Doll
Series: Beth Series #2
Author: Jennifer Bene
Genre: Dark Gothic Romantic Suspense
Release Date: July 12, 2022


“I’m too broken for love.”

After everything Beth has been through, all she wants is to feel normal.
To be normal.
But the weight of her past won’t let her go easily.

“Wanting her is wrong.”

All Jake wants is to be a hero.
To save as many as he can from the monsters of this world.
But when the monsters come for Beth Doherty…
he isn’t thinking like a hero.

Ripping her out of her life was bad enough.
Wanting her is worse.
But resisting her might just be impossible.




“What did you want to talk about?” The girl had her arms folded over her stomach, her back pressed to the wall by the door, and the sight made him move deeper into the room just so he wouldn’t crowd her. She was five-foot-four according to the files, but she looked smaller than that.
“Well, um…” Jake cleared his throat again, and she tilted her head a bit, those soft brown eyes meeting his. “I want to be honest with you… Thalia didn’t exactly send me, but I do know her. My team and I were the ones her boyfriend, husband, hired to get her away from Marcus Williams.”
Beth tensed when he used the name and he mentally smacked himself. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have just dropped that on you, I—”
“Is it Anthony?” she asked softly, staring at the floor.
“Is what Anthony?” Confused, Jake watched her carefully as she seemed to get smaller, her shoulders pulling in.
“Is he…” Her voice got even quieter, the last of her question barely a whisper. “…looking for me?”




Releasing October 4



Jennifer Bene is a USA Today bestselling author of dangerously sexy and deviously dark romance. From BDSM, to Suspense, Dark Romance, and Thrillers — she writes it all. Always delivering a twisty, spine-tingling journey with the promise of a happily-ever-after.

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Dizzy’s Desire by K.L. Ramsey



Series: Royal Bastards MC


Author: @KLRamsey

Cover Designer: Lucian Bane Graphics


Universal Link:


Second chance romance

Sassy heroine

Dirty talking FBI Agent

  Hella lot of Angst

Blurb: Mason Zane had let himself get too close to pretty, little Dizzy Jean and when he stepped foot into the diner she worked at, he broke all the damn rules. He blew them completely out of the freaking water, and he didn’t care. Her father, who was also his current boss at the FBI, hired him to keep an eye on her, but that was the extent of his mission—at least it was supposed to be. Mason went into that diner every day that he knew Dizzy was working, always asking to sit in her booth or at one of her tables. He knew that eventually, she’d catch on to him and figure out that he was basically stalking her, but he just didn’t care. Mason didn’t care if his boss found out that he wanted his daughter. Hell, he didn’t care about anything except having his chance with her. Mason was trying to get up the courage to finally ask her out, but first, he’d have to make sure that she was safe from the men who wanted her father dead.

It had been a long, dry spell for her between men and God, Dizzy wanted the hot, older biker. He was just her type and old enough to feed her “Daddy” fantasies. Yeah—she had issues, and she didn’t care who knew it. The guy was stalking her and when he asked her out, she jumped at the chance, telling him yes. Dizzy knew it was a bad idea. She hadn’t been making the best decisions about men lately, but there was something about the former Army Ranger that did it for her. Dizzy had followed her heart instead of her head and that usually ended badly. Hopefully, this time would be different, but she doubted it. Matters of the heart usually didn’t end well for her, so why should this time be any different?

Dizzy’s Desire is book 7 in the Royal Bastards MC: Huntsville, AL Chapter, by K.L. Ramsey.

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