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Finding Beau

Series: Liverpool Boys

Kindle Price $4.99 & Available on KU

GAY Romance


Beautiful Beau. That’s what they called me. My life was anything but that and I was struggling.

Things were hard. Really hard. A sister who couldn’t say no, a boss I couldn’t say no to, no matter how hard I tried and a place I could be kicked out of any time.

I was fighting a losing battle, and wondered at this point if it was all worth it.

I had nothing to live for, no one to live for and at the age of twenty-three, I was ready to call it a day.

If only there was someone to show me, to prove to me that life was worth living, because right now, I was afraid the next thing I did would be my last.


Making it big, that was the dream! The fame, the fortune. We wanted it all, the moon and especially the stars.

But a gig in Liverpool, a beautiful bartender that catches my eye, and suddenly, my world is in a spin and nothing is clear. I want to know more, need to know more about the man who’s sad smile speaks so many words.

The man that has captured my attention. The man that has captured my heart.

Success beckons though and I’m in turmoil. He needs me and I have to make him see that he’s worth it, that together, we’re worth it before it’s too late.

Finding Beau is the second in the Liverpool Boys series. It follows Beau, the tortured bartender and the blue haired K-pop star that finds him.

Please heed the trigger warnings: This book features abuse, both verbal and physical, sexual assault and drug use. There is also mention of suicide, both thoughts and intent.

                                                        Next Up is J.S Grey


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