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7/23 #BRVL JULY AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Forbidden Script – book 1


Forbidden Script

Kindle Price $3.99 & Available on KU


Elora Roberts is a renowned psychic with a tragic past and a hidden lineage very few know anything about. Working with countless people from all walks of life, telling their fortunes, and speaking to the deceased, she can see everyone’s future—except her own. The chance meeting with the man she had dreamt of years ago unlocks secrets of her past after she reads for him, and her world becomes unhinged with the vision of imminent danger.

Artist. actor. director, Brennen Wentworth is every woman’s fantasy and nursing a shattered heart. Referred to Elora, he gets the answers he’s been seeking, and renewed hope in love. When his biopic film of a controversial subject becomes plagued by a string of dangerous accidents, the scene is set for deadly terror behind the cameras.

Can Elora unravel the messages from beyond time to end the carnage, or will she be too late to stop the evil descending upon them?

                                                        Next Up is N. W Steel


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