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7/30 #BRVL JULY AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Holeshot Christmas


Holeshot Christmas

Series: Holeshot

Kindle Price $2.99 or Kindle Unlimited


Did jumping into marriage too fast put the brakes on their future?

The holiday season has arrived. It’s their first Christmas as a married couple, and newlyweds Davey and Tyler are experiencing more than a few relationship pains. They need to find a new racer for the Apex team, and jealousy over the new addition sparks between them.

They’ve come such a long way, but their relationship progressed faster than souped up dirt bikes. Was it too fast?

The two men are forced to slow down and reexamine their love and what they want for the future because Christmas isn’t all racetracks and dirt bikes.


Holeshot Christmas is third in the series but can be read as a standalone. Also check out how Davey and Tyler get together in The Holeshot!
Book 4 – Bike Business –
Book 5 – Tricky Tracks –

Christmas Eve

Tyler bounced into the main room of the house he shared with Davey at the Ranch, carrying two carefully wrapped packages. They’d decorated the room with a huge Christmas tree, so big they’d needed a ladder to get to the top branches. Tyler had also decorated the rest of the room, including the garlands and lights on Davey’s 250 bike-trophy that still took center stage in the room. He’d put a big red bow on the center of the handlebars, too. Davey had laughed, but Tyler thought it was just perfect.

Everything was pretty close to perfect. This would be their first Christmas as husbands, and they wanted to spend it right here in their own home. It was a little hard on Tyler, though, missing his family and Janie. They all had their own Christmas back in Colorado. Tyler missed them terribly, but he couldn’t think of anywhere he’d rather be. The ranch had become his home—there with Davey. Besides, they would be going over to see Davey’s cousin the next day. Dillon needed family, too.

Tyler plopped down on the couch beside Davey and handed him one of the packages. “Christmas Eve present.”

“What? What’s this?”

Tyler held up the other box. “I have one, too. It’s tradition.”

“It is?” Davey looked at Tyler, skeptically, and shook his box. It was the obvious size of a garment box, wrapped in red, foiled paper that had little tiny wreaths printed all over it. Tyler’s was the same, only the print was Christmas trees.

“Yes. Open it. Open it.”

Davey chuckled and shook the box some more. “You’re like a kid.”

“Stop shaking it and open it already.”

“Fine.” Davey grabbed the paper with one hand and crinkled it, ripping it right off of the package with a diabolical grin. Then, he broke the tape along the sides of the white box that had been hidden inside the paper and slowly pulled the top off. He fingered through the tissue paper until he reached the soft cotton fabric below. He pulled the garment out of the box. “What is this?”

“Jammies. For us to wear. Hold it up.”

Davey pulled the pajamas out of the box and held them up. They were navy blue with a hood and a zipper that went down the front, splitting the Superman icon down the middle. They also had feet in them like children’s pajamas. The look on Davey’s face made Tyler giggle. “Try them on.”

“Uh…really? I don’t know.”

“It’s Superman!”

Davey glared at him, so Tyler held up his box. “I have one, too.”

“What’s yours?”

Tyler ripped into his own box, pulling out similar pajamas, but his were simply stripped blue and green—no superheros. “I’ve tried this on and seriously, you’re gonna love it.” He wiggled his eyebrows. “Makes my ass look so sexy.”

“Put it on.” Davey was far more interested in Tyler’s gift than his own. It didn’t bother Tyler, though, since they were really both for Davey.

“You too.”

They both stripped off quickly and pulled the new pajamas on. It took all of two seconds after Tyler had his zipped for Davey’s hands to be all over him. Just like he’d wanted. The soft material emphasized every curve of muscle Tyler had, and Davey’s eyes ate him up along with his hands. “Yeah. I like yours. A lot.” He grabbed Tyler’s ass, pulling him closer. Their chests and legs pressed together, and Tyler could feel Davey’s bulge beneath the fabric, pushing against his hip.

“I like yours, too.” Tyler ran his hands up the Superman emblem on Davey’s chest.

“How the hell do I take a piss in this thing?”

Tyler burst out laughing. Leave it to Davey to ruin a sexy moment. 

                                                        Next Up is Kane Daemon


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