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To Have And To Hold

Title: To Have And To Hold 

Series: Endless Obsession

Author: Sammi Starlight 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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It’s a day little girls dream of since they are old enough to piece a scrapbook together.

Yet Trinity is struggling to find joy in planning her special day. It is her duty to her father to marry Samuel and solidify their family’s political reputation but every fibre of her being wants to run far away from him. He is unkind, strict and cruel… not someone she ever pictured marrying.

When Trinity catches anothers eye, this unfair match is put under pressure. Grant is mesmerised by her and furious to learn she is unwillingly betrothed to another. His protective eye never leaves her side as he hatches a plan to rescue his damsel in distress.

As tensions rise in the political circle, their bond only deepens. Will their forbidden love be their undoing?

That prickly feeling on the back of your neck that says someone is watching you? It’s me. And I’m never going to stop.
From the twisted minds of sixteen authors comes Endless Obsession, a take on romance that you never saw coming. This July, step into the shadows and let the darkness pull you under.

There is no right or wrong, there is only Endless Obsession.



Sammi lives in the Midwest with her own book boyfriend and two daughters. When she’s not reading or concocting steamy stories, she loves hiking, camping, and watching her girls play basketball.


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