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Married On The Mountain

Title: Married On The Mountain 

Series: Mountain Man 

Author: Sammi Starlight 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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As one runs from the silver spoon, the other runs from a silver knife…

Until they run into each-other.

Owen escaped his life, moving to the mountain. There he could forget about his first love, tragically killed in an accident. He’d always had a lot of guilt about it, and when the chance comes to save Josie and maybe build the family he craved, he makes her an offer he hopes she can’t refuse.

Josie moved to Alaska to save her dad. Little did she know, she would need saving. When Owen makes her a strange offer, she finds herself accepting. Did she make a mistake, or will she finally find the happiness she deserves?



Sammi lives in the Midwest with her own book boyfriend and two daughters. When she’s not reading or concocting steamy stories, she loves hiking, camping, and watching her girls play basketball.


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Sabre by Kristine Allen


*இ☠️ SABRE ☠️இ*

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Ankeny, IA Chapter 🔥

Author: Kristine Allen

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Model: Andrew Biernat

Cover Designer: Lucian Bane

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People think they know what punishment is, but they have no idea. I’d lived enough lifetimes of misery that I’m an expert.

Soleil was my soulmate, but I was a Watcher and it was prohibited for us to be together.After we were caught, she was ripped away, leaving me begging for death. Dropped into the middle of the Civil War, I thought my wish had been granted. Little did I know, my punishment was my anguish on Earth and it would never end.

For years, I was a lost soul, wandering—until I found the Ankeny RBMC. With them, something within my empty chest settled and I dared put down roots.

When she showed up on our doorstep, I was stunned. Except she had no memory of me or that it was my fault her brother died.

Now, a sinister evil is toying with us, threatening to separate us… permanently.

It’s not happening on my watch. I failed once before, and we lost heaven to have each other. But nothing in hell would keep us apart.

They call me Sabre, and this is my real story.

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Daddy’s Searching by Pepper North

Daddy’s Searching by Pepper North is live on all platforms.
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Sometimes all the data in the world can’t hide a Little from the Daddy who’s been searching for her…

Belinda Jenkins’ expertise is recognized by everyone at Edgewater Industries. As the Information Technology Specialist, she is the go-to source of assistance for every department. When the position she’s always dreamed of becomes available, Belinda is sure she’s at the front of the line to lead the company’s IT structure.

Corporate security consultant Pedro Morales has traveled all over the world. Ricocheting from one company to the next has made finding his Little virtually impossible. When he finally decides to put down roots, Edgewater Industries is the place he’ll be glad to protect. With his honed knowledge, Pedro doesn’t have to search long to find where his Little has been hiding.

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About Pepper 

Ever just gone for it? That’s what USA Today Bestselling Author Pepper North did in 2017 when she posted a book for sale on Amazon without telling anyone. Thanks to her amazing fans, the support of the writing community, Mr. North, and a killer schedule, she has now written more than 70 books!

Enjoy contemporary, paranormal, dark, and erotic romances that are both sweet and steamy? Pepper will convert you into one of her loyal readers. What’s coming in the future? A Daddypalooza!

Stay up on the latest news and get insider updates and previews of Pepper’s stories…

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Just an Ordinary Love Story


Erotic Romance

Date Published: July 2022

Publisher: Changeling Press

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How likely is it that studious coed Melissa will fall for Richard — former campus jerk and serial womanizer — who’s trying to mend his ways and win her heart? Not very, since, having made it to the “friend zone,” he’s afraid to tell her how he feels. It’s even less likely because Richard doesn’t know Melissa’s already married to her childhood sweetheart, Sam — who’s really Samantha.

However… it’s not impossible. Melissa is bisexual, she’s developing feelings for Richard, and her wife is supportive of her quest to discover what her bisexuality means. What does HEA look like for a loving, blended trio?



Chapter One

“WOW! That was one punishing hit on Harrison. Smashed high from the left! Slammed low from the right! No wonder he did a full three-sixty before hitting the ground. I bet it knocked the wind out of him. Wait a minute! He’s not moving, and his leg is bent out at a really troubling angle. The EMTs are rushing onto the field with a stretcher. Let’s hope it’s not as bad as it looks. It won’t matter in this game. Harrison has given his team a twenty-one-point lead with just a quarter to play. But this young man is supposed to be headed to the NFL!”

When Richard regained consciousness, he was in a fog. He fought to clear his head but failed. He opened his eyes, but everything was out of focus.

“He’s awake.” It was his mother’s voice — but with a serious measure of worry. “How are you feeling, honey?”

He hurt everywhere, and his mouth was so dry he had trouble forming any words. “Mo- Mom? Wha- What’s g- What’s going on?” he finally got out.


* * *

Ten months later

The young man tried to hurry up the stairs, but he was still having trouble using crutches. When he pushed open the classroom door, his backpack swung around and pulled him off balance. He let go of his aluminum aids to stop from falling, and the metallic clatter as they crashed against the floor drew everyone’s attention.

Every face looked his way. Few showed sympathy. Most wore thinly veiled smirks. Some openly displayed glee. He wasn’t surprised. He deserved it, and he knew it. A distinguished woman in a lab coat walked over and picked up his crutches. “Classes began a week ago, Mr. Harrison” — she handed the crutches to him –”for everyone,” she added sternly. “And we begin on time.”

“I understand, Professor. There were complications with my surgery. I’m sorry. I thought this building had an elevator. It won’t happen again.”

She nodded. “Come with me.”

They walked to the farthest corner of the lab where a plain looking young woman was adding something to a beaker sitting on a blue flame. She was staring intently through her large protective glasses to see what kind of reaction it would produce. “Miss Teaberry,” her teacher interrupted, “this is Richard Harrison, your new lab partner. I know you wanted to work alone, but we don’t have enough stations. However, if you decide this partnership won’t work, I’ll respect that.” She looked at Richard seriously. “If so, Mr. Harrison will have to accept the consequences of his actions.”

“It’s fine, Professor. I promise to pull my weight.”

The young woman looked suspiciously at her new partner. “I’m Melissa.”

He gave her his best smile and extended his hand. “Sorry to mess things up for you. I’m Richard.”

After looking at his hand for a few seconds, she grimaced and shook it. She turned her attention back at the beaker. “I know who you are,” she added frostily. “You’re Dick Harrison. Let’s just get to work.”

He groaned inside. There was no question what she meant. Please don’t let this be a girl I slept with and have completely forgotten. I know I was bad. But that bad? He studied her face closely. “We haven’t met before, have we?”

She turned to face him. “No. But you dated my first-year roommate, Alicia Monti.” The accusing look told him everything he needed to know.

He winced. She was kind to say he’d “dated” her roommate. He looked straight back at her. “For what it’s worth, you have every right to be angry with me. I was a jerk to her — and to more people than I want to admit. But life has kicked the shit out of me in return. Once I figure out how to get around with these” — he held up one of his crutches – “I will apologize to Alicia — and the others. They may not forgive me. But I at least want to try to do the right thing. In this class, I only want to be a good lab partner and not flunk out. Just tell me what to do.”

Melissa raised her eyebrow, eyeing him uneasily. “Are you being straight with me? This isn’t some sort of con?”

His face was somber. “No. I mean it.” His tone was repentant. “I know you have no reason to believe me. I also know that a week from now you’ll want to ask the professor to get rid of me. And not because I’m not doing my share, but because I’m rubbish when it comes to chemistry. Which will make me a pain in the ass as a lab partner. But this was the only science class with an opening. I need it to graduate, so I will do everything you want me to do. I promise I will work like crazy not to let you down. My fate is in your hands.”

Melissa pushed her glasses up her nose, silently eyed him for a while, and frowned. “Let’s see. You’re telling me I shouldn’t believe you and you’ll be nothing but a burden who will jeopardize my grade. That’s supposed to win me over?”

“I’m turning over a new leaf,” he replied seriously. “I’ve been told honesty and humility weren’t my strong suits. All I’m asking for is a chance.”

She examined the beaker again, then looked back at him. “OK. For this experiment, I want you to stir the liquid until I tell you to stop.”

“Done.” He settled on the stool in front of the beaker, took the glass rod she handed him, and began stirring the blue liquid.

Melissa neatened up their lab area, returned some chemicals to the storage closet, and came back with more. She jotted down some notes, then read in her textbook. A couple of times, the professor came by and asked, “Ready?”

When Melissa replied, “Not yet,” the teacher seemed puzzled. All the while, Richard stirred. He noticed that no one else in the class seemed to be stirring their beakers. Also, when the professor checked out their work, she told them they could leave. When one hand got tired, he switched to the other.

He and Melissa ended up being the last pair in the classroom. The professor came by one more time and glanced at the beaker. “Everything looks fine, Miss Teaberry. I need to leave. Is there a problem?”

“Not at all, professor. We’re just being extra diligent.”

She nodded. “Very well. See you next time. Be sure to clean up before you go.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

After the teacher headed out, Richard looked at Melissa as he kept stirring. “I assume I keep going.”

She didn’t even look up from her book. She simply pursed her lips tightly, looked at the page, and made a stirring motion with her hand.

Thirty minutes later she closed her book. “OK. You can stop.”

He rubbed his hands together to loosen them up. He’d been stirring for more than an hour straight. “What next?”

“Next?” Her eyebrows arched in surprise. “You’re willing to keep going?”

“If you want me to. Yes. I’ll even stay here alone and do stuff if you want. I know this was a test on your part. I have to prove myself to you. If you want me to keep going, I’m OK with that.”

Her look wasn’t altogether hostile. “How’d you know?”

“It wasn’t hard,” he said with a laugh. “Everyone else stirred for about thirty seconds. The prof checked their work. They left. I assume you’d already done the stirring before I got here. The only explanation was that you needed to see if I meant what I said. You were giving me a chance, and I want to thank you for that.”

She narrowed her eyes. Was he playing her? He seemed sincere. But didn’t guys like him know how to fake it so you’d believe them until it was too late?

“So, how’d I do, boss? Will you let me be your partner?”

She looked at him seriously. “As long as you do what you’re told and don’t blow anything up, I guess we should be OK.”

He nodded and smiled. “Not exactly high praise, but I’ll take it. Thanks. I mean it.”

After they cleaned up their lab space, she showed him where the elevator was. As they exited the building, he stumbled again on his crutches. She looked concerned. “Are you OK?”

“I’ll get used to them. I’ll see you in class.”

As Richard left the building and headed toward his dorm, he heard a shout. “Dude! Wait up.”

The tall, muscular young man came up and gave him a hard slap on the back. “Yo, dude! I heard you were back. Great to see you again.”

“You too, Alex.”

“I was afraid you were gone for good.”

“Having my career end was bad enough. I had to take time off for the operations, but I wasn’t going to completely ruin my life by dropping out.”

His friend looked at the crutches. “Sorry about the sticks, man. But I bet they’ll work great with the babes. A bunch of us from the team are taking the T to the Square to hit the bars. Come with. We’ll find some hottie to throw you a sympathy fuck. It’ll be like old times.”

“Thanks. But you and I both know the only reason the other guys from the team would be glad to see me is to rub it in.”

“No way, man. Everybody loves you.”

Richard snorted.

“Well, maybe you weren’t the easiest guy to love.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve got to study. No more ‘athletic A’s’ for me.”

“Right. That sucks. Man, school’s going to be a drag for you. Word is you even got saddled with some nerd as a lab partner. Is she hot at least? Any chance of hitting that?”

Richard winced inside. His tone became serious.

“It’s not going to be like that. I did a lot of thinking in the hospital. I’m done being a jerk who’s just looking to get laid. I’m not going to say nonstop sex wasn’t fun, but I’m not heading to the NFL anymore. I need a new game plan. A different life. I need to be a different person. I need to grow up. Besides, Melissa’s pre-med, not a party girl.”

“Wait! ‘Melissa’ as in Melissa Teaberry?” Alex laughed. “In that case, you don’t even have to worry about being tempted. The Ice Queen herself! I hear if your junk gets within a foot of her pussy, it’ll quick-freeze and snap off. You be careful how close you stand beside her.” He chuckled and poked Richard in the chest.

“C’mon, dude.” He frowned. “Not cool. She’s being fair to me. And we both know I don’t deserve it.”

“Sorry, man. Just having fun.” Alex slapped him on the arm, then gestured in the direction of his friends. “One last chance. You sure I can’t lead you astray with some drunken debauchery? It’ll be like old times. Fuck ‘em and dump ‘em.”

“Nah. I’m good. New leaf, remember?”

Alex narrowed his eyes as he looked at him. “New leaf? You? We’ll see. When you come to your senses, you know where to find me — balls-deep in some luscious pussy. Later, dude.”

“Later, bro.”

Richard watched Alex as he walked away. He sat on the bench in front of the reflecting pool and looked into the waters. A profound sense of shame washed over him. A year ago, he’d prided himself on being a man-whore. I can’t believe I used to be that guy. I was such an asshole.

He also knew that his former teammates had absolutely no interest in seeing him. They had tolerated his arrogance because they had to. For years he’d been told how gifted he was as a quarterback. He was going to the NFL. As far as he was concerned, he was doing them a favor by winning so many games for them. They rode on his coattails. He’d be one of the greats. They would be sentenced to boring jobs. He walked with a swagger and was conceited and condescending.

He shivered with disgust. No more. You’re getting a second chance. Don’t blow it.

* * *

 About the Author

Originally from the East Coast, Jane is married and has returned to Massachusetts after living in California for a while. She’s written a few nonfiction books in connection with her current job, and has decided to transition to erotic romance as her next career.

Jane writes fun, upbeat stories. No dark, brooding, broken, tortured guys who need fixing. Just great, handsome, smart, sexy, “real men” whose only weakness is being unable to resist the women she pairs them with. She especially wants her heroines to be as sexy and passionate as they desire. She likes her heroes to be their equal — sexy, devoted, and romantic. No matter what, you can count on the fact that her couples end up in love and having great sex! OK, maybe they have the sex first!

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Release Blitz: The Heist by C.W. Gortner & M.J. Rose

To catch a leopard, wear diamonds.

The Heist, the gripping conclusion in the To Catch A Leopard Series from New York Times bestselling author M.J. Rose and international bestselling author C.W. Gortner is out now!

To catch a leopard, wear diamonds.

A year after THE BAIT, Ania Throne is on the prowl. Gone into hiding, she’s planned her next move to perfection, intent on winning her dangerous game of cat-against-cat with the Leopard. But Ania doesn’t know that even the best-laid heists have hidden flaws.

Jerome Curtis has taken a job at a Hollywood movie studio to try and put his life back together. When a familiar face from the past shows up unexpectedly, Jerome realizes that much as he’s tried to forget her, there’s no escaping Ania. And this time, what she’s about to do could be her doom.

The heist is on. Jerome must join with Ania again to bring down the mastermind thief who’s dead-set on not getting caught. Passion and vengeance collide as father and daughter bait each other in a high-stakes gambit, with Jerome caught in the middle. Because no matter how much Ania has tried to keep her lover safe, she’s only brought him back into the center of her ploy— and the Leopard intends to take full advantage of it.

From the glamour of late 1950s Hollywood to a desperate chase in the ravines of Los Angeles, two leopards must hunt each other to the end. And only one of them can bring down its prey.

THE HEIST is the thrilling conclusion in the To Catch A Leopard series, a dramatic romantic caper that began with THE STEAL and THE BAIT.

Grab your copy today!
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Start the series today with The Steal!
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About M.J. Rose
M.J. Rose grew up in New York City mostly in the labyrinthine galleries of the Metropolitan Museum, the dark tunnels and lush gardens of Central Park and reading her mother’s favorite books before she was allowed. She believes mystery and magic are all around us but we are too often too busy to notice… Books that exaggerate mystery and magic draw attention to it and remind us to look for it and revel in it.
Rose is a the Co-President and founding member of International Thriller Writers and the founder of the first marketing company for authors: AuthorBuzz. She runs the blog, Museum of Mysteries.

In 1998, her first novel Lip Service was the first e-book and the first self-published novel chosen by the LiteraryGuild/Doubleday Book Club as well as the first e-book to go on to be published by a mainstream New York publishing house.
Rose has been profiled in Time magazine, Forbes, The New York Times, Business 2.0, Working Woman, Newsweek, and New York Magazine.

She has appeared on The Today Show, Fox News, The Jim Lehrer NewsHour, and features on her have appeared in dozens of magazines and newspapers in the U.S. and abroad, including USAToday, Stern, L’Official, Poets and Writers, and Publishers Weekly.

Rose graduated from Syracuse University and spent the ’80s in advertising. She was the Creative Director of Rosenfeld Sirowitz and Lawson and she has a commercial in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Connect with M.J. Rose

About C.W. Gortner
C.W. Gortner holds an MFA in Writing with an emphasis on Renaissance Studies from the New College of California and a degree in fashion marketing. In his extensive travels to research his books, he has experienced life in a Spanish castle and danced in a Tudor great hall. Half-Spanish by birth, his novels have been translated in over 20 languages to date.

C.W. enjoys talking to book groups. To schedule a chat or find out more about his work

Connect with C.W. Gortner

For more information about Blue Box Press visit:

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RELEASE BLITZ: Scorch by Chelle Bliss

Scorch by Chelle Bliss is now live!

After spending years of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Nevin Walsh doesn’t know where he fits in anymore. His family has changed, and the world is a very different place.

But then, his brother’s best friend, Luna Gallo, makes it her personal mission to help him settle back into his newfound freedom. He should say no. Turn her away. But there’s something about the woman who radiates sunshine that makes her impossible to ignore. And the harder he pushes her away, the harder she comes.

And what starts off as an unwanted friendship turns into something he never expects. But can Nevin let go of the hurt from his past to allow himself happiness in his future?

Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo!


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Meet Chelle

Chelle Bliss is the Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of Men of Inked Series and Misadventures of a City Girl.

She’s a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, coffee fiend, ex-high school history teacher, and currently lives near the beach even though she hates sand. Chelle loves spending time with her two cats, alpha boyfriend, and chatting with readers.

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Text BLISS to 24587

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RELEASE BLITZ: Blackmail by Amelia Wilde

Blackmail by Amelia Wilde is now live!

Bristol Anderson will do anything to protect her younger siblings. Even if it means embezzling from the company where she’s a temp. No one will find out. And the wealthy owner of the investment firm will never notice.

Except Will LeBlanc doesn’t miss a thing.

He could call the police, but he has more interesting plans for her. In the copy room. On the conference table. Under his desk.

The coldhearted venture capitalist will make her pay back every last cent.

Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo!


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Meet Amelia

Amelia Wilde is a USA TODAY bestselling author of dangerous contemporary romance and loves it a little too much. She lives in Michigan with her husband and daughters. She spends most of her time typing furiously on an iPad and appreciating the natural splendor of her home state from where she likes it best: inside.

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LULU and Pebbles Virtual Book Tour


Pony Tales on the Farm, Book 1

Children’s Chapter Book

Date Published: 06-07-2022


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Lulu’s 8th Birthday should be the best day of her life…but she soon realizes that things don’t always go as planned. When Lulu struggles to form a bond with her new Pony, she finds herself questioning more than one friendship in her life!


About the Author

Pony Tales on the Farm is the Second Book Series written by Reena Korde Pagnoni. She began writing a picture book series titled The Rambee Boo Series during the pandemic after adopting a little puppy.  Lulu and Pebbles is the first book of the second series which is a chapter book series geared for children ages 8+. Both series stay true to Pagnoni’s brand identity of realistic stories of human/animal interractions. 

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Author Spotlight

8/2 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Reigniting Chase


Reigniting Chase

Kindle Price $3.99 or Kindle Unlimited


An unexpected collaboration between two authors that’s hot enough to spark a fire…


After an excruciating loss, I’m desperate for a fresh start.
Away from the painful memories.
Away from everyone I know and anyone who knows my story.
That’s how I end up in Eagle’s Landing, Pennsylvania.
As a bestselling author, my main reason for moving to a remote mountain cabin is to overcome the writer’s block that crushed my creativity for the past two years. My hope is to rediscover my words in the quiet, small town where no one knows me. Or my past.
A place where I can blend in enough that I become invisible.


Even though Chase, one of my favorite authors, insists he wants to be left alone, I refuse to let him wallow in whatever’s drowning him.
As a local bookstore owner and author myself, I’m intrigued by the man who’s a master of the written word. Unfortunately, his social skills could use a lot of work.
Even so, I’m determined to pull the irritable and frustrating man out of the dark pit he’s fallen into and back to the surface, no matter how hard he fights it. I only hope dragging Chase down that fiery path just might reignite his spark and that I don’t get burned in the process.

Note: Reigniting Chase is a slow-burn, emotional romance that deals with love after loss. Please check the content warning before reading or purchasing. It can be found at the beginning of the book (accessible by Amazon’s “look inside” feature or by downloading the sample). This standalone gay romance has a guaranteed HEA, no cheating and no cliffhanger

                                                        Next Up is Rye Cox


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