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8/5 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Wanted





Hyde Johnson is an erotic audiobook performer. A “read by” byline is too plain, and “narrated by” still doesn’t capture what he does. His livelihood is his passion. Performance art, the air he breathes. Which translates to a recluse who is a hot mess.

He’s not eating right, he’s drinking more, and his family’s meddling is making it harder to stay on task.

Being designated the guardian of her young niece Tina is the last thing Gypsy Hartford expected.

But when the State of South Carolina unceremoniously puts Tina in her care, Gypsy accepts it’s time to grow up and stop floating from town to town. Where does she start when she has no degree, no real friends, and no family besides Tina?

A want ad could be the answer to both their conundrums. Or it might open a whole new can of worms. Especially when you throw in a crazed author with an unhealthy obsession for her narrator.

Wanted: Someone to run errands, cook, and handle minor cleaning. Must be quiet and self-starting as I work nights and sleep during the day. Compensation negotiable, including transportation and board. Discretion a must. Only serious inquiries please

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This story was an absolute breath of fresh air. First of all, the writing is excellent … Next, and probably my favorite thing is the story is sweet and believable. … Likable, relatable characters bumped it up to 4 stars… and the rest is just because I couldn’t put it down. This is worth every penny and worth the evening it took me to read it.” ~BookBub Reviewer


“Some of the best stories have the simplest of setups: man, woman, interloper. But a simple setup is all a good author needs. R. E. Hargrave is a good author – a very good one – and if this is your first time discovering her then you’re in for a treat.

Hyde Johnson is hot, but he’s a mess – a hot mess. And it’s probably the fact that Gypsy’s life is something of a reflection of his that they are drawn to each other. They fall into each other’s arms quickly, but then trouble arrives…

We found Wanted to be a comforting romance story with likeable lead characters, and interesting secondary characters. It was an easy read; we read it on a Thursday, but something about the book made it feel like a Saturday. Who can ask for more than that?” ~ReadFREEly (Wanted was one of their 2020 Best Book We’ve Read All Year Finalists)

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