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I Don’t by SM Stryker


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An emotionally captivating romantic fairytale about first loves, accidental meetings, soul mates, and a cheating fiancé from Amazon bestselling author SM Stryker.

༺❃ ༻Hudson thought she’d met the perfect man.༺❃ ༻

But when she receives a series of incriminating photographs of her fiancé cheating the night before their wedding, her dreams of a perfect life are shattered.

Their Honeymoon was planned for Hawaii… and with her relationship in shambles, Hudson seizes the chance for a much-needed getaway. But after she accidentally oversleeps, she’s left scrambling to make the flight in time – and she stumbles into a charming and handsome man in the hotel lounge.

Imagine her surprise when they’re double-booked into the same room.

Caught up in an embarrassing situation, Grayson poses as her boyfriend to ward off her fiancé… but nothing can cool off the simmering sexual tension between the pair.

There’s only one problem. Hudson is about to make a shocking discovery – and when she does, it could blow apart her budding relationship with Grayson forever.

I don’t know what to say. How can I not think this was crazy? He didn’t even know me at the open house. Part of me thinks he is a delusional stalker, but another part of me feels cherished and treasured. Something I haven’t felt for a long time, and never with Travis. 

He was right, I was drawn to him. It was like the pull of a magnet. It didn’t matter how much I fought it, fought him, I was pulled back to him. I wanted him. Needed him to hold me, touch me, love me, and tell me everything would be alright.

My mind races. Spinning and spiraling at not only what he did for me, but how I could feel the way I do in such a short time.

My tear-filled eyes slowly find his. Grayson reaches up and brushes the moisture from my face, then cupping my cheek. “Don’t cry Angel.”

“I just can’t believe everything you did.”

“Just tell me you feel it too. Tell me I’m not crazy for falling in love with you like this.” He brushes another falling tear, his expression, hopeful.

Without thinking, I nod my head. “You’re different from anyone I’ve ever met, and I’m different when I’m with you. I’ve been belittled and ridiculed most of my life, I just can’t believe someone like you is even possible. I thought I was weak.” 

His emerald eyes search mine. 

“I was terrified to believe you were real.”

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3OrXGis
Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3yJiQTR


SM Stryker is an Oregon native and Amazon international best-selling author. She started writing to explore the vast array of aspects of the human condition. Her stories will take you on a personal journey in which each of her characters learns something about themselves. You will get to read true love stories about people that are destined to be together.

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