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8/11 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Unbreakable



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I was raised to be the good girl, the obedient daughter.

What I wanted was to break free, to be the woman I knew was inside me.

To take control, be controlled and embrace my sexuality.

But there was a debt to be paid and I was the currency.

I had one chance to barter for my freedom, limited as it was.

To live to the fullest in the short time I had left.

I thought when the time came, I could walk away and do what I was supposed to.

What I didn’t expect were the men who came into my life, worming their way into my heart.

Two who hug the wrong side of the law but ignite something in me others could not.

One who leads a straight laced life, but thrives in a world where he dominates.

And lastly the friend, the one who snuck in under the radar.

What will they do when I have to leave, when I walk away?

From a life I love and friends I have grown to care about. From the men that I love.

Can I live with my choices, or do I just end it all?

Warning this is a fast burn dark reverse harem. The FMC will have multiple love interests and will not have to choose. This book does contain elements that may be triggering to some. Graphic violence is contained in story as well as graphic sexual scenes that include BDSM. This story is meant for mature audiences only.

The book is also in the September story of my life book crate which is doing pre orders this month . if you want to add it. 

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