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The Devil’s Lover

Title: The Devil’s Lover

Series: Hellbound 5

Author: Alexa Piper

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Release Date: August 12

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 149 pages

Genre: Romance, Action Adventure, BDSM, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Urban Fantasy, Dark Desire, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Magic, Murder Mystery

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Lionel and Lucifer are drawn deeper into a murder case, but they are set on solving it together. Just when Lionel’s love life has gone back to normal — normal meaning the kinky Devil making his ownership known — Lionel’s murder case gets stranger. Lionel’s birth father seems to have his hands in the mystery, and Lionel finds himself in the sights of Eris, goddess of discord. Lucifer used to be a prime example of a powerful underworld deity with all the knowledge and skill to take care of a lover in the bedroom. But that was before Lucifer fell properly in love and won over his necromantic boyfriend, who also happens to be a demigod. Lionel’s innate magic, magical skill, and stubborn nature make it exceedingly difficult for Lucifer to be the alpha god he wants to be for Lionel. Lucifer is set on finding a way to provide for the man he loves and to fulfill Lionel’s every desire. But before he can focus entirely on his necromancer, the two of them must solve the case, prevent primordial deities from being raised and destroying the world, and learn to communicate better. It’s what relationships and crime solving are all about.


All rights reserved. Copyright ©2022 Alexa Piper Lionel The Devil’s body in front of mine, protecting me from a threat I didn’t quite understand, that was a new and uncomfortable feeling, and something I didn’t really care for. I tried getting a decent look at the deity that had teleported into Lucifer’s doorless office, but the Devil his own damn self kept pushing me back. It was so annoying when he was trying to be an alpha god. “Will you cut it out, Beelzebug?” I grumbled, and Trony, in her pink tartan skirt and with her sword in hand, gave me an admiring look. Nyx, the deity that had Lucifer so riled, chuckled and turned their milky, unseeing eyes on me. “You are a fierce one. Tiamat has said as much.” And speak of the dragon mother, she appeared in the office as well, which was fine, apart from the fact that she wasn’t wearing any clothes. Awesome. “What is going on here? Nyx, do you have to scare the children?” the dragon mother said and crossed her arms under her breasts. Not that I was paying any attention to her breasts, but it was sort of hard not to notice they existed. Why did all gods have trouble with clothing? Buttons and zippers really weren’t all that bad. “Children?” Lucifer said and straightened before pulling me to his side and circling my waist with his arm in a proud <em>look, this is my boyfriend</em> kind of way. Apparently in his mind, the presence of the dragon mother lessened the threat level in his office. “No one in this room was scared,” Metatron said and flashed her sword. “What were you saying about Eris?” I asked the blind god… then realized looking at them wouldn’t be enough to cue them in on the fact I was speaking with them. “I mean, Nyx. You were saying about Eris?” The sightless god turned to face me. “Eager as any human, aren’t you?” They smiled. “Or as the Devil dispensing deals.” Tiamat clapped her hands. “If you have something to say about Eris, I am interested. I don’t appreciate her harassing poor, lovesick humans around the corner, but I think we can talk while also eating, can’t we?” Metatron nodded. “I second that. The necromancer has been turning his nose up at my food since his return from Scotland, and he looks worse for wear.” “I haven’t!” I said. “And I don’t! It’s just been a busy few days, and there were corpses.” “Humans are quite frail and need regular nourishment, even those who are only partially so,” Nyx said, and they and the dragon mother nodded knowingly. Lucifer glowered at the other god. “I know best what my boyfriend needs,” he said, but I could tell I was in for eating my breakfast out of the Devil’s hands while sitting in his lap. * * * Lucifer was indeed behaving like a total alpha god, and it reminded me that I should call Persephone and give her an update, but that would mean looking at my phone and seeing whatever social media was now making of the sharkomancer incident. Maybe I should still tell her about the minotaur… but what would I even tell her about that? It was confusing, the way I felt or should feel about Minos, and I was actually glad to be dealing with something else right about now. The dragon mother, Nyx, and Lucifer and I teleported to the already set dining room table, and I tried to grab a chair, but Lucifer wouldn’t let me go. He pulled me close and tilted my chin up. “How about I take you to Sephy’s and Hades’ place? It’s almost the weekend anyway, and you trained Marc Deacon well. I am sure he can handle things here while you relax a little,” Lucifer said. He was doing his best at looking charming, dashing, someone you didn’t want to say no to. His kitty-cat hair was catching the light just so. In one word, he was a transparent, overprotective alpha god, and he was trying to lull me into damseling myself, or whatever you’d call it. “You are not benching me,” I said. “I will raise the minotaur, even if it’s –” If it was what? A way for me to get back at him? To make sure he was very and truly dead? I shook my head. “I’ll raise him. I can do my fucking job, whether you believe that or not, Beelzebug.” Lucifer’s face soured, but then he kissed my forehead. “I know you can, my love, but you don’t have to.” “What are you saying about raising the minotaur?” Tiamat said. She had put on a bathrobe, just a thin one that hugged her every curve and still revealed a lot, but it was better than nothing. Which was the alternative. Lucifer hugged me close. “He was apparently murdered in his cell at the human prison not too long ago. Christine just called with the news.” “The minotaur,” Nyx said, and I wiggled out of Lucifer’s hold and even managed to sit in my own chair instead of the Devil’s lap. My goals had shifted over the past few months, and today, this was an achievement, and I knew it. “He was a powerful human sorcerer,” the blind god went on. They used their cane to find a chair opposite the dragon mother. Lucifer moved his chair at the head of the table to the left, toward my own, until he was sitting right next to me. “You knew him?” I asked. “How did you know the minotaur?”


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Meet the Author

Alexa Piper writes steamy romance that ranges from light to dark, from straight to queer. She’s also a coffee addict. Alexa loves writing stories that make her readers laugh and fall in love with the characters in them. Connect with Alexa on Facebook or Instagram, follow her on Twitter or TikTok, and subscribe to her newsletter!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | BookBub


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Public Obedience

Title: Public Obedience

Author: Kira Stone

Publisher: Changeling Press LLC

Release Date: August 12

Heat Level: 5 – Erotica

Pairing: Male/Male Menage

Length: 37 pages

Genre: Erotica, New Adult, BDSM, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

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They’ve only been together nine months, but Bay thinks Court is the submissive he’s been looking for, a lifetime keeper. If the night goes as planned, Court will have to prove he loves and trusts Bay more than ever before. Is Court up to the challenge?


All rights reserved. Copyright ©2014 Kira Stone My cell phone rang, announcing the caller. Like I needed the memo. “Hey.” “When, where and how?” Court said by way of greeting. Eager tonight. Excellent. “Around eight, a new place, and we’re taking the bike but don’t complicate the clothing.” “Got it.” Dial tone. Good boy. I did my own cleanup, even straightened a few cushions on the flat spring couch. Damn thing wouldn’t sell at a garage sale, but hey, I didn’t use it much and it fit in with the rest of the house. My house, without owing a dime on it. I ran my hand over my thighs, adjusted my cock, and checked myself out in the tarnished bathroom mirror. I figured I’d aged like any man should, rough around the edges but fighting off the fat with some success. Headlights flashed through the living room right at eight p.m. Court just kept me smiling. I picked up the small black bag on the counter. The catch-all dish next to it caught my eye. Tonight? It couldn’t hurt to take it along just in case. I picked up the small piece of cut metal and stuck it in my right front pocket. I grabbed my leather jacket on my way out the door. Court stood by the bike, waiting for me. Even though we’d just pick up more dust as we rode, he had cleaned it up a little. I tossed him the bag, which he caught and stored in the space under the seat. Until he rode with me, Court had always called motorcycles by their nickname, donorcycles. Yeah, you could die on one. You could die in your bed too. This one, however, had been accessorized to be as comfortable as possible without turning it into a car. Real bikers would jeer at us, but this had been a good compromise between Court and me. And one very important one. I walked around the bike to where he was standing. I put my hand at the back of his head and drew him toward me. His arms slid around my waist, under the coat, and I held him there, studying his eyes in the moonlight. So many people underestimated what you could see in a person’s eyes. Court’s told me he was calm under my touch, excited about the mystery night I had planned, and under that was the love for me I always found no matter what other mood those deep blue eyes reflected. I lowered my mouth to his and kissed him. Sounds simple, but we’d turned the meeting of lips into a fine art of touch and taste and bonding. It said more than “hello,” but rather, “I feel so much better for being with you.” Feelings. Gawd. I thought I’d left them behind me in high school, along with girls and the coward who couldn’t fight or run fast enough to escape the crap in life. “It’s go time,” I whispered against his lips. “Plans?” “Should be a good night. Just sit back and let me drive.” Court was a submissive. I didn’t like saying I was his Master as if I owned him. Court remained independent at all times, but he had yet to refuse anything I asked of him. Then again, I knew his limits and he trusted me not to cross them. Tonight I’d be testing both his limits and his trust. We rode out of town, even farther into the countryside than usual. For maybe an hour, I took us over low hills and lazy curves until finally I saw the neon sign I’d been looking for. I turned the bike into a gravel lot and surveyed the place. Court squeezed my waist. “Here?” Okay, so it wasn’t a five star. It might even hang somewhere between one and two judging by the outside. But a country beat drifted out along with the smell of greasy home cooking. People were knocking balls around on a pool table. A lot of pickup trucks were in the parking lot, but handling straight guys was always part of the challenge. “Yeah.”

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Meet the Author

Kira Stone lives in a warm cave tucked away in the remote Scottish Highlands, where a small band of ever-changing heroes serves as company. As they relax in front of a roaring fire, demons dance in leather pants and angels stroke tunes from the harp strings, while the Fae stop in to share tales from other worlds. Bound by pen and imagination, these are the folk who wait to greet you from the pages of Kira’s stories. Visit Kira’s Website.


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Sounds Like Love

Sounds Like Love

by Laura Ford

Genre: YA Fiction, Coming Of Age

Wendy is a bright spark who wants to find love and travel the world, but she questions how her dreams can become a reality as her world changes around her.

When Wendy arrives at her beloved grandmother’s house to collect a box of keepsakes, she picks up more than she bargained for – a green-eyed tabby cat with amazing qualities. This is just the start of a high-speed adventure, leading Wendy towards bright new horizons… if only she’ll give the cat a chance…


A wonderful story . . . Author Laura Ford does a fantastic job of creating a story that flows well and keeps the reader captivated from beginning to end.’


A tender, engaging narrative intended to inspire positivity in the face of adversity.’


Sounds Like Love offers readers an engaging story of a cat that holds unexpectedly special abilities, a grandchild learning to care for a pet while missing a significant person in her life, and an emotional roller coaster of love, empathy, and revised connections that stem from their relationship.’


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Laura Ford writes novels, short stories and poems across a wide range of human and animal experience. As Laura is an avid cat lover, a number of special felines tend to find their way into Laura’s stories as well.

Laura graduated with an honours degree in British law while also writing fiction in parallel. Now based in California with her husband and two beguiling Siamese cats, Laura most enjoys using her imagination and memories to paint vivid stories. An avid traveler and seeker, Laura is always exploring new concepts for more stories to come.

Website * Website * Facebook * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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Misled And Bred

Title: Misled And Bred 

Series: Baby Breeder 

Author: Layne Daniels

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

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Lyric told me she loved me. She promised to be mine. My assistant. My lover. Just…mine. When I found her updated resume on the copier in the office, I did what I had to do to make sure she’d stay put. Morally questionable? Sure. Ask me if I care.

She talked about wanting my babies one day. I just moved up the timeline. Lyric knew the type of man I am when we got involved, so however mad she is about my methods is on her.

The ends justify the means, and I refuse to apologize for something I’m not sorry about. Probably.

This August, eighteen of your favorite romance authors are joining forces to bring you stories all about making babies. Whether it’s a primal, biological need or something else driving these men to breed the women they love, what is guaranteed is these stories are going to be hot and messy. Every happily ever after doesn’t have to have babies, but these men want nothing less than their women round and glowing.


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Layne is a USA Today Bestselling Author, a long time reader of steamy romance, and began writing her own stories in December of 2020. Her favorite books to read are about Daddy Doms, strong alpha men who fall in love with fierce women, and sex positive living. When she’s not writing, she’s wrangling her family of jocks into some semblance of chill, running a business, getting ALL the tattoos, and living her love-at-first-sight fairytale with Mr. Mine.



Release Blitz: Ten First Dates Anthology

Swoony heroes and feisty heroines galore!

Ten First Dates, a FREE romance anthology featuring ten brand-new prequels from ten of your favorite bestselling authors is now available!

He was the last person on earth she’d ever want to be stuck with for a weekend…
Their eyes met across the room and she knew…
They’d been friends forever but everything was about to change…
Once upon a time…

There are so many ways a great romance can start, and we’ve got TEN of them right here for you!

Ten ALL NEW, never-before-seen prequels from ten bestselling romance authors all in one place!
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TEN FIRST DATES features brand new stories from:
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Connect with the Authors
Ainsley Booth
Angela Denise
Erin McCarthy
Erin Nicholas
Julia Kent
Kaylee Ryan
Molly McLain
Piper Rayne
Samantha Chase
Zoe York

Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal: Downfall by Evelyn Sola

Will a business trip alone together be their downfall…?

Downfall, an all-new steamy age-gap workplace romance from bestselling author Evelyn Sola is coming September 9th, and we have the first look at the gorgeous cover!

Summer Madison is the opposite of everything Maxwell Sutton finds attractive in a woman. And yet, here he is, fighting powerful feelings for the new personal assistant his brother hired while he was out of town.

Everything about her is wrong, yet his thoughts are consumed with nothing but her. Determined to do anything he can to stay away from her, Maxwell develops a no fraternization clause to the company policy.

But rules and logic only last for so long.

When the attraction between the two of them becomes too much to contain, Maxwell finds himself violating the very policy that he put into effect. Now that he’s had a taste, he knows he can never say no to her again.

Will a business trip alone together be their downfall, or will they finally realize that their happily ever after is closer than they think?

Pre-order your copy today!
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About Evelyn
A Boston native, wife, mother, and wine enthusiast. If she’s not writing, thinking about writing, you will find Evelyn with a book in her hands. While a new publisher, she’s been writing for years, and she will continue to write for many years to come.
Evelyn is obsessed with assertive and confident men who will stop at nothing to get their woman. Her stories are filled with love, passion and humor.
She currently lives in Chicago with her husband and two daughters.

Connect with Evelyn

Release Blitz

Ruined Innocence by Measha Stone

Ruined Innocence by Measha Stone is live!

He was once my friend, but now we are enemies.

My father's betrayal has left me on the run from a powerful Russian mafia family.

I have no home, no money and no protection from their dangerous threats.

There is no one I can trust… least of all Arman Romanov.

I will never let that man into my life, or my heart, again.

The problem is, he may not give me a choice.

What Arman wants, he gets.

The longer I deny him, the further I run, the more painful his punishments will be.

But he has to catch me first.

Download today or read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


Meet Measha Stone

Measha Stone is a USA Today bestselling romance author with a deep love for romantic stories, specifically those involving the darker side of romance, all the possessive dominant heroes, and their feisty heroines. If you love a well deserved happily ever after, you will love her books.
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Gravity by Tal Bauer

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by Tal Bauer

Release Blitz

Release Date: August 12, 2022

Cover Design: Angela Haddon Book Cover Design
Genre: M/M Sports Romance
Trope: Bi-awakening, friend to lovers


C’est cela l’amour, et tu es mon rêve…


Hockey is my life. This game pulled me from my tiny Quebec hometown all the way to the NHL, and now? I’m the number one player in the league. Team capitaine for the Montréal Étoiles. I’m shattering records and packing arenas every night, and I’ve promised my team: we’re going to win the Stanley Cup this year.

But I’m keeping big secrets. I’m thinking dangerous thoughts, and dreaming about impossible things. Like how a man’s lips might taste, or how his body might feel in my arms.

I can’t go there. I’ve got to focus. Team. Hockey. Cup. What my heart wants doesn’t matter.

So why am I falling head over heels at the NHL’s All-Star Weekend?

I can’t do this. I can’t fall for Hunter Lacey. He’s a hockey player. We’re both in the NHL. He’s on a different team. And, oh yeah, he’s straight.


I’m a middle-of-the-road, nothing-special hockey player. Good enough to be drafted into the NHL, and I’ve been on the roster for the past two years, but I’ll never make the Hall of Fame. I’m just trying to keep my head up and get through each day, until this wild ride comes to an end.

Deep thinking isn’t really my thing. Look inside myself? Lotta beer and burgers there.

I never thought I’d be invited to the All-Star Weekend, but here I am. And there’s my hero: Bryce Michel, league superstar.

Saying hello to Bryce turns into hours spent together on the ice, and then an invite to dinner, and then days at each other’s side. I’m in heaven. He’s my hero, and this is the coolest—

Then Bryce’s lips land on mine, and the world turns upside down.

**Gravity is an MM romance featuring bi/gay awakening, friends to lovers, team shenanigans, fast-paced hockey, ice-melting sizzle, and swoony Québécois love songs.**

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It’s like seeing God.

There he is, Bryce Michel. Hockey superstar. The only player to knock on the door of the Great One’s records. Fresh from his most recent victory when he led his team in obliterating the Detroit Roughriders. Those stats he put up in the game…

He looks like a god, too. He’s all muscle, everywhere. I carry extra heft to absorb the punishment, and my strength is concealed by my small protective layer of puck-catching fluff. Not Bryce. He’s slender and lithe, with an angular, chiseled body and long, fine-drawn features. His dark hair is short, and he doesn’t have any bruises or gashes on his nose or his cheeks from high sticks or elbows. His wide eyes are sparkling. They’re royal blue, perfectly matching his Étoiles team sweater.

He raises his stick over his head in a salute to the crowd, and the noise, somehow, grows.

That glide, his smile, the effortlessness. Fuck, he is a hockey god.

Cheers race around the bowl like someone’s lit a fuse. Even the rest of the players—a testosterone-pumped, who’s-who mix of the biggest names in the league—stop and slap their sticks on the ice.

I’m too frozen to move. To slap my stick. To cheer. The Montréal Étoiles and the Carolina Kitty Hawks have played against each other six times in the past two years, but Bryce was rested after injury during four of those games. Carolina was absolutely not a threat to the Étoiles, and they didn’t need to send the best player in the league out against us. Both of the other times our teams met, I rode the bench while he played. We’ve never shared the ice.

Until now.

Bryce takes two circuits around the rink. Hockey players and cameramen cluster around him, and he high-fives or fist bumps everyone who says hello.

He’s twenty-six, four years older than me, at the age when players start getting looked at twice if they’re slow on the push-off or coming over the boards, but he’s limber and loose like it’s the end of summer and the start of the season, not like we’re halfway through what feels like a never-ending car crash. Most mornings, I feel like I’ve dived off the top of a three-story building. Twenty-two is too young to be chewing Tylenol all day, but show me an NHL player who doesn’t pop painkillers like candy.

Well, Bryce Michel, probably.

His blue eyes flare when they meet mine. A moment later, Bryce beams, and the full force of his smile—the same one I’ve seen on ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Men’s Health—hits me like a slap shot in the center of my numbers.

He cuts through the small crowd surrounding him and heads right for me, his hand outstretched like he’s saying hello, like he wants to introduce himself. To whom? I look over my shoulder, trying to spot the bigger, better player shadowing me.

Bryce slides to a stop, snowing my skates.

“Hunter Lacey.” His smile widens. He has a sharp Quebecois accent, and the upriver French cuts through his spoken English like a melody. “Bonjour.”

Holy shit, he knows my name.

My heart takes off. It has never beat this fast, not from going over the boards in my first game or from throwing myself in front of a slap shot. I can’t breathe because this, suddenly, is rarified air. Bryce moves in a world beyond mine, at the peak of perfection. He’s too high.

“I have watched you play for two years. C’est bon de te rencontrer enfin.” Bryce is still smiling.

Jesus, he watched me play and he’s smiling at me? Not laughing at me, not telling me to give up the sport, quit the league, go wash cars for a living, or feed penguins at the zoo, or do anything other than pretend to be worthy of wearing his jersey number. He’s smiling like I actually have a right to stand on this ice with this man and shake his hand.

“Yo, Lacey!”

The player from Buffalo I was warming up with hollers my name a half-second before he slaps the puck at my face. I see it coming, but I am powerless to stop it. Too much adrenaline, too much raw shock. Too much Bryce Michel less than a foot away from me. I am about to get a puck to my face, a mistake I haven’t made since high school—

Bryce moves so fast he’s a blur.

He pulls the puck to the ice with a smack, dances it back and forth around his stick, and then, like a soccer player, figure-eights it between his skates before bouncing it up onto his blade. He’s still wearing that lopsided little smile, with his head tilted down, his eyes cast up, like he’s bashful about his skills.

I could faint. I could also puke, right onto the ice, right between his skates. “Hi,” I squeak. “I wear your number.”

“Enchanté.” Bryce’s grin grows. “I wear your number, too.”

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About the Author

Tal Bauer writes breathtaking, heartfelt, and often action-packed gay romance novels. His characters are head over heels for each other, and fight against all odds for their happy ending.Nothing stands in the way of love.

Tal is best known for his romantic suspense novels, including The Murder Between Us and The Grave Between Us. He has also written You & Me, The Jock and The Quarterback, along with the Big Bend Texas Rangers series.

Connect with Tal



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