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8/15 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Unrelenting Feelings


Unrelenting Feelings: A Second Chance Small Town

Kindle Price $4.99 Or Kindle Unlimited

Series: Pickleville


A visit to his hometown brings him face to face with his ex-boyfriend. Will it mean renewed heartbreak or a second chance at love?

Robyn Heath has four days of visiting his family, riding horses, and blessed escape from his demanding job. When he left Pickleville all those years ago, he’d never thought it would become the best place for a little rest and relaxation, but it was everything he needed.

Until Caden Flynn shows up.

He’d thought he recovered from getting ghosted by the love of his life, but old wounds resurface. Relaxation turns into Caden’s near constant presence.

And another thing, how did his ex get hotter? It doesn’t seem fair.

From the author of the Rainbow Awards honorably mentioned, The Journey of Jimini Renn and the Saint Lakes Series comes book eight in the Pickleville Series. The book features a sailor coming home from war to reignite an old flame and a once-bitten-twice-shy paramedic.

                                                        Next Up is Andrew Grey


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