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8/18 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Playing God


Playing God

Blurb: Cast out from his isolated community of telepaths, Dominic is left wandering the woods, defeated and alone. A chance rescue by a hiker is the only thing to stop his downward spiral—though not literally, as he winds up in the valley below his home, struggling to adapt to the Outsiders’ strange way of life.

Dominic’s fall from grace is steeper than the mountain he’s descended. He’s lost his leadership to a rival, and the people he’s spent his life protecting are in danger. People he can no longer consider inferior, now that he’s the clueless one in their midst. As an unprecedented crime wave ripples through the city, Dominic is forced to break a sacred rule and intervene by himself. He enlists his rescuer Avery for help navigating the unfamiliar world while he strengthens his telepathic abilities, hoping to reclaim his birthright. But Avery has an agenda of his own, and the man is a mystery that calls on all of Dominic’s senses to solve… leading to a bond beyond his understanding.

With his power growing every day, Dominic must eventually choose: will he remain where his heart lies, or return home and work to bring peace to the ailing world?

                                                        Next Up is Erin Powney (E.E. Byrnes)


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