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8/19 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Jenelyn’s Journey: The Werewolf of Wittlich


Jenelyn’s Journey: The Werewolf of Wittlich

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Young Adult Fantasy

This book is a must-read for lovers of travel, mystery, and the challenges of finding where you belong.

Be Jenelyn’s companion as she sets out on a quest to find her true home. Travel with her from Los Angeles to Germany to explore a different culture, meet new friends, and solve the mystery of a werewolf that haunts the local village. Riddled with adventure and mystery, readers will discover a travelling adventure full of surprise, suspense, and a deep longing for a home that fuels Jenelyn to keep going.

A dark legend and a tragic secret create a dangerous mystery but in order to solve it, Jenelyn must put her own life at risk.

Alone for the first time in her life, Jenelyn must face the challenge of starting her Journey. A quest that all members of her family embark upon when they turn eighteen. Guided by her Spirits, she must leave behind everyone she knows and travels from LA to Germany. Luckily she has help; two of her parent’s friends, Gretchen and Laszlo, have offered to host her, but beneath their friendly nature lies a dark family secret and an alluring legend of werewolves haunts the small German town.

Will Jenelyn be able to find out what really happened? Or will her Spirits guide her to her next destination before she can learn the truth?

                                                        Next Up is Erin Powney (E.E. Byrnes)

About The Author

Born in northern California, Erin enjoyed riding horses, reading, and the outdoors growing up. Reading was a wonderful way to quench Erin’s natural wanderlust, since her family didn’t travel much and it allowed her to escape to other places. This eventually led Erin to create stories and worlds of her own, and she found a new passion for writing. At the age of 14, Erin had written four stories, but inspiration struck for one that would carry readers through multiple countries while learning about different legends and cultures. Erin randomly chose six countries and set to work on what would be the first draft of many over the next 22 years. Jenelyn’s Journey, as the series was eventually chosen to be called, was an epic journey indeed, and with the rest of growing up to do, marriage, having kids, and an equestrian career, the book found itself always placed on a back burner, slowly simmering into existence. But when Erin experienced a difficult divorce, she was finally able to fulfil her wanderlust and travelled to Ireland. In Ireland, she felt as if she had finally found her true home, and she knew that the emerald isle was the perfect place to finish Jenelyn’s Journey. After 21 years of sitting idle, Erin was able to breathe new life into the book and set her character off on her journey once more. This time, life didn’t get in the way as much and she was able to finish the first book.

Jenelyn’s Journey encompasses many emotions that young people experience, especially when faced with a difficult challenge and the hope of fulfilling a dream. Erin hopes that readers will enjoy learning about new cultures and their legends, while also drawing useful lessons about dealing with hardship and finding where they belong.


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