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8/24 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – His Sassy Omega


His Sassy Omega

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I didn’t believe in fated mates, or any of that instant love nonsense. Truthfully, I barely believed in love. It wasn’t something I’d ever needed, and I didn’t have time for it. Besides, love just led to being hurt, and I could do without that.

When a huge alpha barged his way to the front of the line in my bakery, it was anything but a meet cute. My sassy mouth promptly told him exactly where he could take his perfectly formed behind. Right back out the door he’d just come in, and don’t come back, thank you very much.

Then our hands touched, and sparks of electricity shot between us, and my soul screamed Mate.

I wasn’t looking for love, or a mate, but he was looking at me and I couldn’t look anywhere else. He was big and sexy and growly, and smelled like every wishful dream I’d ever had, and forgotten. Making me want things I’d never wanted before. Making me want to run from him as fast as my legs could carry me. Secretly, hoping he would chase me.


I was having a bad morning. Clashing with a smart mouthed, sarcastic omega was the cherry on top of my already bad day. Getting tossed out of my favorite place for sweet treats was not how I’d planned to start my day.

I’d always played by the rules, and done what was expected of me. My whole life, I’d known what I’d wanted in my mate. Until he was standing in front of me, nothing like I’d expected him to be, sassing me and ordering me about.

Now he was all I wanted. I just had to convince him of that.

We were opposites in every way. Fate must have gotten Her wires crossed, and messed up big time. Or did She?

His Sassy Omega is the first book in a series, but can be read as a standalone, with no cliff hangers and a HEA. It contains opposites attract, age gap, shifters, knotting, and mpreg.

**Trigger warning: There is a situation where terminating a pregnancy is discussed between the MC’s, but it is only a discussion. If this could trigger you in any way, please skip that chapter. This does contain a HEA. This book also deals with pregnancy complications that may be triggering to some readers. Please heed the trigger warnings.

                                                        Next Up is Reese Knightley


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