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8/25 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Honor (Operation Justice Force book three)



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SERIES: Operation Justice Force


They really are perfect for each other with zero bullshit between them.

Oliver Rains joined Pegasus after the military to keep doing what he loves—helping out the innocent and putting scumbags in the ground where they belong. He was supposed to find a new team, not fall in love, but what he hadn’t counted on was former chief of police Parker Johnson walking into his life. The sexy man is everything he’s wanted for a long time.

Parker Johnson took early retirement from the police force after an altercation with the mayor. It wasn’t his fault the guy was a jackass. He landed a job with the elite unit of operatives known as Pegasus and it’s there he meets Oliver Rains. The ex-Special Forces soldier is the one he’s been searching for, but he’s never mixed his love life and his work before.

When Pegasus is asked to assist with taking down a sex trafficking ring, the unit jumps at the chance to help.

Then someone comes after Oliver. And Parker will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.
Get ready as Pegasus roars into action and delivers a beatdown to the bad guys.

                                                        Next Up is Elizabeth Noble


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