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9/2 September #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Garrick and Lennox


Garrick and Lennox

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Series: Fated Fantasies Dating Service


An anomaly amongst the Array. In a fleeting moment of weakness, Garrick is confronted by the magic he has denied for too long.
Forced to face the demons of his painful past, can Garrick learn to trust himself when it matters most?

Lennox, the lusty lynx, lives in the shadow of his one regret. Always dancing the fine line between light and darkness.
He finally makes a choice, but is it the right one, and will it be enough when it matters most?

Two broken souls destined by fate stare down their demons but can they claim their HEA?

Things get off to a bit of a slow start – the fates fighting to get them together and the world (or someone else) fighting to keep them apart.

This is an M/M Paranormal story intended for adult audiences. It contains intimate scenes between two consenting adults, some historical heartache, and swearing. Please store your eBooks responsibly.

Garrick flinched as the wave of laughter surged through him. He turned in the blink of an eye towards Lennox. The steel rod he had been using to smash the roller door earlier, still clutched in his hands, was now being held high in the air threatening to come down on Lennox at any moment.

Lennox stood his ground, refusing to defend himself. All it had taken was one touch, and Lennox was changed forevermore. There was no possible way to protect himself against Garrick. He would not risk hurting his mate, even in self-defense.

I will not hurt my mate, I will not hurt my mate, I will not hurt my mate…

Lennox fell to his knees, his hands held up in surrender.

“Garrick, I don’t know if you can hear me. I know you’re trapped. I know you’re scared. I can see the threads Prometheus has bound you with getting stronger with each passing second…”

Lennox looked up, his eyes pleading to Garrick with every word…

“But I will not, I cannot hurt you. Do what you will with me, mate of mine. It’s an honor to have been in your presence.” Lennox took a deep breath and waited for the blow to strike.

Lennox heard a crack of lightning sound overhead.

Am I dead already?

All the wards and magic that a second ago clung so tightly to the air dissipated, and it felt as if time or the world was standing still…

“Enough,” a voice boomed. Lennox looked around but quickly realized the voice came from both nowhere and everywhere, all at the same time.

 “The meddling of mere mortals in the business of the Fates will no longer be tolerated…”


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You’re the best, I appreciate the shoutout. And will see you in October for the next book 🙂 

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