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Welcome to the Magic Pen Book Tours‘ organized tour for Meraki: A Syren Story by Naomi Kelly taking place September 5-9, 2022!

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Title: Meraki: A Syren Story

Series: Syren Stories #1

Author: Naomi Kelly

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy / Enemies-to-Lovers Romance, Mythology

Release date: May 1, 2020

Publisher: Indie published

Pages: 237


Her song is a gift bestowed by the gods; so why does it feel like a curse?

Seventeen-year-old Wren thinks she has just swum away from the greatest threat in the sea. That’s until she finds herself being hauled upon a warlord’s boat. With her life at the mercy of a young, temperamental King, Wren must decide who is her ultimate enemy.

Can Fate be altered? What do gods have planned?

Syrens are bound to tell the truth, but that doesn’t mean their lives cannot be riddled with lies.


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I harness the surge of panic in my core and turn it into something useful. Gathering what little energy I have left; I throw my arms wide and call forth the sea. It grows fast into a furious wave, rushing towards the cliff. I summon another one to chase it, somehow even larger and faster than the first. Together they merge to form the wall of seawater, cresting at almost thirty feet high. It slaps against the coastline and threatens to swallow this island whole as it splashes over the cliff edge. It retreats as if it’s taking a deep breath – as if it’s preparing to swallow us whole. “Get ready,” I scream over the wave, over the pandemonium from behind, over the chaos in my mind. Kellan scoops Aveen up and swings her onto his left hip. As he takes a stride back, he does not look at the violent waters below. He does not glance at his screaming sister in his arms who is trying her best to kick him. He just keeps his jaw locked; his stare fixed on the horizon. “I know you can do this, Wren,” he says with an unnerving calmness. As my wave returns, I empty everything I have into it. I pour my energy into it until I become the wave. I am one with it, it ebbs and flows within me. I ignore the spots clouding my vision and instead pull harder, commanding the water to return to me once more. The waiting feels like an eternity, but then the wave responds to my plea and suddenly it feels all too soon. The largest swell I’d ever seen rushes towards us. “Now!” I roar, not believing I’m even uttering the word. There is nothing left except the sea rushing to meet us. Kellan doesn’t pause to enact a grain of common sense. He simply flings himself and Aveen off the cliff and into my tidal wave without a second thought. Callum squeezes his eyes shut and flows suit. I unlock my knees and step off the cliff.
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Author Bio


Naomi Kelly is an indie YA Fantasy author living in Dublin, Ireland. Her descriptive writing style and love for all things magic and mythology make reading her stories the perfect escape from modern-day life. She began her writing journey in Sept. 2019 when she released her first book, ‘Trial by Obsidian’. Her duology series of “Meraki: A Syren Story” and the sequel “Kairos: A Syren Story” follow sassy syren Wren, the sassy syren who has just swum away from home only to find herself at the mercy of the young warlord.


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