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9/9 September #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – The Moons Gift


The Moons Gift

Buy for $2.99

Series: Moon


“Shifters, magic, a storyline filled with romance, adventure and suspense… look no further and dive into this enchanting world.”

Olivia Morgan is a seventeen-year-old alpha’s daughter, a Siren shifter.

She has been dreaming of her mate to have a bond as strong as her parents do. Being a cheerleader and a little to the nerd side, she is well-loved by everyone, but the one person who was supposed to care for her and love her unconditionally, her own mate.

Marcus Silverman is an eighteen-year-old, soon to be Alpha of the Blue Moon pack. He is an outgoing, athletic, quarterback star player of his school and a bad boy.

Girls lay under his feet, as he is known as a player. As of age when shifters are to meet their mates, and being a werewolf himself, he hasn’t yet met his, and he is not feeling in a rush to do so.

But when he finally does, will he embrace the bond or reject it?

Could Olivia step up to her destined task and fight for her destined one against all odds?

Will Marcus accept Olivia as his own and they will have their happy ending?

If they embrace the bond, are they strong enough to face the great danger that is lurking in the darkness to see them fall?

Is war once again about to rise by the consequences of their choices and actions?


The Moons Gift is the first book in an exciting, paranormal shifter romance series, The Moon Series. If you love daring adventures, twists, suspense, heroes, and fated mates, then you won’t want to miss out on this… get The Moons Gift today!

Content Warning: 18+

This paranormal romance contains steamy consensual adult situations, fated mates, adult language, violence, a couple too stubborn to just accept each other without a little conflict, enemies to lovers, forbidden love, and a guaranteed happily ever after with a dash of cliffhanger.

The Moon Series:

1. The Moons Gift: volume 1 and volume 2 (book is divided into two parts/volumes)

2. The Moon’s Warrior

3. The Opal Dragon

                                                        Next Up is V.L. Stuart


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